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chinese imaging company creates largest 150 megapixel full frame cmos sensor gmax3005 en 2

Chinese imaging company creates the largest 150-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor

This giant full-frame CMOS sensor, the GMAX3005, is designed for medical, industrial, and scientific imaging. The sensor was created by Gpixel of China.
samyang announces new 12mm f2 lens mirrorless systems updates plethora older lenses

Samyang gives mirrorless camera systems a new 12mm f/2 lens, plus other updates

Samyang has a new 12mm f/2 manual focus lens for mirrorless systems, in addition to updated versions of several older lenses.
goodyear unveils new nt airship a13 1636 featured

This amazing time-lapse video shows how Goodyear built its new high-tech airship

Manufactured by Zeppelin, Goodyear's latest airship uses a semi-rigid structure that allows it to fly faster, farther, quieter, and nimbler.
gearheads looking interact kind madwhips social network featured

For gearheads looking to interact with their own kind, MadWhips is their social network

MadWhips is a social network designed to connect car enthusiasts and photographers. The company has just launched a new site and app.
samsung nx mini slim 21

Slapping a lens on Samsung’s new NX Mini is like bolting a tank barrel on a Fiat

Billed as the world's thinnest compact system camera, Samsung's NX Mini is more pocket camera than one that uses interchangeable lenses.
matching grandeur take photo luxury cruise ship qm2 10th anniversary featured

Worthy of her grandeur, this is how you take a photo of a luxury cruise ship

In celebration of the Queen Mary 2's 10th anniversary, Cunard commissioned a spectacular photo shoot involving the captain standing on the ship's bow.
Fuji X Series Front Left 56mm

Select Fujifilm X-T1 models may suffer from light leakage, here’s what to look for

Looking like the great film cameras of yore, the metal-bodied X-T1 is Fujifilm's first weather-resistant compact system camera.
wrx sti stickbomb video subaru 1

Watch how Subaru used 25 GoPros, high-end cams, and stick bombs to create one epic video

To promote the new 2015 WRX STI, Subaru created a fun video using a 3D-printed remote control car racing alongside stick bombs on a miniaturized track.
got broken camera trade toward sony full frame a7 a7r knock 300 alpha rebate featured

Have a broken camera? Trade it in toward a Sony full-frame A7, A7R and knock off $300

Through select camera retailers, Sony is offering a trade-in offer that knocks $300 off a new full-frame A7 or A7R – even if the camera is broken.
shooting 20 photos per second nikons v3 can even outgun dslrs 10 30 pd front featured

Don’t blink! Shooting 20 photos per second, Nikon’s V3 can even outgun DSLRs

The Nikon 1 V3 has the claim of "world's fastest continuous shooting frame rate" at 20 frames per second. Nikon says it's faster than pro DSLRs.

Samsung WB350F review

new nikon series show move photo skills next level behind the scenes mcnally featured

New Nikon how-to series show you how to move your photo skills to the next level

Nikon is launching a series of new instructional videos that are designed to help intermediate-level photographers reach the next level.
getty images end flickr partnership maintains existing users contracts featured 2

Getty Images to end Flickr partnership, maintains existing users’ contracts

Getty Images has decided not to renew its partnership with Flickr, which allowed contributors to showcase and license their work on Getty's networks.
time magazine heads top world trade center capture stunning nyc panorama gigapan wtc featured

Pan, zoom and gawk at this epic NYC panorama shot atop the Freedom Tower

Time Magazine and Gigapan set up a camera at the top of the new One World Trade Center tower to create an interactive 360-degree panorama.
sony unveils a7r and a7 full frame mirrorless camera ilce 7r front featured

Update: Sony to release firmware upgrade for A7R, A7 full-frame cameras on March 19

Delivering a camera long-requested from pro photographers and advanced amateurs, Sony has unveiled the A7R and A7 full-frame mirrorless cameras.
getty images puts tens millions photos free non commercial use embed

No stealing: Getty Images puts up millions of photos for free non-commercial use

In a game-changing move, Getty Images is making tens of millions of photos available to everyone for non-commercial use, through a new embed feature.
bethesda release art book coffee table companion wolfenstein new order of featured

Bethesda to release art book as coffee table companion to Wolfenstein: The New Order

Coinciding with the launch of Wolfenstein: The New Order, Bethesda is releasing an art book detailing the creative work that went into the title.
happens hello kitty playboy leica walk french clothing store colette featured

What happens when Hello Kitty, Playboy, and Leica walk into a French clothing store

As part of a limited edition collection from French retailer Colette, a Leica C has been decorated with Hello Kitty dressed as a Playboy Bunny.
warning cat pic downloaded may steal heart bank account trend micro sunset

Warning: That cat pic you downloaded may steal your heart, and bank account

Security software company Trend Micro has encountered a malware that uses steganography to hide information within everyday photos, like cats and sunsets.

Tiny cameraman: Videography lets your phone move when you move (just like that)

Videography is a new iOS camera app from Appologics that builds in face and object detection, as well as recording modes like time-lapse and slow-mo.
hasselblad unveils worlds first cmos medium format camera still rich blood featured

Update: Hasselblad announces price of world’s first CMOS medium-format camera

Hasselblad released new details and pricing for the H5D-50c, the world's first medium-format camera with the 50-megapixel CMOS sensor. It lists for $27,500.
camera shaped building lets relieve doesnt pay homage photography public toilet 2

This camera-shaped building lets you relieve yourself, doesn’t pay homage to photography

A public restroom shaped like a digital camera has gone up in a Chinese city. What does it have to do with photography? Absolutely nothing.
panasonic debut new professional camcorder handles 4k raw 120 fps varicam 35 featured

Panasonic to debut professional camcorder that handles 4K raw, 120 fps at NAB show

In addition to a pro camcorder that records 4K Raw video at 120 frames per second, Panasonic is also unveiling a Full HD model that records up to 240 fps.
sena bluetooth audio pack gopro lets add narration videos wirelessly featured

Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack for GoPro lets you add narration to videos wirelessly

The Bluetooth Audio Pack from Sena is a module for GoPro that lets you add real-time voice narration to videos wirelessly via a Bluetooth headset.
want casios newest exilim ex 100 youll buy ticket japan casio ex100 featured

If you want Casio’s newest Exilim EX-100, you’ll have to buy a ticket to Japan

Casio's new 12-megapixel Exilim EX-100 has a 10.7x zoom lens with an f/2.8 constant aperture, and offers manual shooting modes and features like time lapse.
orlando sentinel latest newspaper replace traditional photography iphones

Orlando Sentinel latest newspaper to replace photography staff with iPhones

The Orlando Sentinel is the latest newspaper to overhaul its photo staff, leaving 13 photographers to apply for new jobs within the company.
watch trailer see just good nikons d4s recording video corey rich dedicated

Watch this trailer to see just how good Nikon’s D4S is in recording video

To promote the new D4S DSLR, Nikon asked videographer Corey Rich to create a short film, "Dedicated," made entirely with the D4S.
leaked photo specs new samsung mirrorless camera possibly worlds thinnest nx mini featured

Leaked photo, specs of new Samsung mirrorless camera, possibly world’s thinnest

A leaked photo and specs of what could be Samsung's newest mirrorless camera. At 1.37 inches, it could be the world's thinnest interchangeable lens camera.
getty images overpays 9000 photographers now wants money back istock website 2

Getty Images overpays 9,000 photographers, but now it wants its money back, please

Getty Images discovered that they overpaid 9,000 iStock photographers due to payment irregularities. Despite it being its fault, it wants the money back.
small improvements help boost performance in nikons new d4s dslr 58 1 4 front34r featured

Small improvements help boost performance in Nikon’s new D4S flagship DSLR

Nikon's new D4S DSLR has a lot of small improvements that enhance performance over its predecessor, making this camera a potent tool for pros and prosumers.
nikon announces development new d4s flagship dslr heres looks like img 9941

Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 adds support for cameras that aren’t out yet, plus new features

Adobe has released an update to its Camera Raw Release Candidate that adds support for new cameras and features just for Photoshop CC users.
2014 3d print show 3dprintshow img 5745 featured

Artists use 3D printers to turn plastic into organic-like materials

3D printing is projected to change manufacturing, design, and even food. For digital artists, it lets them take their virtual creations into the real world.
Narrative Clip sample image

Hands on: Narrative Clip

komamura falcon eye kc 2000 first handheld full color night vision camcorder feature

So long, green! This camcorder has full-color night vision

The KC-2000 is a camcorder that captures nighttime and low-light video in full color, allowing for better image quality with details and color accuracy.