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epson lowers price precisioncore inkjet tech new multifunction units workforce wf 2660 left angle

Epson lowers price of PrecisionCore inkjet tech with new multifunction units

Epson unveiled two new lower-priced multifunction printers with the company's PrecisionCore printhead technology.
offload files devices western digitals portable drive wi fi my passport wireless in use image

Offload files from all your devices to Western Digital’s portable drive with Wi-Fi

Western Digital's My Passport Wireless is a portable external hard drive designed for all your devices.
sony unveils rx10 bridge camera dsc right bgwh featured

Sony RX10 bridge camera gets high-quality XAVC-S video format, lower price

With a large 1-inch sensor, new image processor, and Carl Zeiss zoom lens, Sony adds a high-zoom "bridge" camera to its RX series, the Cyber-shot RX10.
sony alpha 5100 ilce wselp1650 self black featured

Sony trickles down high-end guts to latest compact mirrorless, the Alpha 5100

Sony's newest entry-level mirrorless camera, the A5100, uses the same sensor, image processor, and hybrid autofocus system as its much lauded A6000 sibling.
forget multiple printer apps hammermill one stop solution mobile devices print

Forget multiple printer apps, Hammermill has a one-stop solution for mobile devices

Paper maker Hammerdmill has created a mobile app that lets you print documents and photos to any Wi-Fi-enabled printer, regardless of brand.
feast eyes artful dishes top 10 restaurants la instagram noma restaurant cyclonebill flickr featured

Feast your eyes on these artful dishes from world’s top restaurants a la Instagram

Ever wonder what food from the world's top restaurants look like? Just check out these photos from Instagram
powered sun geckoeye security cam can placed anywhere home car camera featured

Powered by the sun, GeckoEye security cam can be placed anywhere in your home or car

The GeckoEye is a new home security concept that uses solar-powered cameras. Designed to be portable, it can be placed anywhere in your home or car.
vsco cam photo app android adds discovery feature called grid featured

VSCO Cam photo app for Android adds photo discovery feature called Grid

The popular VSCO Cam app has been updated to version 3.0 for Android. It is now tightly integrated with the VSCO Grid photo-discovery publishing platform.
united airlines adds passport scanning ios android apps international flights mobile checkin

United Airlines adds passport scanning to iOS, Android apps for international flights

United Airlines' mobile app now lets passengers on international flights scan their passports directly from their phones, to procure a boarding pass.
tourist crashes drone popular yellowstone hot spring possibly damaging grand prismatic 4lexandru flickr featured

Tourist crashes drone into popular Yellowstone hot spring

A tourist has crashed a camera drone into the Grand Prismatic Spring, one of the world's largest and a popular attraction at Yellowstone National Park.
snappicam raspberry pi interchangeable lens camera hack together adventurer

SnapPiCam is a Raspberry Pi interchangeable lens camera you hack together

The SnapPiCam is a self-powered, interchangeable lens camera that's powered by Raspberry Pi.
dont need ticket ride travel drones aerial videos by drone featured

You don’t need a ticket to ride with Travel by Drone’s aerial videos

An aggregator called Travel By Drone pulls in videos that were shot with drones, from various world locales, and places them in an easy-to-find map.
pentax q s1 incredibly small like pocket cam yet swaps lenses dslr qs1 featured

Pentax Q-S1 is incredibly small like a pocket cam, yet swaps lenses like a DSLR

Ricoh unveils new super-compact Pentax Q-S1 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera – one of the world's smallest.
annie leibovitzs body work grand needs tripod prop taschen leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz’s body of work is so grand, it needs its own tripod to prop it up

Taschen has released a huge 476-page book that celebrates the work of photographer Annie Leibovitz.
logmar super 8 digital camera uses analog film super8 featured

Logmar S-8 is the modern Super 8mm film camera that uses digital guts

The Logmar S-8 is the first Super 8mm film camera to be made in 30 years. Although it uses standard Kodak film, the rest of the camera is purely digital.
lytros interactive living gallery shows new illum cameras capabilities lytro picture

Lytro’s interactive ‘Living Gallery’ shows off new Illum camera’s capabilities

Lytro has a new gallery showcasing photos that have been shot with the Illum's "40 megaray" resolution, with the refocusing capability.
owns manhattan skyline one nyc agency thinks fishs eddy 212 houseware

Who owns the Manhattan skyline? One NYC agency thinks it does

The Port Authority in New York City claims an image of the city skyline used by a housewares purveyor infringes on the agency's assets and reputation.
asia 75 novelty camera made paper shoot featured

Only in Asia: This is a $75 novelty camera made out of paper

The Paper Shoot camera has a body made out of heavy recycled paper, making it environmentally friendly.
ohio man charged for camera drone use aerial featured

Drone fails to deliver contraband into prison, crashes outside wall

A man has been arrested and charged with attempting to use a drone to deliver contraband into a South Carolina prison.
photo encyclopedia fotopedia shut service apps august 10 2014 france

Photo encyclopedia Fotopedia to shut down service, apps by August 10, 2014

Fotopedia, an online photo encyclopedia, announced it will cease it service and apps on August 10, 2014.
feeling blue experts say taking photos camera help lift spirits dakotilla ladyle flickr

Feeling blue? Experts say taking photos with camera could help lift spirits

Experts say an activity like photography could help one get over depression and other mental disorders.

Advice from a street photographer: Be prepared for YouTube death threats

Eric Kim, a prominent young street photographer, has penned a letter to himself when he was 18, if he had a chance to start over.
kimd app auto darkens smartphone display during concerts featured

Use this free app from Kimd when shooting concerts, the audience will thank you

An app for iPhones called Kimd simply darkens the screen and prevents the flash from firing when you're at a concert or in a dark room.
canon unveils sx520 sx400 long zoom cameras powershot sx500 featured

Canon quietly unveils what might be the least exciting long-zoom cameras yet

Canon's newest long-zoom PowerShots don't offer any exciting new technologies to speak of, not even Wi-Fi.
gopro attached car wheel turns city lights fun kaleidoscope ryan fox avant garde featured

GoPro attached to car wheel turns city lights into a fun kaleidoscope

tango launches pulls new app creates short slideshows music pix

Tango launches (and pulls) new app that creates short slideshows with music

photo one size fits social media chart tells works sprout kevin king image sizes facebook featured

No photo is one-size-fits-all in social media, but these charts tell you what works

Occipital Structure Sensor back angle 2

This sensor turns your iPad into a 3D scanner, but get ready to practice

adam lister 8 bit artist bob ross featured

8-bit master: Artist’s Cubism-style draws inspiration from old video games

New York artist Adam Lister has created a unique watercolor painting style that blends Cubist abstraction and the 8-bit video games of his youth.
interactive fly map shows can safely operate drone dont drones here featured

Interactive ‘no fly’ map shows where you can safely operate a camera drone

To show where you can and can't fly an unmanned drone, Mapbox has created an interactive website that highlights no-fly areas.
pentax marks success k 3 dslr limited presitge edition prestige featured

Pentax marks success of K-3 DSLR with limited Prestige Edition

Ricoh's Pentax K-3 has received numerous accolades. To commemorate, Ricoh has introduced the K-3 Prestige Edition.
50 canon full frame dslrs turn bungee surfers matrix like action characters europe doklab bullet time

50 Canon full-frame DSLRs turn bungee surfers into Matrix-like action characters

To create a difficult "bullet time" effect for a documentary on bungee surfing, a Swiss TV production company used 50 Canon DSLRs and lenses.
octopus apparently doesnt want filmed proceeds dismantle camera dismantles tisiri

Octopus apparently doesn’t want to be filmed, proceeds to dismantle camera

In an encounter with an octopus, a videographer witnessed the creature attempting to dismantle his $15,000 equipment.
realtor drone photos

Put down that drone! FAA cracks down on realtors using aerial drone photos