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imgur launches project gifv creating animated gifs look like video

Imgur launches Project GIFV for creating animated GIFs that look like video

Imgur has created the GIFV format, which converts large GIF files into smaller-file MP4 videos that function like animated GIFs.
gopro captures insanely awesome bike ride top bridge epic riding featured

GoPro captures insanely awesome bike ride over top of bridge

GoPro, along with a Nordic stunt team, has made a new video using a GoPro Hero3+ showing a rider riding not through a bridge, but literally over it.
ricoh wg 30w wifi rugged camera richo wb 30

Better late than never, Ricoh adds Wi-Fi to new WG-30W rugged camera

Ricoh is beginning to implement Wi-Fi into its WG rugged camera series, such as the new WG-30W.
grab camera head outside now blood moon makes second appearance smp 20140414 eclipse full

Grab a camera and head outside now, Blood Moon makes a second appearance

On October 8, 2014, the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse phenomenon makes its second appearance.
newtek democratizes video production tricaster mini one tv studio featured

NewTek democratizes video production with TriCaster Mini all-in-one TV studio

Think sleek-looking TV studio productions require fancy equipment? Not anymore, with NewTek's portable TriCaster Mini multimedia studio.
adobe updates creative cloud desktop mobile adds improved touch support premiere clip

Adobe updates Creative Cloud for desktop and mobile, adds improved touch support

At its MAX 2014 conference, Adobe announced a ton of new and enhanced apps, tools, and services – all catering to professional creatives and advanced users.
photo agency snapwire partners adobe adds lightroom photoshop tools app lifestyle web

Photo agency Snapwire partners with Adobe, adds Lightroom, Photoshop tools to app

Snapwire, a stock photo agency, announced that it's partnering with Adobe to implement Adobe's Creative SDK into the Snapwire app.
street photographer bruce gilden candidly tells photos suck vice

Street photographer Bruce Gilden candidly tells you why your photos suck

In a new video series for Vice Magazine, notable street photographer Bruce Gilden gives brutally honest critiques on photography.
garmin forerunner 920xt featured 2

Garmin’s new smart sports watch keeps track of your texts and oxygen levels

Garmin's newest multisport GPS watch, the Forerunner 920XT, combines a smartwatch with the ultimate fitness tracker.
plexidrone camera drone disassembles neatly storage dreamqii featured

PlexiDrone is a compact camera drone you can take apart, shove into a backpack

The PlexiDrone is a new unmanned aerial camera drone that can be easily and quickly assembled.
turn subway billboards art ad blocking augmented reality app no

Turn subway billboards into art with ad-blocking augmented reality app

The New York City Subway system is filled with billboard advertising. An app called No Ad uses augmented reality to turn advertisements into art.
Marriott Oculus

For Marriott, the future of travel is a virtual-reality teleporter phone booth

As the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset gains momentum, one of the first applications isn't gaming, but travel. We look at Marriott's Teleporter.
taking photo without permission u s forest cost 1000 multnomah falls john tregoning flickr

US Forest Service clarifies permit requirement for commercial photography and videography

A potential ruling by the U.S. Forest Service could force journalists to pay for a permit in order to shoot photos and videos on its land.
run small business canon wants help grow new maxify printers featured

Run a small business? Canon wants to help you ‘Maxify’ it with new office inkjet printers

With larger ink tanks, more paper capacity, and access to cloud storage, Canon's Maxify-series printers are designed for small office and home office users.
38 cameras capture aerobatic show put 6 fighter jets wide bodied plane swiss air force air14

38 cameras capture this aerobatic show put on by 6 fighter jets and a wide-bodied plane

The Swiss Air Force's aerobatic team and Swiss International Air Lines put on a memorable air show using 6 fighter jets and a large Airbus A330 plane.
panasonic lumix gm5 featured

Panasonic updates Micro Four Thirds small wonder with Lumix GM5

Panasonic's new Lumix GM5 succeeds last year's GM1, and is still one of the smallest interchangeable lens cameras. Plus, new lenses and firmware updates.
canon eos 7d mark ii photo gallery hr markii efs18 135 3q cl featured

Photo gallery: Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR

Canon's new EOS 7D Mark II is an upgrade of an older DSLR, but the components are all new.
jolt wireless battery for gopro charger 2

Jolt wireless battery made for GoPro users who don’t like being tethered

The Jolt Charger is a wireless charging station and battery made for GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ cameras.
canon cross media station designed one step download camera photos photokina 2014 featured

Canon Cross Media Station designed for one-step download of your camera photos

Canon has developed a new NFC-based storage device that lets you easily offload photos and videos from your camera, and display them through a connected TV.
create custom shareable google maps new my

Create custom, shareable Google Maps with new My Maps tool

Did you plan the most awesome vacation with Google Maps? Share it to the Google Maps Gallery with a newly enhanced feature, My Maps
inside panasonics lx100 4k pocket rocket beats heart micro four thirds camera panasonic featured

Panasonic’s LX100 is a 4K pocket rocket with the heart of a bigger camera

Panasonic's new Lumix LX100 is a powerful compact camera with a large Micro Four Thirds sensor and 4K video recording.

Don’t have 4K UHD content for your TV? Make your own with Samsung’s new NX1

Samsung's pro-level NX1 camera has a fast autofocus system and back-illuminated APS-C CMOS sensor, and shoots both 4K and UHD videos.
sony full frame 16 35mm zeiss lens one companys fastest ever made sel1635z a 1200 featured

Sony full-frame 16-35mm Zeiss lens one of the company’s fastest ever made

Following the recently announced full-frame cinema lens, Sony is unveiling a new Zeiss full frame zoom lens that it says is one of its fastest.
sigma announces new dp quattro cut 01 a  1 featured

Update: Sigma dp1 Quattro available in October, new viewfinder accessory unveiled

The dp Quattro compact cameras from Sigma, with quality lenses and a three-layer sensor technology, are all about delivering high-quality images.
sony fe pz 28 135mm f4 g oss selp28135g a 1200

A Sony full-frame E-mount lens to help filmmakers achieve their cinematic visions

Sony has added a new full-frame E-mount lens to its lineup that's designed for filmmaking.
nikon d750 featured

Nikon brings high-end full-frame camera features to new midrange D750 DSLR

Nikon's new D750 is ideal for anybody wanting to enhance their photography with a lower-cost full-frame DSLR without sacrificing high-end features.
teen petitions self portrait cat lasers yearbook pic draven rodriguez mr bigglesworth

Teen petitions to have self-portrait with cat and lasers as yearbook pic

A New York State teenager is petitioning his high school to allow him to use a portrait of him and his cat – with lasers in the backdrop – in the yearbook.
ricoh unveils its first action camera wg m1 featured

Ricoh joins the likes of GoPro, Sony with its first action cam, the WG-M1

Ricoh is throwing its weight into the action camera market with its new WG-M1.
Nike Teague Home Team Advantage at 40,000 Feet

Sleep pods, massage beds and tech coddle pro athletes on this Nike concept jet

Nike and design firm, Teague, have designed a "sports plane" concept that would help players stay in their top shape when traveling for away games.
fujifilm x t1 receives durable luxe limited edition graphite silver body xt1 front

Fujifilm X-T1 receives a durable, luxe limited-edition Graphite Silver body

In addition to a new limited-edition body option, the X-T1 Graphite Silver from Fujifilm has some technical enhancements.
get larger instant prints fujifilms instax wide 300 fujifilm front

Get larger instant prints with Fujifilm’s Instax Wide 300

For fans of instant film who want larger prints, Fujifilm is releasing its Instax Wide 300 camera, which ideal for pro and amateur use.
vievu2 camera thats tough enough cops made everyone else featured

Vievu2 is the camera that’s tough enough for cops, but made for everyone else

Vievu, maker of wearable police cameras, has designed a compact POV cam for documenting important events in a prosumer market
wear mirrorless camera like revolver cosyspeeds camslinger bags

Wear your mirrorless camera like a revolver with Cosyspeed’s Camslinger bags

German accessory manufacturer Cosyspeed will present new bags for mirrorless cameras at this year's Photokina show.
say hello ollie spheros smartphone controlled racer hits 14 mph sphero featured

Say hello to Ollie, Sphero’s smartphone-controlled racer that hits 14 MPH

Sphero, the maker of connected playthings, has come out with its newest smartphone-controlled toy, Ollie.