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Person typing on a MacBook.

Top authors demand payment from AI firms for using their work

AI chatbots like ChatGPT are trained on vast amounts of text, including published works, and authors are asking to be fairly compensated.
Neon light signage displaying the Netflix logo.

Netflix crackdown on password sharing boosts sign-ups

Netflix has revealed that its decision to move against account sharing has led to more people than expected switching to a full membership.
Google Logo

Why is Google cutting web access for some of its workers?

Google has started to restrict internet access for some of its employees. It may seem like an odd move for a web company, but there's a good reason for it.
car sized object washed up on beach could be space junk australia

Car-sized object washed up on beach could be space junk

A large chunk of metal that suddenly appeared on an Australian beach is believed to have fallen from an Indian rocket.
Instagram Threads app.

Threads adds a bunch of new features in first notable update

Threads had released its first significant update since bursting onto the scene at the start of this month as a rival to Twitter.
Instagram Threads app.

Threads users falling away in large numbers, data suggests

Threads may have had the best start of any app to date in terms of download numbers, but new data suggests the road ahead may be a  rocky one.
wix chatgpt ai site generator

Wix uses ChatGPT to help you quickly build an entire website

Website creation company Wix has unveiled a new AI-powered feature that lets you use ChatGPT and other tools to build a site simply by describing what you want.
nhs email gaffe button

Email typo misdirects millions of U.S. military messages to Mali

The man who exposed the error said the risk is real and has the potential to be exploited by adversaries of the U.S
Three NASA Orion spacecraft in production.

Trio of Orion spacecraft prepped for NASA moon missions

NASA has shared an image of three spacecraft that will play a central role in its next three Artemis missions to the moon.
An original, unsealed iPhone.

An iPhone just sold for a crazy amount at auction

An original, still-boxed iPhone sold at auction in February for what was then a record $63,000. But on Sunday another one sold for way, way more.
The first Cybertruck built at Tesla's Giga Texas facility.

Tesla shows off first Cybertruck after two years of delays

Tesla has shown off the first fully electric Cybertruck to roll off the production line at its new Gigafactory plant in Austin, Texas.
Virgin Galactic's space plane heading to the edge of space.

Virgin Galactic sets date for first tourism flight with fee-paying civilians

Virgin Galactic has announced a date for its first space tourism flight involving civilians who've paid upward of $250,000 for the experience.
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Twitter is now giving money to some of its creators

Twitter has officially launched its revenue-sharing program for creators and has already notified some users of their first payments.
ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

ChatGPT maker OpenAI faces FTC probe over consumer protection laws

ChatGPT maker OpenAI is facing an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission over possible violations of consumer protection laws.
NASA's new crew transportation electric vehicles.

These new NASA EVs will drive astronauts part way to the moon (sort of)

NASA's Kennedy Space Center has taken delivery of three new fully electric vehicles that will play a role in the upcoming Artemis lunar missions.
A digital image of Elon Musk in front of a stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating.

Elon Musk’s new AI company aims to ‘understand the universe’

In an apparent bid to take on the likes of OpenAI, Elon Musk has launched a new AI company that seeks to understand the true nature of the universe.
Blue Origin performing a ground-based test on a BE-4 engine.

Blue Origin suffers setback as one of its rocket engines explodes during test

A Blue Origin rocket engine exploded during a ground-based test last month in a setback for the spaceflight company owned by Jeff Bezos.
Meta's cartoon avatars for Instagram and Messenger.

Meta brings cartoon avatars to video calls on Instagram and Messenger

Don't want to show your face in a video call on Instagram or Messenger? Well, now you can use a cartoon avatar instead.
The Nothing Phone 2 undergoes a durability test.

Bend or break? Watch the Nothing Phone 2 face its first durability test

Find out how the new Nothing Phone 2 stands up to a demanding durability test that includes scratching, scraping, burning, and bending.
Team 1st Technologies' security robot.

Security robots could be coming to a school near you

Schools in the U.S. are testing AI-equipped security robots designed to roam the campus around the clock looking for unwanted visitors.
iPhone 14 Pro Max in hand.

Vital security update for Apple devices takes only a few minutes to install

Got an iPhone, iPad, or iMac that's running the latest operating system? Then Apple has an important security update for you to install.
A stylized composite of the Twitter logo.

Twitter CEO claims platform had best day last week

Twitter's new CEO tweeted on Monday that despite the current fuss over Meta’s new and very similar app, Twitter had its largest usage day last week.
The Indian Space Research Organization's lunar lander for the Chanrayaan-3 mission.

India aims to join exclusive club with Friday’s moon mission

India is just days away from its latest lunar mission in which it hopes to become only the fourth country to achieve a controlled, soft landing on the moon.
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches with NASA’s Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) spacecraft onboard from Launch Complex 39A, Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021, at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The IXPE spacecraft is the first satellite dedicated to measuring the polarization of X-rays from a variety of cosmic sources, such as black holes and neutron stars. Launch occurred at 1 a.m. EST.

Watch SpaceX achieve record 16th launch of first-stage Falcon 9 booster

SpaceX achieved a record 16th flight for one of its Falcon 9 first-stage boosters on Sunday night, highlighting the effectiveness of its unique system.
A MacBook Pro on a desk with ChatGPT's website showing on its display.

ChatGPT website traffic has fallen for the first time

Research suggests that website traffic to AI-powered ChatGPT chatbot has fallen for the first time, so are people already losing interest?
ai bee brain opteran

AI breakthroughs could come via the brains of bees, scientists say

A bee's brain may only be the size of a sesame seed, but scientists in the U.K. believe its decision-making processes could help AI engineers in their work.
NASA's X-59 supersonic aircraft.

NASA’s experimental supersonic jet edges toward first test flight

After six years of development, NASA is hoping to launch the first test flight of its quieter supersonic aircraft this year.
A stylized composite of the Twitter logo.

Twitter goes after ‘copycat’ app Threads

Twitter is threatening to sue Meta over the new Threads app, accusing it of trade secret theft via Twitter staff who joined the company to work on the new app.
A digital brain on a computer interface.

OpenAI building new team to stop superintelligent AI going rogue

OpenAI is setting up a new unit called Superalignment aimed at ensuring that superintelligent AI doesn’t end up causing chaos or something far worse.
Instagram Threads app.

Threads off to a flying start as Zuckerberg posts first tweet in 11 years

The highly anticipated and potential Twitter-killer has landed and millions have already downloaded it, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
The Ariane 5 rocket launches on its final flight.

Watch Europe’s workhorse Ariane 5 rocket launch for the final time

After 27 years of distinguished service, Europe’s heavy lift Ariane 5 rocket launched for the final time on Wednesday.
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Twitter CEO Yaccarino breaks silence on platform’s reading caps

Twitter’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino has commented for the first time on the platform’s controversial decision to impose reading limits on its users.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

ChatGPT’s Bing browsing feature disabled over paywall access flaw

OpenAI has disabled ChatGPT’s new Browse with Bing feature after some users discovered that it can be used to bypass paywalls.
blue origin nails another rocket mission ahead of space tourism flights new shepard

Blue Origin wants to launch rockets from new site outside U.S.

Blue Origin's plans to expand its spaceflight business include the establishment of its first rocket launch site beyond the U.S.