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An artist's concept of the Voyager 2 spacecraft

NASA accidentally loses contact with legendary Voyager 2 spacecraft

NASA has lost contact with the legendary Voyager 2 spacecraft after “inadvertently” sending it a command that caused its antenna to point away from Earth.
SpaceX testing its water deluge system for Starship launches.

Watch SpaceX test new water deluge system for Starship launches

SpaceX has released dramatic footage showing the testing of a new water deluge system designed to limit the damage caused by its Starship rocket at launch.
The sign atop X Corp's building in San Francisco.

Elon Musk’s big bright ‘X’ sign removed following complaints

Elon Musk's sign atop his X Corp headquarters in San Francisco has been taken down following complaints by local officials and nearby residents.
Instagram Threads app.

Threads has lost half its users, according to Meta chief Zuckerberg

Despite its impressive start earlier this month when around 100 million people flocked to it, Threads has already lost more than half of its users.
The new X sign replacing the Twitter logo on the company's headquarters in San Francisco.

Musk shows off new X sign on top of San Francisco HQ, but the city’s not happy

Elon Musk has shared a drone video showing off the new X sign on top of the Twitter building in San Francisco. But the city has a problem with it.
watch the highlights of spacexs falcon heavy launch july 2023

Watch the highlights of SpaceX’s triple-booster Falcon Heavy launch

Check out the highlights from SpaceX's recent launch of the mighty Falcon Heavy, including the landing of the rocket's two side boosters.
WhatsApp logo on a phone.

WhatsApp now lets you add short video messages to chats

WhatsApp now lets you add video messages of up to 60 seconds to a chat. The messages are protected with end-to-end encryption to keep them secure.
NASA's SLS rocket launching at the start of the Artemis I mission.

Watch NASA’s cinematic trailer for its upcoming streaming service

NASA has released a trailer for its upcoming NASA+ streaming service, a free offering that's part of a major effort to revamp its online presence.
A white X on a black background, which could be Twitter's new logo.

Twitter to impose dark mode as it’s ‘better in every way,’ Elon Musk says

Twitter is set to lose light mode, leaving users with only a dark display option, according to a tweet posted by Elon Musk on Thursday.
SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket heads to space on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

How to watch SpaceX launch largest ever commercial comms satellite on Friday

Here's how to watch the spectacular night launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, which will also involve the landing of two of its two side boosters.
The Perseverance Mars rover took this selfie on Sept. 10, 2021 — sol 198 of the mission – in Jezero Crater after coring into a rock called ‘Rochette.’ Rock core samples from the floor of the crater will be brought back to Earth and analyzed to characterize the planet’s geology and past climate.

NASA’s Mars rover marvels at ‘big chunky weirdo’

NASA’s Perseverance rover has been exploring Mars since landing there in 2021, and this week it discovered what it described as a big chunky weirdo.
facebook hacked

Meta’s Facebook just reached another major milestone

Meta has revealed that for the first time, Facebook has more than 3 billion users – more than half of the global population that has the ability to access it.
A Waymo autonomous trick undergoing testing on a highway.

Waymo taps the brakes on its autonomous-trucking project

Six years after starting tests for its autonomous-truck program, Waymo says it's decided to focus more on ridesharing using its self-driving cars and minivans.
A series of mobile screenshots showing off the Threads app on a black background.

Threads’ latest feature could be a game changer

As Meta continues to build out its Threads social media app, its developers have just rolled out a feature that many of its users have been crying out for.
A satellite image showing a wildfire on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Astonishing satellite images show impact of Greece wildfires

Dramatic imagery captured from space highlights the impact of the wildfires currently affecting several islands in Greece.
ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

ChatGPT app arrives for Android, but there’s a catch

Two months after launching for the iPhone, the ChatGPT app has just arrived for Android so now you can take the popular chatbot with you everywhere you go.
Rare Apple sneakers from the 1990s.

These Apple sneakers are rare, pricey, and very 1990s

If you’re all-in on the Apple brand and walk the streets with an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, you can now finish the look with a pair of Apple sneakers.
The Apple logo on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Another report suggests the iPhone 15 Pro will be pricier

Apple is considering hiking the price of the iPhone 15 Pro when it launches in the fall, despite holding the launch price steady for the last four years.
A white X on a black background, which could be Twitter's new logo.

Twitter officially ditches the blue bird as it rebrands as X

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino has officially unveiled the new logo for Twitter, replacing the iconic bird logo that launched with the service in 2006.
A Super Heavy booster on the launchpad at SpaceX's site in Texas.

SpaceX shares stunning night shot of Super Heavy on launchpad

SpaceX has shared a stunning shot of its next-generation Super Heavy booster on the launchpad ahead of the vehicle's second test flight.
Amazon's new Project Kuiper facility in Florida.

Amazon to build $120M facility at Kennedy for internet-from-space project

As part of plans to launch a Starlink-like space internet service, Amazon has announced a $120M investment in a satellite facility at the Kennedy Space Center.
An illustration of ESA's Aeolus satellite.

Defunct satellite to get first-ever assist for safe reentry

The European Space Agency is about to perform the first-ever assisted reentry of a defunct satellite in an effort to ensure safety on the ground.
A person using their palm to pay at a Whole Foods Market store.

Pay-with-palm coming to all of Amazon’s Whole Foods Market stores

Amazon is expanding its Amazon One palm-recognition system to all 500 of its Whole Foods Market stores in the U.S. by the end of this year.
The Apple logo on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple may face ‘severe’ iPhone 15 shortage over production issue, report says

Apple is facing supply challenges with the new iPhone 15 Pro handsets due to a production issue with the display, according to a new report.
Houston's Arco del Tiempo (Arch of Time).

‘World’s largest sundial’ to double as green energy provider

Houston’s next piece of public art is being described as the world's largest sundial and will also produce solar power for the local community.
Person typing on a MacBook.

Top authors demand payment from AI firms for using their work

AI chatbots like ChatGPT are trained on vast amounts of text, including published works, and authors are asking to be fairly compensated.
Neon light signage displaying the Netflix logo.

Netflix crackdown on password sharing boosts sign-ups

Netflix has revealed that its decision to move against account sharing has led to more people than expected switching to a full membership.
Google Logo

Why is Google cutting web access for some of its workers?

Google has started to restrict internet access for some of its employees. It may seem like an odd move for a web company, but there's a good reason for it.
car sized object washed up on beach could be space junk australia

Car-sized object washed up on beach could be space junk

A large chunk of metal that suddenly appeared on an Australian beach is believed to have fallen from an Indian rocket.
Instagram Threads app.

Threads adds a bunch of new features in first notable update

Threads had released its first significant update since bursting onto the scene at the start of this month as a rival to Twitter.
Instagram Threads app.

Threads users falling away in large numbers, data suggests

Threads may have had the best start of any app to date in terms of download numbers, but new data suggests the road ahead may be a  rocky one.
wix chatgpt ai site generator

Wix uses ChatGPT to help you quickly build an entire website

Website creation company Wix has unveiled a new AI-powered feature that lets you use ChatGPT and other tools to build a site simply by describing what you want.
nhs email gaffe button

Email typo misdirects millions of U.S. military messages to Mali

The man who exposed the error said the risk is real and has the potential to be exploited by adversaries of the U.S
Three NASA Orion spacecraft in production.

Trio of Orion spacecraft prepped for NASA moon missions

NASA has shared an image of three spacecraft that will play a central role in its next three Artemis missions to the moon.