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How to search all of Craigslist at once

Whether you’re selling an old air compressor or trying to haggle the price on a meat grinder, Craigslist is one of the best ways to find used goods in your local area. People who are just browsing Craigslist might not need to widen their search, but if you’re looking for a specific item, you might need to explore other areas. 

It isn’t usually the default setting, but there is a way you can branch out and extend your Craigslist search to other locations.

SearchCraigslist.org — Web app

SearchCraigslist website screenshot

One of the simplest and most effective Craigslist searchers online, SearchCraiglist returns fast and complete results for any search term you want (just remember the first few results are going to be ads, just like on Google). You can search your results by relevance or date. Date is often better for simple terms that return a lot of results, while relevance is better for more specific searches that have important details.

SearchTempest — Web app

If you don’t live in the U.S. or want to search a wider array of online classifieds, SearchTempest offers everything but the kitchen sink. It can search Craigslist in its entirety, as well as eBay auctions and Amazon Marketplace listings. You can customize your search by site, city, and distance from any particular zip code, or you can simply search the entire world.

The scope of Search Tempest can be a little intimidating and unless you want to pay international shipping on items, you are going to want to limit where you search, but for those that want to cast the broadest net possible, SearchTempest can do it.

CPlus for Craigslist — iOS and Android

If you’re not sure how wide to set your search, CPlus for Craigslist has expansive geo-location support. That makes it quick and easy to find nearby cities that might have what you’re looking for. Once you’ve begun your search, there are advanced filtering and sorting systems to make parsing through the results that much easier. In fact, you can actually save your searches to make sure you’re not searching for the same things over and over again. Any postings that tickle your fancy you can save to the favorites list.

The app is entirely free to use, although there are advanced features you can pay for if you wish. For $1.99, you can enhance the alert functionality, while the pro version unlocks the ability to use multiple Craigslist accounts and to post more often. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for garage or yard sales, dating ads, or car sales — If it’s out there, CPlus for Craigslist can find it for you.

Search All Junk — Web app

If you’re interested in finding something specific (or something non-specific) on Craigslist and other similar sites, the Search All Junk tool might be what you’ve been looking for. The instrument is excellent for those looking for specific parts, models, furniture items, or other things that they want. It works on Craigslist, of course, but also other popular selling sites like Pennysaver and Recycler. 

Once you’ve entered your search term, you can narrow down your search region and organize the results by the date, too. This gives you a better chance of being the first to jump on a specific item. There’s also a separate section with links to complex search tools, such as for particular car models and other things. 

All in all, the Search All Junk app is useful for searching for everything from comic books to kitchen tables, so regardless of what you’re looking for, this site should be able to give you a good shot at getting it.

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