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Apple Watch Edition to go on sale in Taiwan on Friday at a price projected to be $1,000 less than U.S. retail

If you're willing to wait until Friday and make the trek over to Taiwan, you can own the most luxurious version of the Apple Watch for just $16,163, or NT $500,000, saving you nearly a cool thousand on a device you probably don't need.


GivingTales brings Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales to life and donates to charity

Sir Roger Moore and the team behind Subway Surfers released GivingTales, an educational app that provides children with modernized versions of Hans Christian Andersen stories. Profits will go toward Unicef's efforts to help children.


Attention frequent fliers: this app claims to lessen jet lag

IATA, or The International Air Transport Association, has recently introduced an app called SkyZen that claims to lessen the effects of jet lag and improve the overall health of the beleaguered world traveler.


GM to roll out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on select 2016 GMC and Buick vehicles

Buick and GMC have announced that they will add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity this year. CarPlay functionality will arrive first on the 2016 Buick LaCrosse, Buick Regal, GMC Canyon, GMC Yukon, and GMC Sierra, with Android Auto coming later.


Apple scoops major ad industry award for its ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign

Apple has bagged top prize at an international advertising event for its "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign. Highlighting the handset's camera, the billboard and poster campaign used stunning images snapped by iPhone 6 users from around the world.


BitTorrent’s new photo app is the quick and easy way to share between iOS and Android

BitTorrent has a new photo app, Shoot, that uses its Sync peer-to-peer technology for transferring photos and videos easily, quickly, and privately between iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. We take it for a test drive.


Forget Tinder: Use this new app to break up with your significant other

Ever wish you could break up with your girlfriend by sending her a voicemail of a Scottish man singing: “Your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore ..."? Lucky for you: Binder, which is available for iOS and Android, will let you do just that.


These 10 tips will help you navigate like a pro with Apple Maps

While Apple Maps has a simple interface, there are plenty of features that are hidden away. We've got 10 Apple Maps tips for you here to help you get where you need to go and become an Apple Maps pro.


This app helps you find out who’s free to hang in your neighborhood

A new app called Free helps you find out if your friends are free to hang out and coordinate activities together. That way, you're never left with nothing to do on a Friday night. Free is iOS only.


3 reasons Apple bowed to Taylor Swift’s demand to pay artists

In a highly-publicized social media rant, Taylor Swift once again called out a major streaming power, chastising Apple Music for its plans to withhold artist royalties during the service's free trial. Apple immediately backed down -- but why?

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iPad Mini 4 rumors: Leaked case photos show absence of rotation lock

Apple may soon update the iPad Mini line with the iPad Mini 4. Reports hint that it'll have a faster processor and slightly updated design to match the iPad Air 2. We'll keep you updated on all the news here.


Swarm finally brings back Mayorships, gives us a reason to check-in at Starbucks

Here's some good news: One of the original, and most fondly remembered social gaming features is back. Swarm, has reintroduced Foursquare's Mayorship titles, but with a few cool alterations to make them even more fun.


Watch this broken heart saw everything he and his now ex-wife owned in half

In what must be the most literal interpretation of a breakup in the history of relationships, a German man has recorded himself cutting all worldly possessions once owned by himself and his now ex-wife in half.


This is the photo you’re looking for: PicJoy organizes your camera roll with autotags

Do you take a ton of photos on your iPhone, but you can never find your favorite photos? PicJoy is a new app that instantly organizes all of your photos and will help you find them.