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Apple releases a new build of OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to developers

Apple wants developers to work on graphics drivers and audio with the new build of OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 beta, which they released to developers today. Learn more here.

More fuel on the fire: Leaked schematics point to a supersized iPhone 6

Courtesy of a French blog, a new leak from China reveals the possible dimensions of Apple's upcoming successor to the iPhone 5S. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 6 looks to be larger than its predecessors.

Hula is a social network that will prove to everyone you’re free of STDs

Hula is an app that wants everyone to practice safer sex, and the best way to do that might be to share if you're free of STDs online. We try it out to find out.

Tim Cook welcomes Office for iPad – after all, Apple gets cut of in-app 365 subs

It's not only Microsoft that'll be making a few bucks out of in-app 365 subscriptions for its just-launched Office for iPad app. Apple, too, will be taking a 30pc cut of every sale, ensuring the software will be a money-spinner for Cook and co., too.

Chitika: OS X Mavericks adoption is currently at 40 percent in the U.S. and Canada

A big chunk of Mac users in the U.S. and Canada appears to have adopted OS X Mavericks, the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system. Learn more here.

In the future, simply holding your phone may charge it up

In the future, we all become batteries. A study conducted by Peking University found that the human body can be used as an electrode to charge a phone.

OWC announces a cheaper 128GB Mac Pro RAM kit compared to what others offer

If you need to stuff 128GB of RAM into a new Mac Pro, OWC appears to be the cheapest way to go. Learn more here.

Microsoft goes freemium with Office for iPad, requires subscription to create and edit docs

Microsoft has officially announced Office for iPad. The free apps let you view and read your documents, but you will need an Office 365 subscription to create or edit new ones.

Runtastic 5.0 does everything but run for you

Runtastic 5.0 is the latest version of the favorite fitness tracking app. A new look, new features, and additional training sessions make running and working out with the app even better than before.

More than just a smiley face: 5 things you should know about emojis

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Tired of stock apps on your iPhone? This iOS 7.1 glitch can help you with that

A glitch allows you to hide iPhone stock apps so they don't take up space on your phone’s home screen. Here's how to perform it without any problems.

Plug that phone in while you navigate: Our 10 favorite car chargers for iPhone

The unspoken crux of nearly any mobile device doesn't lie within its functionality, but how long its battery can last. Check out our selection of the best iPhone car chargers, so you'll never have to worry losing power during those lengthy hours on the road.

Wall Street thinks Candy Crush’s time is already running out

Even though Candy Crush Saga maker King Digital Entertainment began life as an IPO earlier Wednesday, decreased initial share prices indicated a troubling start for the company. Investors are primarily concerned that King will simply be another Zynga.

Apple may ship a Macbook Air wielding a Retina Display in second half of 2014

One of Apple's Taiwan-based component manufacturers claims that Apple will ship a Macbook Air with Retina Display during the second half of 2014. Learn more here.

Apple, too, is working on a dual-camera technology, but entirely different from HTC’s

Apple has filed a patent for a dual-sensor camera technology that separates brightness and color information. While HTC is the first to unveil a dual-camera phone, Apple's technology takes a different approach.

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