Apple reportedly investigating charging stations for electric cars

Apple is reportedly in talks with infrastructure companies about the technology behind electric car charging stations. It also recently hired a handful of engineers with charging station experience.

That’s a Volvo? How the 40 Series concepts buck Sweden’s staid reputation

Volvo has introduced the modular platform that will underpin its next compact models. Part of the 40-series family, the compacts will offer advanced hybrid and electric drivetrains, a stylish design, and a long list of high-tech features.

Turbodiesel engines assisted by mild hybrid tech are an answer to dirty diesels

Delphi's testing shows that 48V mild hybrid systems added to diesel-engined cars can achieve most of the fuel economy and environmental advantages of full hybrids at a fraction of the cost.

Toyota's 2016 Prius is Consumer Reports’ fuel economy king

According to a new batch of tests by Consumer Reports, the 2016 Toyota Prius is the most fuel-efficient car the group has ever tested. The hybrid posted a combined fuel economy rating of 52 mpg.

Bentley’s Mulsanne flagship might lose its lid after all

Bentlely could build a topless version of the Mulsanne after all. The catch is that just 20 examples would be built by hand by Bentley's in-house coach builder, and each one will cost well over $1 million.

Could crossover fever kill the Lexus CT?

Lexus is allegedly preparing to deep-six the CT and replace it with a compact crossover. The yet-unnamed soft-roader will be inspired by the LF-SA concept, and will use a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain.

Volkswagen reportedly on track to finalize diesel settlement

Volkswagen, federal regulators, and attorneys representing VW owners are making "substantial progress" in finalizing a diesel settlement, according to the Federal judge overseeing the case.

‘Fifth Gear’ becomes a fifth wheel, will not be renewed

'Fifth Gear' will not be renewed for another season, host Tiff Needell confirmed via Twitter. The show sprang from a brief cancellation of 'Top Gear' in 2001, and has largely stayed in the more popular BBC show's shadow.

Lamborghini’s Miura celebrates its 50th birthday by roaring through the Alps

Lamborghini is celebrating the Miura's 50th birthday by re-creating the opening scene from The Italian Job -- sans destruction, of course. Two Miuras were shipped from the company's museum to the Italian Alps for the event.
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