Here's how Ford and Jaguar turn aluminum scraps into car parts

See how Ford and Jaguar incorporate recycled aluminum into new cars and trucks. Both the Ford F-150 and Jaguar XE are made with large amounts of recycled material to lower their environmental impact.

With Tile integration, your Jag or Land Rover can find those lost sunglasses

Jaguar Land Rover is the first carmaker to integrate Tile Bluetooth tracking with its in-car app suites. It lets owners can track tagged items from their cars' central touchscreens.
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DreamWave Survivor Review

DreamWave Survivor review.

Rubber ducky, you’re the one … to test self-driving technology at MIT

Duckietown is a multifaceted research project designed to examine and develop autonomous technology. Hosted by MIT, the endeavor includes classes, role-playing exercises, and a miniature town populated exclusively by rubber ducks…

Mitsubishi woes keep mounting as fuel mileage cheating news cuts sales in half

Mitsubishi Motors' survival as a company is in question after car sales in Japan drop 50 percent. The fuel consumption scandal may be the one from which it does not emerge. Previous scandals were about customer complaint and truck defect…
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Texting while walking? These in-ground traffic lights should get your attention

Can't make them come up to you? Go down to them. Such is the logic behind Germany's new traffic lights, which see distracted pedestrians and chronic texters, and raise them traffic lights that they just can't miss.

Self-driving car and ride-hailing companies form alliance to advise the NHSTA and help cities

In a joint effort to advise on policies for self-driving cars, Ford, Google, Volvo, Uber, and Lyft have created the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets. The alliance will also help cities and states understand and prepare for…

Cheat Sheet: Mitsubishi explains how it scammed fuel economy tests

Mitsubishi says it used a "high-speed coast down test" to produce the inflated fuel economy figures for cars it sold in Japan. The test measures a vehicle's air resistance, which impacts mileage.

Germany announces $1.1 billion in subsidies for electric cars

Joining forces with other countries with rebates for electric car purchases, Germany has announced a 1.1 billion euro subsidy plan for new electric cars. Volkswagen, Daimler, and BMW have signed on to the plan, which starts in May.