Sea-Tac travelers can now park-and-fly or fly-and-drive with Car2g0

Daimler's Car2go car-share service now has designated parking at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Sea-Tac travelers now have a second car share choice in addition to BMW's ReachNow. Up to 20 Car2go cars can fit in specially designated…

Chevy’s 2017 Bolt EV electric car will start at $37,495, have 238-mile range

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV will start at $37,495 when it goes on sale in the final months of this year. That will make it the only mainstream 200-mile electric car in its price range until Tesla's Model 3 shows up.

Uber rescinded automated surge pricing as soon as it learned of Chelsea bombing

Uber's surge pricing took effect automatically after an explosion Saturday night in New York City, but the company rescinded the higher fares after a few minutes. Uber appears willing to refund those who paid surge prices.
Car Review

2016 Ford F-150 Review

Chiseled but deceptively modern, Ford's F-150 hides more tech than you think.

Finnish police: Keep your smart car keys in the fridge to freeze out hackers

Police in Finland have advised drivers to keep their smart car keys in the fridge to reduce the risk of their locking signal being intercepted by hackers wanting to enter their cars.

Mini will kill off the quirky Paceman to make room for the new BMW 5 series

Mini will reportedly kill off the Paceman three-door to make room for the next-generation BMW 5 Series sedan.

The latest player in the self-driving car game? Oxford University’s Oxobotica

Move over, big business -- academia is here to join the fray. Proving just how ubiquitous smart car technology has truly become, Oxford University's Mobile Robotics Group, Oxbotica, is now staking its claim in the autonomous car territory.

Back to school: Ford engineers will work at new University of Michigan robotics lab

Ford will begin sending engineers to work at the University of Michigan in the coming months as a prelude to the opening of a new robotics lab the carmaker will share with the university.

Lyft president: most Lyft rides in self-driving cars by 2021

Company President John Zimmer predicts most Lyft trips will be in self-driving cars by 2021 and individual car ownership will be obsolete by 2025. Zimmer sees autonomous rideshare cars as reclaiming city space from cars in favor of…

Aston Martin's DB11 Volante convertible will arrive in 2018

The Aston Martin DB11 Volante convertible will go on sale in spring 2018. But Aston Martin is offering an early peek at the new drop top and its revised styling well in advance of the launch.

Oxbotica's robotic brain finds its way into driverless vehicles in the U.K.

Oxbotica, a spinoff group from Oxford University, is developing driverless technology in the U.K. The company aims to implement its tech in numerous applications, including cars, taxis, forklifts, and driverless pods.