CEDIA 2013 Coverage

The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association –  better known as CEDIA, thankfully – may not have the catchiest name, but it does throw one heckuva fun show. The CEDIA Expo is where all the best installers, custom home integrators and media go to learn about the coolest new stuff in custom home theater and home automation. This is where futuristic dreams come true; it’s a show that’s jam-packed with brand-new tech that will ultimately wind up inside the coolest homes across the planet. So join us as we tirelessly canvas the sprawling Colorado Convention Center in Denver to bring you up close with the best that CEDIA has to show off this year. You’ll find all of our CEDIA coverage right here. 

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GoldenEar Technology proves in-ceiling speakers can hang with the best

It ain't easy to take a pre-built room in the middle of a trade show floor and turn it into a successful sound demo, let alone one using in-ceiling speakers. But Sandy Gross at GoldenEar Technology pulled it of. Here's our ears-on impressions.

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CEDIA 2013: The best seat in your home theater may be outside

Forget the basement, the living room and even the bedroom: Your next TV belongs outside. Join us as we take a look at some of the newest outdoor home theater equipment exhibited at this year's CEDIA Expo.

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Martin Logan BalancedForce 212 subwoofer

We saw some crazy subwoofers at CEDIA, and we’ll be showing some of them off in a photo gallery later this week, but there was one subwoofer in particular that got us particularly excited: the Martin Logan BalancedForce 212.  Martin Logan outfitted its…

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Up close with Anthem’s new A/V receivers and Paradigm’s 7.1 sound bar

Anthem finally refreshed its MRX receiver line, and it is looking good. Meanwhile, Paradigm showed off its sleek (and expensive) new 7.1 sound bar at CEDIA this year.

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Anthem unleashes refreshed receiver line, Paradigm flashes 7.1 sound bar

Anthem finally refreshed its MRX receiver line for this year, and Paradigm showed off its sleek (and expensive) new 7.1 sound bar at CEDIA..

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Andrew Jones-designed speaker bar is another big win for Pioneer

Pioneer brought in Andrew Jones to design what turned out to be an excellent speaker bar that far outperforms its low price point. We went ears on and bring this report from the high-end audio hall at CEDIA 2013.

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Sanus’ new TV wall mount is the smartest we’ve seen yet

As TV wall mounts go, Sanus' VLF series boasts one of the most thoughtful designs we've seen yet. With no assembly required, and level and stud finder tools included, this is an excellent DIY wall mount option.

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