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Hisense’s Laser TV lineup gets even bigger with the debut of new models

When Hisense first debuted its Laser TVs, which blur the line between a projector and a TV, they were impressive but prohibitively expensive, with the initial model selling for $10,000. The company quickly iterated on the design, soon offering smaller models for less. Now with the introduction of the L8E and L10E lines at CEDIA 2018, which range in size from a comparatively small 88-inch model to a massive 120-inch screen, the company’s compact projectors are starting to get more affordable.

While Hisense refers to them as TVs — and they do have built-in tuners — the Laser TVs are closer to ultra short-throw projectors, sitting just a few inches from the wall that will be used for the display surface. Hisense says that compared to LED displays, its mammoth display sizes are comfortable on the eyes from as close as 10 feet away. Unlike standard projectors, the relatively small footprint of Laser TVs means that they take up either the same amount of space or even less space than a traditional home theater setup.

Like Hisense’s H8E TV, the new Laser TV models are powered by Amazon Alexa voice integration, meaning you’re not stuck if you lose the remote. Similar to Hisense’s TVs, the new Laser TV models feature smart TV features with built-in services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, TikiLive, Pandora, and others.

All of the new Laser TV models feature Texas Instruments DLP 4K display chips, with Adaptive Light Control to keep the display at the perfect brightness no matter the time of day. The L10E series uses a dual-laser system, bringing support for Wide Color Gamut and even richer high dynamic range color.

The new L8E and L10E Laser TVs are available now, with prices starting at $3,800. If you happen to be at CEDIA in San Diego, California, Hisense will be offering a special discount on the new Laser TVs for show-goers. For more information on the TVs, see the Hisense website. If you’re still not sure which is right for you, take a look at our list of the best TVs you can buy and our list of the best projectors to see which is more up your alley.

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