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LG prices its Flex, StanByMe TVs, and debuts a new model that doubles as magazine rack

2022 has been a big year for LG’s TVs, as the company has moved well beyond traditional wall- or stand-mounted models, into new designs that are targeted at specific audiences like gamers and those who want their TVs to be more than just black rectangles on a wall.

The company had previously introduced us to the bendable OLED Flex and the touchscreen-based StanByMe, but now, as part of the company’s presence at the CEDIA show in Dallas, TX, LG has told us how much they’ll cost. LG is also taking the opportunity to introduce a new model in its Objet series, known as the Posé — a quirky, easel-like TV that has space for things like magazines on its rear shelf.

LG Flex 4K 42-inch bendable OLED TV


Price: $2,999, available in October 2022

With the world’s first broadly available bendable OLED screen, the LG OLED Flex will literally turn heads. You can use the remote to adjust the screen’s curvature from totally flat to a curve of 900R using preset positions, or you can manually adjust it in increments to suit your personal taste.

Gamers will not only appreciate the bendy nature of the screen, but also its technical specifications, with perfect black levels and 0.1 millisecond response time, plus its low input lag. And because you’re probably going to get up close and personal with this TV, you can adjust how much of the screen is used to present the image, when the virtual screen size option is added later this year.

LG StanByMe

LG StanByMe TV.

Price: $999, available in October 2022

LG’s unusual, pedestal-mounted StanByMe is a fully wireless, 27-inch TV that is also a touchscreen. You can raise and lower the display to suit your height needs, but it can also swivel and rotate from landscape to portrait mode. Hidden wheels in the base make it easy to roll from one room to another, and the unit includes a rechargeable battery that LG says can keep the TV powered on for up to three hours before needing to be plugged back in.

A textured fabric panel on the back keeps it from looking like an eyesore when standing in the middle of a room, and the TV can be used for video calls by syncing it to your Android or iOS smartphone’s camera. An included cradle lets you mount your phone to the TV’s bezel.

LG Objet Posé OLED TV

LG Objet Posé OLED TV.

55-inch model (55LX1QPUA): $1,999, available now

48-inch model (48LX1QPUA): $1,699, available in November 2022

In keeping with the StanByMe’s lifestyle theme, the LG OLED Posé is another TV that is meant to look good even when it’s not in use. The 4K OLED screen is integrated into a U-shaped body that sits on a set of easel-like legs. The back side of the U is slightly shorter than the front and is clad in a textured fabric. There’s enough room between the two panels to house a collection of magazines, or you can hang an additional compartment on the lip, to store things like extra electronics (see below), though this would seem to go against the minimalist, decor-oriented theme of the Posé.

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