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Microsoft’s Paint 3D shows promise, but it’s more toy than tool

There’s a lot of promise in Microsoft’s redesigned Paint 3D, but taking the complexity out of 3D modeling may have rendered pipe-dreams of mixed reality fun and 3D printed toys unable to hold water.
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The Brits have just introduced ‘the most secure coin in the world’

The U.K. has just launched a one-pound coin that the Royal Mint claims is impossible to replicate. That's in contrast to the coin it replaces, of which there were thought to be some 40 million fakes in circulation.
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The DEA claims that synthetic THC is safer than the natural stuff in regular marijuana

Syndros, a liquid marijuana substitute that contains a synthetic version of the marijuana ingredient that makes users feel high, has been assigned a less restrictive drug category than real weed.
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Skip the complex tracking software, DJI says, and give drones an "invisible" license plate

How do you tell who flew an unmanned aerial vehicle into a restricted area? DJI suggests a radio tag system could be a solution that respects legal drone operators privacy and can determine who's behind illegal drone activity.
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Clever new technique allows scientists to mass produce synthetic blood for transfusions

Scientists from the University of Bristol and NHS Blood and Transplant announced a recent breakthrough that makes it possible to mass produce red blood cells, opening the door for the wide-scale use of manufactured blood.
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Elon Musk is backing a new startup that wants to merge your brain with AI

According to a new report, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is backing a new “brain-computer interface venture,” which intends to develop devices for implanting AI-equipped devices into the human brain.

August Home becomes the most flexible voice-controlled smart lock

August Home, known for their smart locks and home access services, announced its smart lock works with Google Assistant on Google Home. This makes August the first smart lock to support all three major voice-control platforms.
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A giant tunnel for ships will make sea journeys safer, Norway says

With the treacherous North Sea on its western coast, transporting goods and people by sea in Norway can be a dangerous affair. That's why the country is looking to build a giant tunnel for ships.
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Amazon’s futuristic grab-and-go store has reportedly hit a snag

Amazon's grab-and-go grocery store has reportedly hit a snag. Apparently, the technology is having trouble tracking shoppers when there are lots of them in the store, so the "early 2017" launch now seems unlikely.
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The Gladius submersible drone lets you explore the ocean without getting wet

If you've become bored of your quadcopter and fancy a new kind of drone adventure, how about a camera-equipped submersible? The Gladius underwater drone comes with a 4K camera and can sink 100 meters beneath the waves.
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This drone is the size of a jumbo jet, could carry cargo across the ocean

An ambitious California startup says it's come up with a drone design that could deliver freight faster than a ship and at lower cost than a plane. Natilus hopes to start testing the giant autonomous drone this summer.
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Animal Dynamics’ dragonfly drone is safer and more stable than rotor-based rivals

U.K.-based startup Animal Dynamics is developing a dragonfly-inspired microdrone that can fly efficient in the most turbulent weather, glide on thermals, and even perform a safe landing if there is a power outage.