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If booze and vinyl made a baby it would be the Luno EGB2 Record Console

Vinyl and booze are two of our favorite things, and these gems come together brilliantly in the new EGB2 turntable console from Luno. Hand-crafted from American Walnut, the EGB2 is stocked with all you need for a classy Mad Men-style get…
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Jeff Bezos says Blue Origin’s next space mission will deliberately go wrong

Blue Origin has been making good progress with its New Shepard space missions, but the next one is going to go wrong. The system failure will, however, be carefully planned, and is all part of a safety test for the capsule that'll one day…
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NASA has a big problem with its inflatable space room

NASA's first-ever expandable space habitat has a bit of a problem – it won't inflate. Thursday's debut attempt to get air into the module failed to go according to plan, leaving engineers to ponder the problem overnight. An…

Canon breaks apart a super-telephoto lens to show why it costs $11,000

Ever wonder why a super-telephoto lens costs so much? Canon disassembles one of its most impressive and expensive lenses, the $11,000 EF 200-400mm f/4L IS, to show why.
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A decade after Katrina, meteorologists say hurricane models vastly improved

Meteorologists did a good job in forecasting where Hurricane Katrina made landfall, but underestimated its strength. Advancements in weather modeling may make that a thing of the past, NASA scientists say.
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Human's Sound ear covers aimed at meeting all of your audio needs

Human has announced the core features of its audio wearable, Sound. The ear covers will control ambient sound and aid communications and entertainment. Language translation and other functions will be revealed later in the year.
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Robots may be saying goodbye to a pain-free existence

The unfeeling nature of robots has long been touted as one of their great attributes. But now, a group of German researchers is embarking upon a new mission to gift robots with pain sensors -- or their mechanical equivalents.
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A new 'space taxi' may be in the works thanks to Russian company Energia

According to new reports, Russian space company Energia has revealed plans for "a new reusable space vehicle," the primary purpose of which will be to move cargo and crew members between the International Space Station and the moon.

ForcePhone uses sonar to add 3D Touch-like system to practically any phone

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a system, ForcePhone, that relies on sonar to add 3D Touch-like capabilities to practically any smartphone on the market.
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Activists are using drones to rain flash drives full of TV shows on North Korea

North Korea is being invaded by drones carrying Hollywood movies, and K-Pop music. The operation is being led by a North Korean defector-turned- activist who claims he wants to enlighten the country's repressed citizens.

Make all your light bulbs smart with Socket from iDevices

Thanks to the Socket, you can now transform any old light bulb into a connected bulb -- just screw Socket into a lighting fixture, insert a standard light bulb, and turn a 20th century appliancefixture