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Cool Tech

This smart anti-concussion football helmet was created by a 19-year-old student

A 19-year-old Texas Tech student, Alberto Garcia, has created an Arduino-powered smart football helmet that could help protect players from concussions by using stabilizers and smart sensors.

Qeexo wants you to use your knuckles, not just your fingertips, to control your phone

Why just use your fingers to control your phone when you can use ... your knuckles? That's the question, or one of many, that the folks at Qeexo are asking. FingerSense from Qeexo lets users use their knuckles to control their…
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Spitzer telescope lasted longer than expected, but its mission isn't done yet

Good things must come to an end and Spitzer’s deep space gaze is no different. Last week, on the anniversary of the telescope's launch, NASA announced Spitzer would be entering its final, two-and-a-half-year phase in October.
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Squishy, 3D-printed ‘octobot’ is world’s first autonomous, untethered soft robot

Harvard's Octobot soft robot is simply groundbreaking. Against all odds, the engineering team was able to replace all hardware and rigid parts with soft components that function together to create a completely soft, autonomous machine.

All the coolest stuff we’re expecting to see in Berlin

Germany's IFA in Berlin is one of the largest and oldest tech shows in the world. This year, we expect to see a ton of new devices from Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Sony, Intel, Panasonic, and many more. Here's what's coming.
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Boeing’s new 3D-printed tool for making wings is so big it set a world record 0:51

Boeing and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory have together landed a new world record for creating the largest solid object 3D-printed in a single piece. The special tool will help make the wings of Boeing's next-generation 777X…
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​New drone rules have just gone into effect, but they don’t help Amazon’s Prime Air plan

New rules for the commercial operation of drones went into effect on Monday. The new framework eliminates time-consuming application procedures for businesses keen on making use of the technology, though it doesn't help Amazon and its Prime…
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Juno’s closest Jupiter flyby captured highest resolution images of the planet

NASA’s Juno mission completed the first of its 36 planned orbital flybys of Jupiter over the weekend, a maneuver that brought the spacecraft about 2,600 miles above the noxious Jovian clouds at a speed of 130,000 miles per hour.
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EyeForce is an affordable, ultra-widescreen VR headset will expand your horizons 3:44

New Kickstarter project EyeForce wants to beat the established giants of virtual reality by doubling the field of vision offered by headsets from Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Can it do it? Its creator sounds confident.

FLIR's Scout TK will make you feel like a superspy in your own backyard

FLIR's new entry-level thermal imager opens the world of infrared vision to a new audience, while maintaining the excellent build quality and functionality FLIR is known for.

Zuckerberg programmed his AI butler to ignore his wife's voice commands

After unveiling a bit about his AI butler back in June, Mark Zuckerberg says the system is nearly ready to show the public, and that it currently only responds to commands from him without recognizing his wife's voice.
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VR will let jurors explore crime scenes as they actually appeared

Forget biased accounts: robot created by a researcher in forensic science and criminal investigations will let jurors explore crime scenes as they actually appeared using virtual reality headsets.