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Cool Tech

‘Spencer’ the robot wants to make sure you don’t miss your flight

Lost airport visitors could soon be calling on Spencer the robot to help get them back on track. A team of Europe-based researchers is ready to send Spencer into Amsterdam's bustling Schiphol airport to see how he fares.
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Zano drone maker says sorry for $3.5M Kickstarter failure

The company behind the failed Zano drone Kickstarter project on Thursday apologized to its more than 12,000 backers while explaining how the $3.5 million was spent. It also refuted any allegations suggesting company directors may have…
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Finders keepers is the new rule when it comes to asteroid mining

On Thursday, President Obama signed the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act into law, which grants companies the rights to whatever they manage to pluck out of these extraterrestrial bodies.
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Biologists have successfully bred genetically engineered mosquitoes that can't carry malaria

A team of University of California scientists use a controversial gene driving method to spread malaria resistance among a population of mosquitos.
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Airbus’s ambitious detachable cabin concept could finally end boarding chaos

Airbus's R&D team have been at it again, this time coming up with a costly looking detachable cabin concept designed to cut a plane's turn-time and bring an end to the boarding chaos that usually kicks off the second the gate opens.
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Check out what Pepper the robot looks like in a wig and makeup

Pepper now has its own range of garments and accessories on sale, created by fans of SoftBank's friendly droid. Besides dresses, tuxedos, and even a kimono, Pepper owners can also choose from hairpieces and jewelry. What do you mean it…

Watch a neural network try to describe the streets of Amsterdam

Neural networks are becoming better at seeing things and describing them. One developers took an open-source program, NeuralTalk2, out on the streets of Amsterdam and recorded what it saw.
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Comet fragments likely to blame for dimming of star KIC 8462852, not aliens

New research into what caused distant star KIC 8462852 by nearly a quarter in 2011 and 2013 suggests that it could be the result of dust from comet fragments. However, the "alien megastructure" theory still cannot be ruled out.

Battery issues will be a thing of the past with this promising 'smart screen'

Bodle Technologies, a spin-out from Oxford, has made a "smart material" screen that barely draws any power, conserving your battery, while promising a crisp display in bright sunlight.
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This robotic prosthetic hand knows exactly how hard to grab an egg without crushing it

SynTouch, a tactile sensing company, just unveiled its recent breakthrough in prosthetics, showing off its BioTac fingers that can accurately sense applied force, vibrations, and temperature.
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Drones are now being used to prevent shark attacks off the coast of Australia

In what may be one of the most inventive applications of drone technology yet, the Australian government is using these flying nuisances (or novelties, depending on how you feel about them) to protect beach goers against shark attacks.
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This outrageously fast 3D printer creates objects at a blistering centimeter per minute 3:08

Italian startup Nexa3D has developed a new technique called self-Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring, which basically removes the need to create objects layer by layer and makes the printing process continuous instead of incremental.