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Cool Tech

High-tech robot warship fires lightweight torpedo in military first

Israeli defense company Elbit Systems is turning some heads with its robot warship, the Seagull. In a military first, the vessel this week successfully fired a lightweight torpedo via its remote Mission Control System (MCS).
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Not ready for your close-up? Fend off paparazzi with this flash-proof scarf

Inspired by accident when a photo flash reflection obscured his friends' faces, Saif Siddiqui now creates fashionable privacy accessories. Those who don't want photographers recording their every movement can now get relief.

All about that low-frequency? Feel the bass with this subwoofer for your wrist

Great ideas fail everyday, so when a seemingly silly Kickstarter campaign earns twice it’s goal in the first 24 hours, we take note. Meet the Basslet, a wearable subwoofer the promises to deliver bass deep into your body and soul.
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Hobby drones are still hampering wildfire air crews on the West Coast

Some drone owners seem unable to resist flying their remotely controlled copters in places they really shouldn't. Take wildfires. The aerial footage may be dramatic, but the risk to air crews fighting the blazes is enormous.
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Aerial video shows Apple’s ‘spaceship’ HQ nearly complete

Apple's so-called "spaceship" campus is now just six months from completion, a fact made clear by this latest flyover video of the site posted on YouTube.

Olloclip’s addition for Otterbox’s modular case easily switches between 4 lenses 5:01

Olloclip was at CE Week 2016 this year, and we stopped by to take a look at its new 4-in-1 lens designed for Otterbox's modular Universe Case. Snap it on and you get four different lenses to switch through.
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Office of Naval Research thinks cyborg locusts could help us sniff out explosives

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis think we will soon turn over the job of sniffing out explosive chemicals to none other than backpack-wearing remote-control cyborg locusts. Yes, really!
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Amazing 3D-printed zoetrope reveals an animated picture when illuminated

Japanese media artist Akinori Goto has 3D printed a stunning gorgeous 'wheel of life' zoetrope, guaranteed to drop your jaw. The art work uses a spinning drum and a series of still images to produce a ghostly animated figure.
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A DIY laser bazooka is the most terrifyingly awesome thing you’ll see today

“I get a lot of good comments from people who love this kind of thing, but also some negative ones from people who think I’m crazy and that I’m going to blow myself up,” creator Drake Anthony tells Digital Trends.
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This robot salamander can swim and crawl, just like a real amphibian

Robotics researchers have built a 3D-printed robotic salamander capable of both swimming and crawling -- and perhaps one day saving lives, too. The robot features 27 motors and 11 spinal segments, making it significantly simpler…
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Robocup hopes robots can beat professional soccer players by 2050

The Messis, Ronaldos, and Neymars of the world may have competition from robots in a few years –- at least that’s the goal of Robocup, an annual robot soccer competition that kicks off today in Leipzig, Germany.

Square Enix, CNN explore the ethics of human augmentation

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided publisher Square Enix and CNN are hosting a human augmentation conference this August, focusing on the potential for breakthroughs and the moral quandaries of modifying the human body.