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Cool Tech

Financial market watchdogs to use artificial intelligence to catch cheaters

Financial regulators are ready to employ artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover trading irregularities. Market manipulation and other violations will be easier to find among billions of daily market events.
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Interactive apartment block prototype is a voyeuristic Arduino-powered experience

If you crossed Alfred Hitchcock’s voyeuristic thriller classic Rear Window with a computer club you'd probably get something like this creative mini apartment, powered by an Arduino Nano board.
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Eye-tracking could help readers by noticing when they struggle with a word

Eye-tracking technology could be used to help readers struggling with particular words, claims new research from the University of Copenhagen. Its applications could cover everything from classroom learning to Google Translate.
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Earth’s most powerful alien-hunting telescope turns its gaze to mysterious star

A space object's huge and unusual shape has made KIC 8462852 -- Tabby’s star -- a subject of interest, speculation, and controversy over the past year, with some experts even suggesting it could be an alien megastructure.

GM bringing IMB's Watson onboard its vehicles to help drivers connect with brands

If you're not distracted enough already while driving, there's a new partnership between OnStar and IBM Watson that's sure to add to the sensory overload. Beginning early next year, Watson will be making its way into your vehicle.
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Sensor-packed sustainable biobridge will open in the Netherlands on Thursday

Thursday marks the opening of a new biobridge located in the Netherlands, which is constructed out of sustainable hemp and flax fibers and crammed full of 28 embedded sensors to chart its success.
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Return to Sender: Competition offers chance to 3D print on the International Space Station

"Our hope is that some of the world's most gifted university and postgraduate students will come up with designs for cutting edge ideas that will help humanity flourish in space.”

You can now tell Siri to turn on your lights with the Eve Light Switch

So much for clap-on, clap-off lights -- now, the only sound you need to control the brightness of your bulbs is your voice. On Wednesday, Elgato launched the Eve Light Switch, "the world’s first light switch with HomeKit technology"
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Massive air-purifying vacuum cleaner sucks up particles, blows out clean air

A giant outdoor air-cleaning vacuum cleaner was unveiled in Amsterdam yesterday. Its inventors at the Envinity Group claim the system is the first of its kind and may help filter toxic particles from the atmosphere.

Google has 'paused' its deployment of Fiber internet in 11 U.S. cities

Google has "paused" its deployment of gigabit internet service Fiber in 11 cities following layoffs and the departure of its parent company's CEO. It's already available in nine U.S. cities.
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Delta’s app now offers a map view so you can watch your bags go AWOL in real-time

Delta has been helping its passengers to track their checked luggage from airport to airport for a while now. Now the feature includes a map to let you know its real-time location – and so you can be sure it's arrived at the same airport…
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Jony Ive’s next design masterpiece will be a Christmas tree

Apple design chief Jony Ive and buddy Marc Newson, himself an acclaimed designer, have taken up the challenge to create a Christmas tree for London's upmarket Claridge's hotel. Whether the finished tree will be unapologetically Christmassy…