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Can you hear me now? Researchers one step closer to reversing hearing loss

In a new study, a team of researchers from Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and MIT have increased the number of regenerated hair cells from 200 to 11,500, paving a path towards restoring hearing loss.

The ResiConnect is an IoT mousetrap that’ll set you back $1,600

Who knew getting rid of such a plebeian problem could be so ... expensive? If you want to exterminate your home of rodents the high-tech way, you'll need to spend an impressive $1,600 for the ResiConnect.
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China has a flamethrower drone, and a surprisingly good use for it

For this Chinese power company, it seems ladders and hydraulic platforms just don't cut it when it comes to clearing trash caught on power lines. That's why it's started using a flamethrower drone instead.

Acer's latest monitor isn't what you might think

Acer's launched a new smart device that it says can detect all the nasty stuff floating about in your home or office. The "Air Monitor" connects with your smartphone, supports IFTTT, and also communicates via LED lights.

JetSmarter, the Uber of private planes, expands its services with a new partner

Earlier this week, the private jet company announced an exclusive strategic digital partnership with TMC Jets, making JetSmarter the exclusive digital distribution channel for TMC Jets' fleet.
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Trippy VR self-portrait takes you inside its artist creator’s body

Los Angeles artist Theo Triantafyllidis’ latest creation, “Self Portrait (Interior),” is a virtual reality tour that doesn't just take you inside his head -- but gives you a tour of the rest of him, too.
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Ambiotherm may look goofy, but it lets you feel the warmth of a virtual sun

Ambiotherm is a wacky virtual reality accessory that promises to mimic the feeling of the wind and sun on your face and neck by… well, blowing air and pumping heat in your direction.
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Bionic Leaf project creates natural fish food out of thin air — sort of

Forget turning water into wine. A new project wants to turn air into food. It's called the Bionic Leaf, and it's a new, almost sci-fi technology that claims to employ the power of the sun and bacteria to make food out of carbon dioxide.
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People who use these phrases are more likely to stick to their diet

Researchers studied the words and phrases of more than 2 million tweets and over 100,000 daily fitness app entries. They found that people who use more positive phrases were more likely to stick to their day-to-day diet plan.
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Crowdfailing: $179 Tiko 3D printer joins growing list of high-profile Kickstarter flops

Despite having raised a massive $2,950,874 on Kickstarter back in 2015, low-cost unibody 3D printer Tiko is the latest high-profile crowdfunding casualty. Here's where it all went wrong.
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NASA wants to 3D print habitats with metal extracted from Martian soil

NASA teamed up with University of Central Florida professor Sudipta Seal to study Martian soil (regolith) and, hopefully, devise a way to extract metals that could then be used to 3D print a human habitat.
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Arena-sized VR experiences should explode in numbers soon due to OptiTrack

OptiTrack launched a new tracking system for out-of-home theme park-style VR experiences. The new system is capable of keeping up with multiple users and their carried/worn objects in areas filled with walls and stationary items.