Cool Tech

Can't tell Monet from Manet? Let Google's latest app be your tour guide

Google's latest Arts & Culture update allows users to tour a museum virtually, or head out on a self-guided tour. The beta program will use artwork-recognition software and a smartphone camera to offer all the background…

Turn your kitchen into your favorite local brewpub with Hopsy’s HomeTap

Backed by its pre-existing craft beer delivery network, the Bay Area-based company Hopsy now offers a draught-style countertop beer dispenser it's dubbing the HomeTap. With the machine, owners can enjoy their favorite local beer.
Cool Tech

Watch the time fly by with this gorgeous levitating nixie clock

Scottish electronics whiz Tony “Lasermad” Adams has built a levitating nixie clock unlike any that have been seen before -- and he's offering it to customers via a new Kickstarter campaign.
Cool Tech

Chinese scientists will be the first to use CRISPR gene editing in human patients

Chinese scientists next month will treat lung cancer patients with immune cells modified using the CRISPR–Cas9 gene editing technique. The world's first human trials will establish whether CRISPR is a viable option for patients not…
Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the new canvas: Oculus shows off Medium sculptures

The Rift Touch 3D sculpting program, Medium, is really starting to take shape, so Oculus invited a gang of artists in to turn their digital art into tactile experiences. We really like the robots.

Voyager 4 drone's incredible optical zoom camera will pack 16x magnification

Drone manufacturer Walkera has unveiled Voyager 4, its latest flagship drone, which will feature a camera system capable of capturing a focal range between 10mm and 1500mm.
Virtual Reality

Could VR unlock the cure for Vietnam veterans' decades-old PTSD?

A crowdfunding campaign wants to build virtual reality tools to help Vietnam War vets cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Dr. Albert "Skip" Rizzo explained to Digital Trends how it works.

NASA time-lapse shows a year on Earth from a million miles away

To celebrate a year of operation, NASA took images captured by its EPIC camera module on board the NOAA DSCOVR spacecraft and created a mesmerizing time-lapse of a year on Earth, as seen from a million miles away.

This creative wearable is a nail in the London Underground Oyster Card's coffin

This jewelry design graduate has found a far more convenient and creative way to use an Oyster Card on the London Underground. She has taken the chip from inside the card, and put it in a set of false nails.
Cool Tech

Snowden developing iPhone battery case with hidden spy tool

To detect revealing mobile transmissions that could be used to locate journalists, Edward Snowden and hacker Andrew “Bunnie” Huang are developing a spy monitoring tool that doubles as a battery case.

Be polite or be labeled as rude on Candid, a new anonymous social network

On Thursday, yet another anonymous social network launched on both the iOS and Android app stores, but this one comes with a twist -- on Candid, you have to be nice. That's because content is curated and moderated by AI.
Cool Tech

Scientists have found a chemical-free way to extend milk’s life for up to 3 weeks

Researchers have discovered a way of heating milk for less than a second to extend its shelf life for up to three weeks. The milk is currently being produced and distributed for sale. Here's how it works.