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Cool Tech

Check out these whisky tasting glasses inspired by ancient China

While it may be difficult to transform the aesthetics of a liquid, you can do something about the glass in which it's served. Meet the Tripod Tasting Glass, a set of whisky glasses that promise to elevate your tasting experience.

Google Assistant is learning how to respond in Hindi

Google's artificially-intelligent bot, Assistant, is now available in a "Preview Edition" in Google Allo, a messaging app. Support for Hindi is coming soon, and here's everything you need to know.
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Better, stronger, faster microrobots may take inspiration from ciliary cells

Nature is a source of infinite inspiration. From submarines to solar panels, natural designs found in plants and animals guide the work of engineers so much so that the field has earned its own name: biomimetics.
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Uber wants to fly you to work in a small autonomous aircraft

Uber says it's interested in launching a city-based air service to give riders access to faster modes of transport. But instead of using a good ol' fashioned helicopter, it wants to develop a much quieter machine that can fly autonomously.
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Human neurons used to help treat spinal injuries in mice shows positive results

Researchers have been able to transplant human neurons into mice with spinal cord injuries and found the cells successfully wired up with the damaged spinal cord. The work could be the start of an important breakthrough.
Health & Fitness

Could holograms help bring the end of malaria? Experts build new tool

Experts are in short supply, particularly in impoverished regions where malaria hits hardest, so a team of engineers from Duke University devised an innovative technique that replaces the expert with an algorithm.
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Shortcut is a 3D-printed smart mouse substitute for hand amputees

Shortcut is a 3D-printed smart wristband, which works in conjunction with hand prostheses as a mouse substitute for amputees without the use of their hands.
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Optical defibrillator shows promise as a less shocking way to reset your heart

Correcting the irregular heartbeat of an arrhythmia with a defibrillator can be a shocking experience, but it doesn't have to be that way. Researchers from John Hopkins have developed a kinder and gentler process that uses light…
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Listening to you speak could help reveal stress, depression, and even heart conditions

Can the same technology which analyzes emotion in voices also be used to identify health-related issues, ranging from stress to heart conditions? A team of researchers certainly thinks it can.

Music made with Alan Turing’s massive computer restored after more than 50 years

Alan Turing is celebrated for many things — as the father of computer science, legendary Nazi code breaker, and mind behind the Turing test. But few people view his as a pioneer of electronic music. Until now.
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You may soon be able to fly farther, faster, and cheaper thanks to new Airbus planes

Hawaiian Holdings and JetBlue Airways are celebrating the release of the Airbus A321neo and the upcoming Airbus A321LR, both of which boast impressive ranges that could take passengers of these two companies farther than ever before.
Health & Fitness

New research center is dedicated to engineering cells into living machines

Based at the University of California, San Fransisco, the $24 million Center for Cellular Construction will be used to study and promote cellular engineering, a young discipline that aims to create living machines by manipulating nature.