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M3D Micro 3D printer Review

If you were waiting to try 3D printing, the $350 Micro is your invitation.
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Google wants to deliver stuff using self-driving trucks with storage lockers

Besides the drone its developing, Google also wants to use self-driving trucks to deliver goods to customers, a new patent suggests. The trucks would contain storage lockers, with customers able to access their goods with an access code or…
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New cotton candy-inspired technique is helping scientists build artificial capillaries

A bioengineer at Vanderbilt University has successfully used an adapted cotton candy machine to electrospin systems of artificial blood vessels. These capillary systems could be used to grow organs like livers and kidneys for…
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Chinese scientists just achieved a 90 million degree Fahrenheit nuclear fusion test

Scientists at China's Institute of Physical Science in Hefei reportedly ran a successful nuclear fusion test at 90 million degrees Fahrenheit for over a minute and a half in its Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak.
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3Doodler Start is a new low-temperature 3D printing pen designed for kids

The 3Doodler Start looks, feels, and operates almost exactly like the company's original printing pen, but thanks to some incredible chemical engineering from 3Doodler, the filament it uses can be melted at relatively low temperatures.

Japanese robot is excellent at mobile puzzler Puzzles & Dragons

A Japanese roboticist has built a rig that can play popular mobile match-3 game Puzzles & Dragons with uncanny skill. Junya Sakamoto shows off his creation's capabilities in a video.
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OneRing is a brilliant new wearable designed to monitor Parkinson’s Disease tremors 1:41

A high school student in California invented OneRing, a wearable device that tracks movement patterns in patients with Parkinson's disease. The ring creates daily analytics reports so that physicians can provide tailored care for…

Amazon just launched its sommelier service in Japan

There may only be 229 grand sommeliers in the world, but Amazon may be giving them all a run for their money. Amazon's newest virtual service in Japan is a free phone consultation with certified sommeliers.

Pay with your Pebble watch with the Pagare strap

Jealous of Apple Watch users paying with their watches? If you own a Pebble device, check out Pagaré on Kickstarter. The strap is indistinguishable from Pebble's normal straps, but it lets you make contactless payments via NFC.
Health & Fitness

Smart sleeve for stroke patients seeks to aid in faster recovery

Developed by researchers at Southampton University, this smart sleeve for stroke patients seeks to provide data regarding muscle movement and strength as its wearer engages in everyday at-home tasks to aid in faster recovery.
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SpaceX plans ocean landing attempt following February 24 launch

SpaceX will make its next launch attempt and possible ocean landing on February 24 when it is slated to deploy an SES-9 satellite into orbit. The firm's goal is to send rockets into orbit every few weeks for the rest of 2016.
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This mind-reading tech helped a paralyzed violinist control a live orchestra

This astounding piece of technology, called a Brain Computer Music Interface, has, by reading the mind of a musician paralyzed after a car crash 27 years ago, given her the ability to make music once again.