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Home on the range: California to start regulating cow farts, manure

As per a new state law, the California Air Resource Board is charged with regulating methane from dairy farms methane. The mandate calls for a 40-percent cut from 2013 levels by 2030.
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Flybrix is a modular drone for kids that's built almost entirely out of Legos

Flybrix, a startup based in San Francisco, has created a drone that can be built almost entirely out of Lego bricks. It's modular, too, and better yet programmable: Its flight computer can interpret commands.

With the Securifi Almond 3, its associated Alexa skills, even your router can be smart

On Thursday, Securifi announced the release of its Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi system. Integrated with Echo's Alexa, the Almond 3 allows multiple units to come together to create a broad Wi-Fi network

Elsewhere’s app and glasses make videos pop out in 3D

With $50, an iPhone, and a pair of glasses that look like Benjamin Franklin's bifocals, you can add some depth to your videos, thanks to Elsewhere. The iOS app comes with a pair of spectacles.
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Next-generation U.S. military grenade is two grenades in one

There are many different types of grenades used by the military and law enforcement alike. For the first time in 40 years, the U.S. military is designing a new model for use in the field.
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Robots could have a big impact on the school experience of chronically ill kids

A new study by researchers at the University of California at Irvine examines how technology is making it possible for chronically ill students to experience the classroom through the use of telepresence robots.
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Drones, VR, and brisket collide (peacefully) at Digital Trends’ TechPop Drone Show 1:23

On the rooftop of the Portland-based Hotel deLuxe's parking garage, Digital Trends hosted its third TechPop event, this time geared toward teaching those in attendance more about drones and virtual reality.
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This alarm clock is so smart it can actually teach you how to sleep better

Kello is the smart alarm clock that can push you live a healthier life with more regular sleep patterns. It boasts Spotify integration, an accompanying app, IFTTT connectivity, and more.
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New report suggests that forensic evidence is flawed and far from bulletproof

It may make for good television, but according to new research, that may be all forensics should be used for. As per a new report, "much of the most common analysis used in criminal trials doesn't meet scientific standards."
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New app lets kids turn 2D drawings into 3D-printable models with ease

How do you introduce kids to 3D modeling? A new app called Doodle3D Transform promises to let users easily turn regular 2D drawings into fully fledged, 3D-printable models. And it looks kind of awesome.
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China can't tell us when or where its first space station will fall to Earth

After six years of service in testing systems for a future larger station, China's prototype station dubbed "Heavenly Palace" will fall back to Earth sometime in 2017. Where will it land? We don't know yet.
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Alien life? Maybe not, but NASA says there’s ‘surprising activity’ on Europa

NASA will announce Monday what is being billed as "surprising evidence of activity" and the possible discovery of a subsurface ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa, it said in a statement.