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These are the best 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays to show off your home theater

When 4K initially burst on the home theater scene, there existed little (if any) 4K-capable content for early adopters to enjoy. Considering some of the first 4K televisions ran consumers a couple of pretty pennies, this unfortunate fact was a serious drag for those looking to revel in the crystal-clear resolution. Fast forward a couple of years and not only are 4K-ready TV sets the new normal, but the river of available content is finally flowing. Now, instead of picking and choosing which films are must-sees in theaters, 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays offer movie fanatics the ability to experience the apex of high-definition from the comfort of their own home.

To help anyone looking to build a respectable 4K library, we’ve sifted through the Ultra HD Blu-ray catalog to find the best of the bunch. Keep in mind, available content continues to grow every month and we’ll be keeping this list updated with the highest quality Blu-rays as they arrive.

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So sit back, pop some corn, and prepare to be blown away by a crystalline picture, brilliant colors, and surround sound so real you’ll swear you’re standing right next to Mark Watney.

The Martian


Ridley Scott’s 2015 rendition of Andy Weir’s science fiction novel The Martian was every bit the definition of a spectacle. Filmed in Jordan’s Wadi Rum valley, Scott deftly created a life-like version of the red planet that allowed viewers to feel almost as stranded as Mark Watney himself. Thrilling, funny, and expertly crafted, The Martian initially seemed like an experience that could only be experience correctly while gazing at a 70-foot screen inside a massive theater. Until the 4K physical release entered the home theater fray in March 2016, that is. Stunning doesn’t even come close to describing this cinematic masterpiece as each dust storm, HAB explosion, and white-knuckled rocket launch absolutely engulfs the viewer. If your home theater setup is primed for 4K content, The Martian is about as good as it gets, particularly making use of HDR to display incredibly rich contrast. In other words, space flicks have literally never looked this good at home.

Codec Resolution Aspect Ratio Original Aspect Ratio English
HEVC / H.265 4K 2.40:1 2.39:1 DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1

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