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Want a Chromecast? Best Buy will give you $5 off, a $20 Google Play credit, and more

Yes, the holiday season is now behind us as we continue our trek into 2015, but that doesn’t mean the Chromecast, Google’s little HDMI media streamer that could, won’t receive any more deals. Case in point: Best Buy is offering the dongle for $30, and there’s a few more bonuses thrown in, too.

That $5 discount is accompanied by $20 in Google Play Store credit, as well as two months of Hulu Plus, and three months of Google Play Music All Access. If all of this sounds eerily familiar, that’s because we saw a similar offering during the holidays. This time around, however, the offers appear to be exclusive to Best Buy.

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Of course, if you’re already a subscriber of either Hulu Plus or Google Play Music All Access, you might not get that bonus. In addition, there’s no mention that the offers can be attained through an in-store purchase, so you’ll have to order your Chromecast from Best Buy’s website.

The Google Play credit will arrive in the form of an email, which could take anywhere from half an hour to 8 hours to arrive in your inbox. Finally, you have until the end of January to set up the Chromecast in order to redeem the offers. If you set it up on February 1, you’re out of luck. You can grab the deal now on Best Buy’s website.