7 iPhone 7 problems and the solutions you need

Getting a new iPhone should be a pleasurable experience, but if you run into an issue, it can quickly be frustrating. Thankfully, we’ve gathered a slew of the most common iPhone 7 problems, along with some potential workarounds and fixes.

You can hack almost any iPhone with just $100 worth of electronics

Turns out you don't need the resources of the U.S. government to hack an iPhone. A Cambridge researcher demonstrated an exploit the requires just $100 worth of off-the-shelf equipment.
Social Media

Looking to watch the presidential debates? Just head over to Twitter

A new deal brokered between the social media platform and Bloomberg Television will allow the Twitterverse to view a live-stream of all three presidential debates, the first of which is to take place on September 26.

Facebook’s end-to-end encrypted feature goes live in Messenger for select few

Facebook is testing a new feature that will make your messages in Messenger more secure thanks to end-to-end encryption. Law enforcement, criminals, and even Facebook will not be able to intercept these messages.

Mozilla launches Firefox 49 with better Reader Mode, offline viewing for Android

Firefox 49 has been released with improvements to Reader Mode and multi-process support, which is being rolled out to more users, and also sees the end of Firefox Hello. The Android version has added offline viewing.

Head over to Tumblr if you want to share Live Photos from your iPhone on the web

Those fun animated Live Photos taken with your iPhone are almost free of their iOS prison. Tumblr has become the first website to support online sharing of the pictures, after adding support to its app recently.

500px shares RAW, a new way to shoot, edit, and sell your photos on the fly

Online photo marketplace 500px has created a new iPhone application designed to utilize iOS 10's new RAW photo capabilities. Now, you can capture, edit, and upload photos to the 500px Marketplace on the go.

HTC may be the next firm to say goodbye to the headphone jack

HTC may be bringing the Thunderbolt back to rejuvenate its declining sales. Well, at least the "Bolt" part. The HTC Bolt is expected to come to Sprint next month, and here's everything you need to know.

The new Google Maps shows you how to calibrate your phone's compass

An update rolling out to Google Maps on mobile adds a visual indicator of compass accuracy. If your smartphone's compass needs calibration, the app will provide step-by-step instructions.
Cool Tech

Apple has filed a patent for a paper bag, really

Apple has filed patents for a myriad of tech stuff over the years, from VR goggles to a wraparound phone display to a tablet cover with a built-in screen. Its latest one, however, is for a paper bag.

Say Allo! Google’s latest messaging app is here, and it's smarter than iMessage

Google promised its messaging app, Allo, would arrive before the end of summer, and it sure has -- a day before the autumnal equinox. Allo introduces Assistant, Google’s artificially intelligent bot that will power Google Home.