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Samsung rejoins the big leagues: plans a developer conference this winter

Samsung announced that it will hold the company's second Developers Conference this November at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The company will likely announce updates to its Mobile SDK and more.

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Amazon Prime Music adds hundreds of thousands of songs

Amazon added hundreds of thousands of songs to Prime Music and hundreds of new playlists. Amazon's growing song selection includes tracks from many popular artists old and new.


Uber releases second attempt at Windows Phone app, and this time it’s the real deal

In April last year, Uber launched an app for Windows Phone. However, following complaints that it was simply a webpage in an app wrapper, the startup quickly pulled it. On Wednesday, it rolled out its second attempt.


Minnesota family ordered off Southwest flight after dad posts critical tweet

If you're paying for a service, you expect to be treated well. Accounts of bad experiences often end up on Twitter, though Minnesota resident Duff Watson never expected that his tweet criticizing Southwest Airlines would lead to his removal from a plane.


How Paper and Pencil transformed the iPad from a window to a canvas

Tablets have always been great for reading, watching and browsing, but FiftyThree’s wildly popular Paper app and Pencil stylus are unlocking the creative potential of users by making it easier to simply create.


LG posts record breaking smartphone sales, promises more new hardware later this year

LG has posted record breaking smartphone shipment figures, and says the G3's early success in Korea, and the popularity of its 4G phones, helped make it possible. It promises more devices later this year too.


Apple faces class-action lawsuit over alleged unfair work practices

Thousands of hourly-wage Apple workers – past and present – look set to take on the tech giant in court after a California judge gave a lawsuit against the company class-action status. The plaintiffs accuse Apple of violating California labor laws .


Google enhances Explore feature for Maps

Never one to rest on its laurels, Google is continuing to roll out updates for Maps in an effort to stave off competition from alternative offerings. The latest, announced Wednesday, includes an enhanced Explore feature for Android and iOS users.

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HTC One Remix now available on Verizon

Verizon has announced the HTC One Remix, a rebadged version of the recently launched One Mini 2. It's shares the same 4.5-inch screen and 13-megapixel camera, and is set to go on sale soon for $100 with a two-year contract.


Mark Your Calendars: iPhone 6 to launch in mid-September with iOS 8

Sources say that Apple will launch the iPhone 6 in mid-September. It's unknown if both the 4.7 and 5.5-inch models will launch during the event. Meanwhile, iOS 8 appears to be on track for its launch alongside the iPhone.


Final Fantasy IV, NBA Jam, and more discounted in Google Play Store

Several games and apps have gone on sale in the Google Play Store. They include Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, NBA Jam, Runtastic Pro, WeatherPro, and Beautiful Widgets Pro, among others.


Jon Stewart launches $10 billion fake Kickstarter to purchase CNN

In light of a recent report detailing Fox's failed bid for Time Warner Cable, and Fox's willingness to dump CNN had it been successful in the bid, Jon Stewart launched a fake Kickstarter campaign to purchase CNN.


Grace Digital’s new Ecostone speaker helps you rock out while you ride the rapids

We've seen floating speakers before, but Grace Digital's Ecostone appears to be far from a one-trick pony. Ecoxgear, Grace Digital's outdoors-focused arm, began shipping the versatile Bluetooth speaker yesterday at a price-point of $150.

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Why that iOS ‘backdoor’ isn’t really a threat unless Big Brother is after you

Forensic scientist and iOS hacker Jonathan Zdziarski revealed what appears to be a backdoor in iOS. The backdoor could be used by hackers or the NSA to spy on iOS users, but is it really a danger to you?


Newly acquired Apple patent shows how 3D photography could work in iPhone

Apple has recently acquired a patent for a 3D photography technology that could easily be implemented as an iPhone app. The technology requires the use of just a single lens, and no glasses are needed to view a 3D image.