Innovative lens filter offers physical, on-camera control of color temperature

Icelava is lens filter that acts as an all-in-one color temperature adjustment. By simply turning the filter, you can instantly change the color balance between 2,900-6,300K, but it comes at the cost of two stops of light.

A $799 price just made this high-resolution Sigma a reasonable mirrorless choice

Sigma piqued our interest with a 39-megapixel mirrorless camera announcement back in February, but now they've announced the price point -- and it makes the Quattro a serious contender.

A photo of your hotel room can help fight sex trafficking

TraffickCam is an app and service from the Exchange Initiative that helps crowdsource efforts to end sex trafficking by asking people to submit photographs of hotel rooms they stay at throughout their travels.
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Snapchat under fire for allegedly copying work of popular makeup artists

Back in May, Snapchat was accused of “whitewashing” selfies in a couple of its filters, leading to much criticism from users. Now, the popular image-sharing app is taking heat once again over its filters for allegedly copying ideas from…

Watch: Drone strikes woman in head prior to 5K event, charges possible

A woman is looking to press charges after a DJI Phantom 3 drone struck her on the head while taking part in a 5K event in Quebec. According to witnesses, the operator was flying dangerously close to the runners and did not have an…
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Google offers VR solution for those who are barred from marching in gay pride parades

Meet #Prideforeveryone, a montage of pride parades in 25 countries across the world that you can access on YouTube 360 and Google Cardboard by way of your smartphone. From Belgium to Brazil, Sao Paolo to Sydney, you can be a part of Pride.

Snoppa Go is a handheld stabilizer that directly controls a GoPro

GoPro may be having a difficult time selling hardware, but over on Kickstarter, GoPro accessories are still all the rage. Snoppa Go is an easy-to-use, handheld, three-axis gimbal that powers and controls a GoPro Hero 4 camera.

Photographer takes airplane ride to get relatively up-close images of the Milky Way

On a recent flight from the U.S. to Budapest, Hungary, photographer Ian Norman and his girlfriend attempted to do something incredibly challenging -- capture beautiful night sky imagery from the window of the jetliner.
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Green city or ghost city? Masdar a failed experiment in sustanainble planning

The Abu Dhabi government had high hopes for what was once heralded as the "city of possibilities," but over the last decade, Masdar has proven to be anything but that.

MIT researchers develop eye-tracking program for your smartphone

Researchers at MIT and the University of Georgia have developed a program that uses your smartphone's front-facing camera to track eye movement. By the end of the year, the team hopes to have it ready for commercial purposes.

Instant photography lesson: What ‘high-speed sync flash’ is and how to use it

High-speed sync allows photographers to shoot with a flash at high shutter speeds, perfect for outdoor portraits or any time you need flash and a fast shutter. Photographer Manuel Ortiz provides a simple demonstration of how it…