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Zoom across town with Fujifilm's 50x S9900W

Fujifilm’s FinePix S9900W is a budget megazoom camera that has a 50x optical zoom lens, Wi-Fi, and Full HD video recording.

  • Pros: 50x zoom , Image stabilization works well , Bright…
  • Cons: Noisy photos , So-so videos , No manual focus , Minor…

MyTape for iOS lets you capture and share your favorite moments

MyTape is a new social video app for iOS that lets you shoot awesome videos, follow people, and watch what’s happening around you. It’s pretty similar to Twitter’s live-streaming app, Periscope, so it will be interesting to see if this app takes off.


Nikon rolls out another fancy hot-shoe cover for its DSLRs

Nikon's about to roll out its second fancy hot-shoe cover in four months, offering owners of the company's DSLRs another pricey but stylish alternative to its low-cost plastic alternative.


Disney’s new ‘team rendering’ makes 3D animation easier

Disney Research has come up with a new way to render high-quality visuals for its animation, according to Phys.org. This method was designed to salvage pixel inaccuracies while retaining graphical detail. It's an approach which will reportedly boost…


Live life from a cat’s perspective as Trip chases a laser pointer

In 90 seconds of truly riveting footage on YouTube, Tyler Crompton allows viewers to live the life of a laser-pointer-chasing feline by strapping a GoPro camera to the head of his cat.

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If only your GoPro could edit its own footage like this smart camera

Editing footage can take an annoying amount of time. Max Burton's Matter Design studios created a smart camera to solve that problem, the Graava. It's a full-HD camera that uses a built-in accelerometer and GPS to automatically edit footage.


Sharing photos with everyone at an event just got much easier, thanks to the Slide app

Want everyone in the room to see the picture you just took? Slide lets you share images with strangers via Bluetooth. There are no contacts in the app. You can just push photos to anyone you want who is within 200 feet of you.


Stock photo startup Snapwire explores mini-IPO filing under new regulations

Like all startups, Snapwire, the on-demand stock photo agency, needs to raise funds to grow. Its CEO, Chad Newell, is currently exploring the potential of a mini IPO, thanks to changes to securities regulations.


Nikon’s 3 new pro lenses include affordable super-telephoto and prime

Nikon is adding three new pro/enthusiast FX-format lenses to its lineup, including an affordable super-telephoto and a fast prime lens. Two lenses also introduce a new electronic aperture control for high-speed photography.


Hate buying ink? Epson will save you 2 years of refills with new EcoTank printers

Epson is bringing its EcoTank ink system stateside. EcoTank printers have a ink reservoir compartment that can be refilled using affordable ink bottles. The inks last up to two years, but the printers cost more to purchase.


Your pictures probably don’t look like you

We're really bad at picking photos that actually look like us. According to scientists from the University of New South Wales in Australia, "we are so poor a picking good likenesses of our face that strangers make better selections."


SanDisk and Toshiba announce world’s first 256GB, 48-layer NAND memory chip

SanDisk has announced a new 256 3D-NAND chip built in partnership with Toshiba, the first in the world built with 48 layers. It should appear in products sometime next year.