Prisma no longer requires an internet connection to process your images

Prisma, the photography app that retouches your pics to resemble the work of famous artists, has updated its iOS app to allow for offline image processing. The company says the update will free up server capacity, boosting the app's speed.

One simple design change and video sliders now fit inside pockets (sort of)

Traditional video sliders are rather bulky, but the Wing uses a seemingly simple folding design to get a 16-inch range from a 5.5-inch device. While the tiny slider can only handle 3.3 pounds, that's three times the tiny slider's…

NASA’s Mars rover shoots a 360 photo that looks curiously like Earth

Mars may be more familiar than we think -- at least in photos anyways. A recent 360 photo shot by NASA's Curiosity rover shows messes and buttes similar to those in the southern U.S.
Cool Tech

University of Kansas football coaches see plays from the bird’s eye view of a drone

The newest members of the University of Kansas football team are actually camera drones, and they're helping to eliminate the blind spot in practice videos. Using four DJI Phantoms, the team now has a bird's-eye-view replay to analyze.

The Appearance Barrier — how not to look terrible on Skype calls

Are you distracted by your appearance on company teleconference calls? Simple tips can help you look better, even on bad hair days. The video call "appearance barrier" can cause you to lose focus and not fully engage with other…

Gionee S6s might be average on the inside, but it’s all style on the outside

Chinese manufacturer Gionee announced the S6s, a slightly improved version of the S6 it announced a few month ago. Much like the original, the S6s focuses on the selfie lover crowd with a strong front-facing sensor.
Social Media

No stopping Instagram: App joins the billion-downloads club on Google Play

Instagram has become just the 19th app to hit a billion downloads on the Google Play Store. The milestone marks Facebook's fourth entry on the exclusive list, further cementing its dominance in the mobile app market.

SmugMug saves almost 200 million photos from shuttered Picturelife

Earlier this morning, photo hosting service Picturelife announced it was shutting down. To save the nearly 200 million photos users uploaded to its service, it partnered with SmugMug to keep users from being left in the dark.

Lightroom Mobile’s sync functionality offers powerful editing on the go

Many of you likely already know or have at least heard of, Lightroom Mobile, Adobe’s Creative Cloud connected mobile app that allows for some surprising editing capabilities. But did you know that you can sync from Mobile to…

Lexar explains why not all memory cards are created equal

UHS, U1, U3, Class 10 – trying to understand memory cards is befuddling. So we spoke with Lexar's product manager to get the skinny on formats, features, and quality as well as her opinion on the current format war between XQD and…

NatGeo's Jimmy Nelson shares 7 inspiring lessons to keep in mind as a photographer

National Geographic photographer Jimmy Nelson sits down with COOPH to share seven incredibly inspiring lessons he’s learned while shooting around the world for the past 31 years of his life.

Filmic Pro camera app tips 2:39

Looking to take your photography to the next level with Filmic Pro? Here are some of our favorite tips for making the most of the capable iPhone app.