Kodak follows the Ektra with a tablet thanks to new license agreement

After allowing another company to use the Kodak name on a smartphone, the historic imaging company will now license their name for a tablet. The agreement goes to a France-based company, Archos.

As global shutter sensors improve, so does the tech that uses them

Devices that need to "see" their surroundings to work could be getting more accurate, thanks to Sony's latest global shutter sensors. The latest line is more sensitive to light with additional triggering options.

Alexa can now tell stories based on the photos you upload

A new company is aiming to give Alexa the ability to tell stories about your own personal and family history by simply adding photos. Mylestone is an Alexa app that retells stories based on your own photos.
Cool Tech

3D-printed miniature camera sees the world the way a bird of prey does

Do you want a camera inspired by the way that eagles and other winged predators see the world? Then check out this new miniature camera setup, capable of being 3D-printed onto a chip.

Video offers 3 tips for finding portrait locations in everyday places

In their video, the Mango Street Lab team talks about how they approach looking for locations around town, and how they find interesting compositions even in grungy semi-scary places.

FaceApp uses neural networks to change your look, now available on Android

The new app uses neural networks to alter the content of your face, adding a smile or making you look older, while keeping things photorealistic. In theory, anyway. In practice, it may not quite be there yet, but it's still worth a laugh.
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DJI teams up with world’s biggest model aviation group for new programs

A new partnership between DJI and the Academy of Model Aeronautics could mean new opportunities for both AMA members and DJI fans. The partnership could help boost programs for youth and public safety officials.
Product Review

Joopic CamBuddy Review

The CamBuddy is a do-it-all camera sensor that's all it's cracked up to be.

Making the color grade: Getting started with DaVinci Resolve

Used by professional video editors and colorists, DaVinci Resolve is free to anyone who wants to use it. Here’s how to get started.

Iconic ‘Star Wars’ lightsaber began life as a camera flash, cost $15 to build

One of the most iconic movie prop weapons in history was actually created for about $15 from a camera flash. An interview with Star Wars prop director Roger Christian dives into the lightsaber's history.

After canceling the DL cameras pre-launch, Nikon says Keymission sales are slow

Nikon entered the action camera market last year, but sales have been slower than expected according to the latest reports. The financials come just after the company announced the cancellation of three DL cameras.