LandscapePro offers advanced edits of landscape photos with minimal know-how

Want to edit your landscape photos without the advanced learning curve of programs like Photoshop? LandscapePro from Anthropics Technology does just that. The basic version costs just $40.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a foodie's best friend

The new EOS Rebel T6 doesn't bring anything revolutionary to Canon's budget DSLR series. While performance is on par with the previous T5, the T6 adds Wi-Fi/NFC and a shooting mode designed for food photography.

Getty Images uses random stock photos to re-create 4 famous faces

Getty Images' latest ad campaign uses its massive archive of stock photos to recreate portraits of four famous people, using photos of random people’s faces. The idea was to show off how much variety is in Getty's portfolio.

MuseCam unlocks iPhone camera’s potential with manual controls and editing

MuseCam app has several features to help you get more out of your iPhone’s camera than you ever thought possible. It opens up settings like ISO and shutter speed to let you fine-tune your iPhoneography.

College bans mortarboard throwing, says it’ll Photoshop them in later

Photoshop to the rescue! A UK college has told its graduates not to throw their mortarboards in the air, as per the tradition, because they could injure someone. They've been told to simply pretend to do it, leaving the photography firm to…

American Eagle’s Aerie lingerie brand soars after banning retouching in ads

While other factors may contribute to American Eagle's impressive year-over-year growth in its Aerie lingerie brand, one reason could be its #AerieReal campaign that bans photo manipulation in ads.
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Chewbacca mom viral video shatters Facebook Live records

What do you get when you cross a mom, a talking Chewbacca mask, and Facebook Live? The answer is a record-breaking viral video that's taking the Internet by storm, and making a star out of a 38-year-old mother of two.

Canon’s 1D-X Mark II suffers from bizarre glitch when paired with some Sigma lenses

Canon's latest flagship DSLR, the EOS 1D-X Mark II, only recently started shipping, but users are reporting of at least one interesting but bizarre issue.

Purdue U. system lets police crowdsource cameras to keep eye on crime

Purdue University researchers have developed a new surveillance system capable of allowing law enforcement to tap into unsecured cameras and pinpoint their location.

Google’s first Project Ara modular phone will arrive in 2017

Modular phones gives you the next and best in technology, without having to spend a lot of money on a new phone. Google, demoed a developer version of an Ara phone at Google I/O, and the company's own version will be out in 2017.

Tumblr blog replaces guns in notable movie moments with selfie sticks

Look out, there is a new meme on the block and it's causing all kinds of commotion. The new, and aptly named Guns Replaced With Selfie Sticks does exactly what the name implies. Pointless? Sure. Fun? You bet.

Fujifilm's new teleconverter doubles your focal length without quality loss

Fujifilm has a new 2x teleconverter that increases the focal length of select lenses. The Fujinon Teleconverter XF2X TC WR will please sports, wildlife, and any photographer who could use the extra zoom.