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Facebook and Twitter take steps to wipe the web of fake news

Facebook and Twitter are fed up with fake news, so much so that they've joined media giants such as the New York Times and CNN to tackle the proliferation of bogus stories, and on a wider scale to improve the overall quality of information…
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Instagram updates Stories to let you permanently save images and videos

Instagram has quietly snuck in a number of new features related to Stories in its most recent update. While everyone else is fiddling with the app's new comments moderation tool, you can now start saving your Stories, and muting others.
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YouTube Community finally brings social networking to Google’s video platform

Google has taken another stab at the social network, this time by integrating new content-sharing features into its video platform. YouTube Community is a new tab that allows creators to engage with fans using text posts, live videos, GIFs…

Here's how to delete your Snapchat account

Tired of dog filters and a ceaseless deluge of Stories? Here's how to delete your Snapchat account using the platform's web interface, so you can step outside the yellow-hued limelight once and for all.
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Teenage girl’s lawsuit against Facebook over naked photo to go ahead

Facebook has failed in its legal bid to stop a 14-year-old girl from suing the company over a naked image of her uploaded to the social network, described as a method of child abuse. The case will now proceed as a full trial.
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New Twitter alert feature means you’ll never miss a live-stream again

Twitter wants its 313 million users to engage more with the service, and it thinks a new alert button could be the answer. Focusing on video, the notification feature will help make sure you never again miss a live-stream of someone you…
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LinkedIn strips down its social network to target mobile users in India

LinkedIn is targeting its second-biggest market with a stripped-back version of its mobile website. LinkedIn Lite is exclusive to India, and can load four times faster regardless of the device or network used to access it.
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Twitter to host Cheddar’s business news live-streams from NYSE

Twitter has struck up another live-streaming deal, this time to broadcast Cheddar's daily coverage of business news from the NYSE trading floor. Launched in May, Cheddar brands itself as a news network for millennials.
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Twitter likely to start allowing longer tweets from September 19

Twitter is reportedly about to let its users post longer tweets. From Monday, it'll remove several elements from counting toward the 140-character limit, including media attachments such as photos, GIFs, videos, and polls.
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Facebook is now letting you pay for things through the Messenger Platform

Facebook has updated its Messenger platform with a number of great new features -- including the ability to now pay them for goods and services. This should make it far easier to place orders through Facebook.

Google has a little-known project that identifies, works with promising startups

Google wants to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and is doing so through a secret project called Project Sand Hill, which tracks tomorrow's hot startups. So far, the company has worked with the likes of Hotel Tonight and even Lyft.
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Keep your Instagram comment section clean with a new keyword moderation tool

Instagram is taking action to make its online platform a more "welcoming community" with a new keyword moderation tool. It's meant to help you filter out "words you consider offensive or inappropriate."