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Google Glass is removed from Twitter and Instagram

While Google ended its Explorer program for Glass testers a year ago, the device's social media accounts limped on. However, with no relaunch for consumers in sight, the company has finally decided to ditch those, too.
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Instagram is rapidly increasing the number of ads users see

Risking negative feedback and lower interaction rates from core users, Facebook has opened up the spigot for serving ads on Instagram. Many of these ads are video clips rather than traditional banner ads.
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The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco posts first photo of ‘Friends reunion’

While it isn't technically a reunion for Friends, Kaley Cuoco posted a photo with five of the show's six original cast members along with Big Bang cast members on Instagram from a tribute event for long-time NBC director James Burrows.
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Unlike Michael Jordan, Bill is someone we don't want to be

If you browse your Facebook feed, you'll probably notice several posts from friends telling you to be more like them. The posts are based on a meme, "Be Like Bill," and thanks to a meme generator, it's found renewed popularity, and…

Chelsea Handler's app will get you out of any unpleasant conversation

Featured in her documentary series Chelsea Does on Netflix, Chelsea Handler has published an app for iOS devices that will convincingly get you out of any situation. Just make an excuse, add a contact, and schedule a time for it to go off.

Scott Kelly sends photos of Winter Storm Jonas from outer space

Everyone's favorite astronaut Scott Kelly sent some pretty phenomenal shots of our beautiful planet from his miles-high vantage point, and as it turns out, Jonas' power was palpable even from the International Space Station.

Weekly Rewind: Twitter outage, robot takeover, brain scanning implants

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech…

Check out this week’s top five apps: Exploding Kittens, Movesum, Crashlands, and more

Explore a whole planet in Crashlands, or ring up a group of friends to play Exploding Kittens on iOS -- this week's list of engaging apps will keep you preoccupied. Check out the five top apps of the week.
Movies & TV

Which House holds your allegiance? New Game of Thrones promo wants to know

Game of Thrones plays the social media game with three clever new promos that give away nothing, but tease so much. Check out the dark clips for House Lannister, House Targaryen, and House Stark.
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Your Facebook timeline is about to get a lot easier to navigate thanks to 3D Touch

You wanted more 3D Touch and you got more 3D Touch. If a test with a small group of users goes well, very soon, you will be able to peek and pop your way through your Facebook timeline.
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Vine celebrates third birthday with most popular clips of 2015

The viral video platform, Vine, starts celebrating its third birthday early with the launch of Trends on Vine, showcasing the most memorable clips and most popular memes of 2015 with #VineYear3.
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Facebook launches Sports Stadium hub for live sports

Facebook launches its sports hub, Sports Stadium, which is designed to provide fans with opportunities to offer commentary on games, catch stats and the play-by-play, and see what their friends and family members are saying about the game…