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You can now loop YouTube videos directly without any third-party software

Can't get enough of a new song or music video? You can now set your favorite YouTube videos to repeat, without the need for third-party software, thanks to a new loop feature, available on the Web version of the service.
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YouTube gets Super Bowl 50 ads weeks before the main event

YouTube has once again launched its AdBlitz channel and website, allowing brands the ability to preview their popular Super Bowl spots in the run-up to this year's main event. The Google-owned service has also unveiled a real-time…
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You can only count on four of your Facebook friends in rough times

Researcher Robin Dunbar has found that even if you have hundreds of friends online, you only have four real friends you can count on in rough times, possibly indicating the importance of in-person interaction in relationships.
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China’s Sina Weibo beats Twitter past the 140-characters mark

Popular Chinese social network, Sina Weibo, plans to abolish its 140-character limit, just weeks after Twitter was rumored it would be doing the same. Weibo will allow posts of up to 2,000 characters.
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New marshmallow Peeps social media campaign targets millennial moms 0:42

A new social media campaign featuring marshmallow Peeps intends to attract a new generation of fans. The campaign includes videos encouraging fans to vote for Peeps or the groundhog as the true sign of spring.
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Tor’s anonymous and encrypted software is coming to Facebook’s Android app

Facebook has announced Tor network support for Android devices, allowing mobile users to have the same level of anonymity as desktop users. It comes two years after Facebook first launched a Tor onion address for Web users.

Cool tech, hipster aesthetics top 2016 Adobe Stock visual trends

The Adobe Stock team released its visual trends for 2016 which include color, perspective, and cool aesthetics. These trends are expected to lead to the most impactful imagery for brands and businesses.

Are fantasy sports legal? Texas, Washington, and other states are trying to figure that out

Fantasy sports sites are being targeted once again by legislatures in both Texas and Washington state, and now, the industry's future may be at stake as lawmakers prepare to debate new rules and regulations surrounding the practice.
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Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is launching a ‘social’ fitness platform

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has tweeted that he is launching a fitness startup with Fitify co-founder Bryan Oki. Costolo claims the new "social" fitness platform will be delivered to a "massive audience."
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YouTube is bringing its new slate of original shows to Sundance

YouTube's biggest stars will descend on the Sundance Film Festival in Utah to present panels centered on the service's new slate of original shows. The likes of Lilly Singh and Matt Kaplan will discuss the new projects due to air on YouTube…
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Twitter is hoping celebs can boost Moments by using exclusive apps

Twitter is helping celebrities on its platform create even more exclusive content by giving them access to a range of exclusive new apps, including a selfie camera. Twitter says the tweets generated will be featured on Moments.
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Fortune 500 CEOs gradually using social media, but most still can’t be bothered

According to recent research, more Fortune 500 CEOs are using social media, especially among those who are younger and new to the Fortune 500 list. Overall, however, social media is still heavily underused among CEOs.