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Man who recorded ‘You’ve got mail’ greeting for AOL now drives for Uber

His dulcet tones welcomed an entire generation online. Once you connected with your modem, it's likely you heard three famous words spoken by him, Now Elwood Edwards has gone off in a new direction as an Uber driver in Cleveland.
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Facebook is launching 'Rooms' in select markets to offer public chat rooms in Messenger

Facebook has been experimenting with social expansion and will roll out a new feature called “Rooms” as part of Facebook Messenger — the addition is meant to encourage public conversations about topics and interests.
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Unicode Consortium approves 56 New emojis for 2017

Unicode Consortium approved 56 emojis for release in 2017. The emojis include a woman breastfeeding a baby, a woman wearing a hijab, and a “gender-inclusive” child, adult, and older adult.

Apple wins customer support kudos from Twitter

In the olden days, say, prior to social media, the antiquated landline phone was the sole means to get customer support's attention. Then along came Twitter, with Apple Support taking full advantage.
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Blaming Facebook for Trump’s victory is ‘crazy,’ but there’s work to do

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has come out on the defensive against the criticism being directed toward his platform's News Feed in the post-election landscape. The Facebook founder claimed the accusations against his platform are "crazy."
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Why did Facebook buy a social analytics tool used by media companies?

Facebook has repeatedly denied it is a media company. So why did it just go and buy a startup best known for its social analytics platform for media publishers? CrowdTangle is joining the Facebook team, according to a message on its…
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Twitter isn’t for the faint of heart, so here’s how to delete your account

Getting tired of all the hashtags and 140-character drivel in your Twitter feed? Check out this guide for a quick rundown on what you need to do in order to delete your account and wipe your presence from the social media behemoth.
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Facebook disables ethnic exclusion tool for housing, employment, and credit ads

Facebook will no longer allow marketers to use its “ethnic affinity” option to exclude certain users from viewing select ads. We spoke to Facebook about the change, and whether it is influenced by the recent lawsuit against the company.

Weekly Rewind: Your smart home's universal remote, the problem with Soylent, robotic snake surgery

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from…
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Facebook thought a bunch of its living, breathing users were dead

Earlier on Friday, Facebook began mourning the passing of many of its users who were still alive. Facebook claims it is deeply sorry for the mistake, but it still remains unclear what caused the bizarre error.
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Facebook buys black market password dumps to protect user accounts

Facebook's Alex Stamos has said that the firm has been buying stolen passwords from the black market to secure user accounts, an outside-the-box move that keeps the social network relatively scandal-free when it comes to security.

On Election Day, Google tracked nationwide voting issues on a real-time map

Duringt the 2016 election, Google tracked web searches related to voting issues at polling places. It provided insight into the biggest concerns of voters by geographic -- and sometimes demographic -- location.