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Ghost in the Shell film starring ScarJo faces whitewashing backlash on Twitter

The live-action Ghost in the Shell adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson has been accused of whitewashing on Twitter, following the release of the first image from the upcoming blockbuster. The film is trending on Twitter for all the wrong…

Save to Google is a new Chrome extension that does what it says and little else

Save to Google, a new Chrome extension from Google, is a bookmarking service that lets you easily save Web pages and images to a centralized location. It joins Google's several other bookmarking tools, including Save to Google Drive.
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Ohio teen live-streams friend’s sexual assault on Periscope, gets indicted

An 18-year-old in Ohio has been indicted for using Twitter's video-streaming service Periscope to broadcast the rape of her 17-year-old friend. A prosecutor noted that this was the first time a crime of this type was live-streamed in his…
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The filmmakers behind ESPN’s This Magic Moment talk Shaq, ’90s NBA, social media

ESPN Films' 30 for 30 series explores the historic and turbulent seasons of the 1990's Orlando Magic in its latest documentary, "This Magic Moment." Directors Gentry Kirby and Erin Layden discuss the film in an exclusive interview.
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Just 1.5 percent of news organization traffic comes from Twitter

As per a new report from the social analytics company, Twitter is responsible for just 1.5 percent of traffic for a typical news organization, and is one of the least prevalent sources of traffic among social media sites.

Facebook nabs Google’s advanced technology head for new hardware lab

Facebook has picked Regina Dugan, former head of DARPA and Google's Advanced Technology team, to lead its new multimillion-dollar hardware lab, Building 8. Dugan previously helped Google develop modular smartphones and 3D mapping tech.
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Meet Donald Drumpfbot, the Trump parody chatbot designed for Messenger LOLs

Donald Drumpfbot is about to crash the chatbot party on Facebook Messenger. The Donald Trump AI parody promises major LOLs on the popular chat service, and is already available on Twitter and Telegram.
Movies & TV

Game of Thrones’ opening title sequence looks absolutely amazing in 360 degrees

HBO, in collaboration with Facebook and VFX studio Elastic, has created a 360-degree Web version of Game of Thrones' Emmy-winning opening credit sequence. Quite simply, it's amazing.

Vine’s new ‘Watch’ button takes away the loops

Vine has rolled out a new "Watch" button that lets you sit back and enjoy a channel's videos one after the other. The hands-free experience means no loops, and offers users a more convenient, as well as conventional, viewing experience.
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These head honchos can really utilize a hashtag

Social media has become more and more important in connecting politicians with their constituents. Love them or hate them, these are the politicians to follow on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.
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Facebook’s mad scientists are cooking up facial recognition for videos

Soon you may be able to search through any videos that you're in on Facebook. The company is working on deep learning and artificial intelligence that could search through videos, recognize faces, and then tag specified individuals.
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North Carolina governor to change bathroom bill, but not the bathroom part

North Carolina Governor McCrory responded to public and private outcry, issuing an executive order changing anti-LGBT HB2, but not bathroom limits. Private companies can as they wish, but government buildings and public school bathrooms…