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Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

  • Full Android experience
  • Nook features focus on books
  • Easy to hold in one hand
  • Not a full HD screen
  • Heavier than standard ebook readers
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Hands On: The Pro 2 is a faster, more powerful…

  • Fast Intel "Haswell" Core i5 processor
  • Kickstand has 2 angle settings
  • 75 percent better battery than Surface Pro
  • MicroSD support
  • Touch Covers have backlit keyboards
  • Keyboards still sold separately for $120
  • 8GB RAM models cost $1,300 and up
  • No thinner or lighter than Surface Pro
  • 7-8 hour battery life is still weaker than other…
  • Very heavy for a tablet
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Hands on: Kobo’s Arc10 HD feels underpowered and…

  • Google-certified experience
  • Nice-looking display
  • Reading Life launch screen looks good (when it…
  • Both units felt buggy and experienced app crashes
  • Magazine content was slow to fully load when…
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Hands on: $479 HP SlateBook x2 Tegra 4-powered…

  • Beautiful display with full HD resolution
  • Dock has battery for twice the longevity
  • Runs Android 4.2
  • Tegra 4 processor means great performance and…
  • Few ports
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Jolla Tablet

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Nokia N1

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Panasonic Toughpad FZ-B2

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Editor Tablet Reviews

For all the hype, tablets are still pretty new devices and it's tough to know which one -- or if any one -- is right for you. Do you want to replace your laptop and need a robust set of features? Do you need a wireless connection for use away from a Wi-Fi signal? Are you just going to watch Netflix and maybe play Pudding Monsters HD in the bathroom? Our tablet reviews will help you better understand which tablets do what and clarify the one that will be worth your money. The rush by manufacturers to get into tablets has resulted in a lot of questionable product and bad deals, so let us do the dirty work of separating the gold from the brass.

For tablet buying tips check out how to pick a tablet and our picks for the best tablets.

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