MuseCam unlocks iPhone camera’s potential with manual controls and editing

MuseCam app has several features to help you get more out of your iPhone’s camera than you ever thought possible. It opens up settings like ISO and shutter speed to let you fine-tune your iPhoneography.

Rawr looks to animate conversations by bringing virtual avatars to messaging

Rawr is a messaging app that has a personalized avatar in the backdrop of conversations. You can trigger these avatars to perform actions via hashtag commands, like #twerk, #kiss, and hundreds more.

Google code hints of RAW+JPEG photo capture support in Android camera app

A few lines of code in Google Camera's APK shows Nexus devices might soon have the ability to capture RAW+JPEG photos, inside Android's stock photo app. The feature will let users shoot uncompressed photos for editing and JPEGs for sharing.

Apple has pulled an app that told you if your iPhone was hacked

Paranoid? Worried you're being spied on? This is the app for you. Or at least it would have been if Apple hadn't pulled it from the App Store. System and Security Info basically told users if their phone had been hacked, but is no longer…
Health & Fitness

Tired? A smartphone app shows over 30 percent of us aren’t sleeping enough

Waking up tired in the morning? You're not the only one. In fact, thanks to data collected from a free smartphone app, researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered a national epidemic of sleep deprivation.

Your makeup store just went high-tech: Lush debuts its new app for iOS and Android

Lush, the company known for its DIY approach to bath and beauty products, is now taking its innovative practices to the next level, introducing its first ever iOS and Android app.

Don’t buy an Echo just to talk to Alexa — download Lexi instead

Meet Lexi, the iOS app that lets you talk to Alexa directly from your iPhone. Because if you're really truthful with yourself, you probably don't need yet another smart home device.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made an app to get your ass out of bed already

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has a new app. It's called The Rock Clock, and among its features is the chance to set your morning alarm to the same time as his, meaning a very early start.

To download, or not to download: Ian McKellen’s new app teaches you Shakespeare

Ian McKellen has a serious passion for Shakespeare, and he wants you to as well. In fact, he's just launched a new app to help you not only understand the playwright's English, but to gain a deeper understanding of what his plays are all…

Bloom’s new trading feature lets parents buy, sell baby gear locally

Ideal for new parents that are looking for discounted toys and other baby-related items, a parenting app called Bloom has launched a local connection feature that lets parents buy and sell items. Users can even use the app to schedule…

You can now play podcasts from within Google search results on Android

Google's updated the Search for Android app to support podcast playback and background listening. It comes on the heels of a newly updated Play Music app that features podcast management.

For group vacations, or just pizza, Clink makes it easier to save with friends

Clink, a no-fee savings and investing app, just rolled out a new feature that allows groups of users to save money together. Now, you can save for a group trip with friends, split large purchases with family members and more.