Amazon made it easier for Chinese counterfeiters to sell you fake products

Chinese sellers now have access to Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon program, and that means it is easier for them to create and distribute counterfeit products to consumers.

The ZTE Nubia N1's 5,000mAh monster of a battery laughs at other phones

ZTE quietly announced the Nubia N1, the latest in the company's Nubia line of phones that includes a gigantic 5,000mAh battery. The phone will be available in China soon, with no word of international availability.
Virtual Reality

VR treadmill maker Virtuix partners with Hero for Chinese VR rollout

Virtuix has partnered up with game publisher Hero Entertainment to begin spread its Omni treadmill into VR-centric arcades and installations around the country, eventually leading to new, physical esports based in virtual reality.

Samsung’s electronics sales decline in China, Europe for third consecutive year

For the third straight year, Samsung's revenues from phone sales in China decreased. Because of the likes of Huawei and Xiaomi now controlling the Chinese market, Samsung might have to rethink its strategy in the country.

Vivo unveils its X7 and X7 Plus flagship phones

Chinese phone manufacturer Vivo has unveiled its latest flagships, the X7 and X7 Plus. Both phones will be available later in July, starting at $376, which should help them compete in the Chinese market.
Social Media

If you’re reporting news in China, you can no longer cite social media

We may have been banned from citing Wikipedia articles in our high school papers, but according to new Chinese laws, it's social media that is the truly illegitimate source for journalism.

Forget phablets, Huawei’s upcoming phone might as well be a small tablet

Huawei's rumored Honor 8 Max might have popped up on China's TENAA regulatory agency. Based on the specifications, the phone looks to be a behemoth of a handset that eclipses the likes of the Xiaomi Mi Max and more.
Cool Tech

China has just finished building the world’s largest alien-hunting telescope

Is there alien life out there? Now that it's finished building its FAST radio telescope – the largest of its kind in the world – China hopes to find out.

China forces app stores to monitor users for 60 days

As the notoriously controlling Chinese government continues to tighten its grip around the digital goings-on around the nation, it's now released a new set of regulations that could affect more than half a billion Chinese smartphone users.

China smartphone makers snap up patents in fight for market dominance

Stepping into the ring to fight over China and its prime smartphone market are the country's own smartphone makers, as they begin to acquire patents by way of licensing deals, acquisitions, and a whole lot of money.
Cool Tech

China is on track to launch a second space station into orbit in September

China is gearing up to send a second space station into orbit this September. On Sunday, China successfully recovered an experimental probe, which it launched on a new rocket called the Long March 7.

Qualcomm flexes its muscles in China, sues Meizu over patent licensing problems

Qualcomm has accused Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu of infringing on its patents, and has lodged a complaint agains the company. It follows a difficult year for both companies.