The Huawei Honor 5 Play gives you sticker shock, but in the best way possible

Alongside its announcement of the Honor Note 8, Huawei also announced the Honor 5 Play, the company's latest budget phone that looks to shame other affordable phones when it lands in China on August 2.

Huawei unveils Honor Note 8, a gargantuan phablet with a 6.6-inch screen

Huawei has unveiled its Xiaomi Mi Max competitor, and it's big. The 6.6-inch smartphone boasts a quad HD screen, 4GB of RAM, and a 4,500mAh battery. It's available for purchase in China on August 9.

Uber gives up the fight in China and merges with archrival Didi Chuxing, report says

In June, Uber China's head of strategy insisted the company would move ahead of rival Didi Chuxing within a year. A report from Bloomberg on Sunday suggests, however, that there's been a major rethink behind the scenes.

Uber and Didi look to continue their ride-sharing war legally, thanks to new Chinese regulations

Even though Uber and Didi have been butting heads in China, the two ride-sharing services look to do so in a legal manner, if reported new rules are to be believed. The rules will reportedly go in effect in November.

Zika be damned: The Zuk Z2 Rio Edition is here to compete

Wanting to commemorate the upcoming Summer Olympics, Lenovo sub-brand Zuk announced the Z2 Rio Edition. The phone will be available in China on August 2 for around $225 unlocked.

New rumors, leaks suggest Meizu might unveil a smartwatch on August 10

More rumors have finally surfaced about the mysterious Meizu smartwatch. A new leak shows purported images of the watch, and rumors point to a potential unveiling on August 10. Here's everything you need to know.

Gionee believes its M6 and M6 Plus are the most secure phones around

Gionee unveiled the M6 and M6 Plus, its latest flagships that promise to encrypt all of your data using a dedicated data encryption chip. The chip's practical uses are unknown, though both phones feature impressive internals.
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Chinese scientists will be the first to use CRISPR gene editing in human patients

Chinese scientists next month will treat lung cancer patients with immune cells modified using the CRISPR–Cas9 gene editing technique. The world's first human trials will establish whether CRISPR is a viable option for patients not…

Xiaomi’s upcoming Windows laptops could pack impressive hardware at very low prices

If the rumors are true, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi could be moving into the Windows laptop space. Leaked slides reveal competitive specs at a good price, but there's more to making a laptop than picking the right parts.

China doesn't want self-driving cars on its roads until regulations are in place

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is working with law enforcement on new rules on self-driving cars, but there's no timetable for completion.
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China’s supersized ‘Xianglong’ surveillance drone gets ready to soar

China has a growing drone fleet, and it is going to be even bigger very soon. The Asian nation is beginning production on one of the country's largest surveillance drones -- the Xianglong "Soar Dragon."

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: The Elephone S7 is a carbon Galaxy S7 Edge copy

Rub your eyes as hard as you want -- the Elephone S7 is a separate phone that looks startlingly similar to Samsung's dual-edged flagship. The S7 will be available sometime soon, starting at $100.