Nexus 4 sales now regulated on eBay due to high demand

On Friday, eBay posted a notice to its users issuing guidelines for the sales of Google and LG's Nexus 4 device.

Is Apple running its own eBay store? Signs point to ‘Yes’

A recently launched eBay store that only sells refurbished Apple products appears to be a thinly disguised outlet run by Apple itself. And thanks to some sales tax loophole, buying through the eBay store may actually be a better deal than…

eBay Now same-day delivery heads to New York City

Potentially a huge time saver when attempting to complete your holiday shopping, the eBay Now same-day delivery service could be a game changer for retail.

Tradesy is a second market for authentic designer apparel, with an ironclad guarantee

Women can buy and sell designer fashion without the risks of buying counterfeits or damaged apparel and accessories with Tradesy. The team's experts can spot the fakers, and keep them out of the platform so your shopping is safe and sound.

Following a logo update, eBay unveils a Pinspired redesign

The new eBay redesign is here, and it looks a lot like Pinterest -- if Pinterest's goal was to help you spend tons of cash.
Social Media

eBay launches Setify, a Pinterest-like app for comic and coin collectors

eBay has launched Setify, a Pinterest-like showcase and wish list platform for coin or comic book collectors.

Move over iPhone 5, reservation holder places Tesla Model S on eBay hoping for a huge profit

A Tesla Model S recently showed up on eBay with a seller looking to turn a quick buck on the electrifying luxury sedan.

Bring out your dead: What to do with your old iPhone

Now that Apple's unveiled the iPhone 5, here are some ways to make your old iPhone useful, or at least valuable.

After 17 years, eBay finally unveils slimmer, more toned-down logo

Celebrating 17 years of online auctions, eBay is introducing a cleaner new logo to mark changes to come to the "new eBay."
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Here’s your chance to own an animatronic hillbilly band

For only $5,000 you could be the lucky owner of a group of creepy musical robots.

Legend Of Zelda prototype hits eBay for $150,000

If you've got $150,000 you could own a pre-release prototype of Nintendo's first Legend of Zelda game.

Don’t be evil? Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon form D.C. lobbying group

Inspired by the fight against SOPA and PIPA, a coalition of Internet titans will soon launch The Internet Association, a Washington D.C. lobbying group. Will it fight for you -- or for their bottom line?