eBay’s new Instant Selling program turns old smartphones into new money

With eBay's new Instant Selling program, selling your smartphone just got easier. Immediately after listing your device, you'll receive a voucher that can be used toward the purchase of a new phone through the site.

PayPal no longer the only payment system for eBay – Apple Pay is coming soon

PayPal no longer has a monopoly on eBay payment systems. The online retailer is officially exploring other options, and soon, you'll be able to buy home appliances, clothes, or even cars on eBay using Apple Pay.

Looking for a deal or job without Craigslist? These are your 6 best alternatives

Whether you are tired of Craigslist or simply looking for more exposure on the dining room table you're trying to sell, here are some more websites like Craigslist that might have what you're looking for.
Smart Home

eBay will give you a free Google Home Mini with any $119 purchase

Google is having a sale, Amazon is having a sale, and now, eBay is having a sale, too. If you're looking for a new smart speaker for your smart home, you can now get a Google Home Mini for free with any purchase of $119 on eBay.

Think you’re an Apple fan? This collection of prototypes has you beat

Hap Plain owns more than 250 Apple prototypes spanning PowerBooks, iBooks, iPhones and “pretty much everything in-between.” It may be the largest private collection of Apple prototypes in the world.

New ‘Interests’ feature recommends products you’ll actually want to buy on eBay

A new "Interests" feature is now part of eBay's mobile app for iOS and Android. Users are able to personalize their shopping experience based on their own hobbies, style preferences, and more.
Digital Trends Live

Are new iPads set to debut at Apple’s education ‘Field Trip’ event?

Apple may be prepping new iPads for their spring Field Trip event, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has yet to comment of the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, man buys old photo on eBay for $10, turns out it's worth just a bit more.

Photo of Jesse James bought on eBay for $10 turns out to be worth millions

A collector of old photos recently bought one on eBay for $10 because he liked the look of it. He recently discovered it's of the infamous outlaw Jesse James and may be worth more than $2 million.

eBay now has an ‘under $10’ section for bargain hunters, just like Amazon

Ecommerce giant eBay has launched a new section on its site offering lots of new items for $10 or less. If that sounds familiar, it's because Amazon did the very same thing just a few weeks ago.
Smart Home

Gently used smart home tech now on sale in the Swappa marketplace

Swappa, the go-to venue for selling smartphones and other gear is adding "Home Tech," a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of smart home devices from brands like Nest, Google, and Sonos.

Why the internet dooms the sneaker industry as much as it helps it

The internet has enabled people to make money off of reselling sneakers. We spoke with notable sneaker enthusiasts and business owners within the industry to find out how much good and bad the internet has brought to sneaker culture.

Changes at eBay are on the way as it reduces ties with PayPal

Online marketplace eBay said this week it's integrating payments into its own website after doing a deal with Dutch online payments firm Adyen. As a result, PayPal will be featured less prominently on the site.
Emerging Tech

Britain’s mad scientist built a life-size TIE Silencer from ‘The Last Jedi’

Colin Furze is known for some pretty outlandish (and unsafe) inventions, but this time he's joined up with eBay to build a full-scale replica of the TIE Silencer from the latest Stars Wars film The Last Jedi.

Image Search and Find It On eBay features are now available on eBay mobile app

You can now search eBay by simply taking a photo of an item. Two new features that allow shoppers to use pictures instead of words to search for items through the mobile app have officially rolled out .

Apocalypse-ready ‘rally edition’ Bentley Continental GT is up for bid on eBay

Someone turned a Bentley Continental GT into a rally car, and now it's up for auction on eBay. This "rally edition" Bentley features beefed-up suspension and a macho-looking roll cage, but maintains all of the Bentley luxuries.

Early SNES Classic Edition scalpers face pushback from eBay

eBay is cracking down on early scalpers who are trying to sell the SNES Classic Edition before it's even been released. Hard to say whether that will be enough to keep the anticipated shortages at bay, however.

Whole Foods pulls its app from Apple Watch and iOS 9 following update

You may love your Apple Watch, but from the looks of it, app makers aren't quite so enamored. It would seem as though a number of major apps have moved away from the wearable -- with Whole Foods now being one of them.

Bring out your dead: What to do with your old iPhone

There are many things you can do with an old iPhone. Here, we lay out some different possibilities for you, whether you're into selling your device or retrofitting it for use as a security camera.