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Ebay Green Monday

eBay to lay off more workers in latest round of job cuts

Following a round of layoffs last year, eBay is cutting its workforce again, this time by nearly 10%, equal to about 1,000 employees.
The inside of the MSI Aegis RS 12.

Prebuilt PCs are problematic — here’s how to avoid getting scammed

A hand holding the RTX 4090 GPU.

The RTX 4090 has already sold for over twice its retail price on eBay

The WD Black SN770 gaming SSD lying on a table with other PC components.

How to sell used PC parts

A working Commodore 65 PC on a desk with a monitor and floppy disk.

This super-rare Commodore 65 PC could be yours for $30,000

buy sell electronics ebay craigslist how to on header copy

How to sell on eBay

Best apps for selling stuff

The best apps for selling stuff in 2022

Ebay Charity App

The best eBay deals of January 2021: Laptops, consoles, headphones, and more

Ebay Green Monday

Four former eBay employees to plead guilty in bizarre harassment case

iPhones with Fortnite installed hit eBay for crazy prices

iPad Pro 10.5-inch

eBay Mother’s Day Sale: Save on Arlo Pro 3, Apple iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro

iPhone XR

eBay Apple Sale: Save on AirPods, iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, and more

amazon drops prices for arlo pro home security cameras prime day smart kit with an camera 2

eBay Smart Home Sale: Up to 55% off Arlo, Google, Nest, Samsung, TCL, and more

Use our coupon code for 15% off during the eBay smart home sale until April 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT. 
Best apps for selling stuff

eBay deploys computer vision to make sellers’ products pop

To help sellers score more sales, eBay is rolling out a cool feature for its app that lets you add a white background to product photos in a few quick taps.
jet powered batmobile replica for sale on ebay

Do Halloween right with this jet-powered, street-legal Batmobile for sale on eBay

Holy hijinks, Batman! You can own this replica Batmobile, complete with a working 400-horsepower jet engine. If you've got $680,000 laying around, that is. The seller claims it is the only working jet-powered Batmobile in the world, and that the car is completely street legal.
megabots fighting mech ebay s l1600

15-ton fighting robot now for sale on eBay, but watch out for shipping costs

Robot fighting company MegaBots' beautiful dream is coming to an end. And, while that's sad on multiple levels, it's great news for anyone who wants to buy a 15-ton fighting mech on eBay for way less than it cost to develop. Here's what it does, and how you can get your hands on it.
ebay plays a card from amazons deck with third party end to fulfillment managed delivery program

Ebay plays a card from Amazon’s deck with third-party end-to-end fulfillment

Busy eBay merchants have a new way to fulfill orders. Sellers won't have to schlep to the post office to score Priority Mail-branded shipping materials. Sellers can also get out of packing and lugging sold goods to the post office. eBay's Managed Delivery service is now available to high-volume eBay sellers.
A stock photo of group of Apple products sitting on a table

No Prime membership? eBay has some great Apple deals to compete with Prime Day

No Prime membership? No problem: Other retailers are running their own big mid-July sales to compete with Amazon's Prime Day, and right now, eBay has some great deals on Apple gadgets that let shoppers save big.
ebay paypal adyen hq

If Amazon crashes again on Prime Day, eBay has your back

Remember how Amazon's site crashed at the start of Prime Day last year? Well, eBay says it'll add a slew of extra bargains to its own sale if another outage occurs on this year’s Prime Day. Even if Amazon’s site runs smoothly on July 15, visitors to eBay can still find plenty of deals on the site throughout July.
Ebay Green Monday

Royal fans bid big money as Prince Philip ‘car crash parts’ hit eBay

A couple of days after a car crash that involved the 97-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II, debris apparently from the scene of the accident showed up on eBay. Nearly 140 bids pushed the highest offer for the collection of broken bits to $85,000 before the online auction site decided to pull it.
Ebay Charity App

eBay’s new Instant Selling program turns old smartphones into new money

We all have that one desk drawer filled with old phones that we promise ourselves we'll sell. With eBay's new Instant Selling program, the process is a little easier. You'll receive a voucher minutes after listing your device, to be used toward the purchase of a new phone through the site.
samsung pay faster growth apple iphone 123rf 31421916 ml

PayPal no longer the only payment system for eBay – Apple Pay is coming soon

PayPal no longer has a monopoly on eBay payment systems. The online retailer is exploring other options, and soon, you'll be able to buy home appliances, clothes, or even cars on eBay using Apple Pay. Previously, eBay revealed that it would be managing the end-to-end payments flow on its own platform.
google assistant holiday smart home mini

eBay will give you a free Google Home Mini with any $119 purchase

Google is having a sale, Amazon is having a sale, and now, eBay is having one, too. If you're looking for a new smart speaker for your smart home, you can now get a Google Home Mini for free with any purchase of $119 or more on eBay. In some ways, that's a better sale than you can find anywhere else.
private apple collection has over 250 prototypes prototype

Think you’re an Apple fan? This collection of prototypes has you beat

If you thought you were Apple’s biggest fan, Hap Plain likely has you beat. He owns more than 250 prototypes manufactured by the company spanning PowerBooks, iBooks, iPhones, iPods and “pretty much everything in-between.” It may be the largest private collection of Apple prototypes in the world.
ebay launches interests feature on mobile app

New ‘Interests’ feature recommends products you’ll actually want to buy on eBay

A new "Interests" feature is now part of eBay's mobile app for iOS and Android. By answering a few questions, users are able to personalize their shopping experience based on their own hobbies, style preferences, and more. Shoppers will see product recommendations appear throughout the app.
apple 18 dtd03212018

Are new iPads set to debut at Apple’s education ‘Field Trip’ event?

Apple may be prepping new iPads for their spring Field Trip event, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has yet to comment of the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, man buys old photo on eBay for $10, turns out it's worth just a bit more.
ebay search browse improvement

Photo of Jesse James bought on eBay for $10 turns out to be worth millions

A collector of old photos recently bought one on eBay for $10 because he liked the look of it. Turns out it's of Jesse James and may be worth millions.
best amazon tech deals 5 25 2017 online tablet shopping

eBay now has an ‘under $10’ section for bargain hunters, just like Amazon

Ecommerce giant eBay has launched a new section on its site offering lots of new items for $10 or less. Amazon did the very same thing in January.
swappa home tech marketplace 3

Gently used smart home tech now on sale in the Swappa marketplace

Swappa, the go-to venue for selling smartphones, laptops and other gear is adding a new category, "Home Tech," to connect buyers and sellers of smart home devices from brands like Nest, Google, Sonos, and more.

Why the internet dooms the sneaker industry as much as it helps it

Digital Trend spoke with notable sneaker enthusiasts and business owners within the industry about how the internet changed sneaker culture, for better and worse.
ebay paypal adyen hq

Changes at eBay are on the way as it reduces ties with PayPal

Online marketplace eBay said this week it's integrating payments into its own website after doing a deal with Dutch online payments firm Adyen. As a result, PayPal will be featured less prominently on the site.
Colin Furze

Britain’s mad scientist built a life-size TIE Silencer from ‘The Last Jedi’

Colin Furze is known for some pretty outlandish inventions, but this time he's built a full-scale replica of a TIE Silencer.
Ebay Charity App

Image Search and Find It On eBay features are now available on eBay mobile app

The eBay mobile app has added two new features -- Image Search and Find It On eBay -- where users can search for items using pictures.
Bentley Continental GT 'rally edition'

Apocalypse-ready ‘rally edition’ Bentley Continental GT is up for bid on eBay

Someone turned a Bentley Continental GT into a rally car, and now that monstrous creation is up for auction on eBay.