Facebook revolutions
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Iran blocks the Internet

In order to allegedly contain potential uprisings, the nation of Iran is cutting off Internet access.

Digital Trends looks back on 2011

Check out the technology headlines that stuck with our editorial staff this year.

Facebook: We didn’t mean to censor activists

Activists using social media take another hit - but this time, Facebook says its spam filter is to blame.

Embracing social media, for better or for worse

The world praised social sites when the Facebook-powered Jasmine Revolutions swept through the Middle East and gave citizens a voice. But now that it's being used to thwart authorities stateside, restrictions are being discussed.
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Infographic: A short history of social media

A look back on the quick rise of social networking.

London rioters using BlackBerry Messenger to organize

London rioters are turning to the mobile private messaging app of the enterprise sector to communicate.

UN declares Internet access a human right

A new report says Internet access is a human right, and one that states need to use policies to enforce.

New York free speech activists sue Baidu for censorship

Free speech proponents want China to compensate them for blocking their content from search engine Baidu.
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Internal disagreements keeping Facebook out of China?

An interview with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg suggests not everyone at the social networking giant is on the same page when it comes to its Chinese presence.
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Syria wages war on its Facebook users

Syria's protesters are being punished for their reliance on Facebook, and the government is attempting to use their own technology against them.

Anonymous directs its efforts toward Iran

Anonymous' new target is the Iranian government, and the hacktivist group wants to fight the censorship-happy Iranian authorities.
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A Chinese Facebook is coming and will make huge censorship concessions

Insiders say a Facebook-Baidu collaboration is in the works, and that the social network will allow government censorship.