Family files lawsuit against Apple, blames FaceTime for daughter’s death

A family filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of failing to implementing safeguards into FaceTime that disallows drivers from using it. The lawsuit is seeking medical expenses and punitive damages.

A car accident almost took my brother away, but Facetime brought him closer

In February, my brother suffered a traumatic brain injury. Living over 2,000 miles away means I rarely get to visit, but Facetime lets me keep connected during his recovery.

Patent troll on the rebound as Apple court-ordered to pay $302M in damages

The first of two patent infringement retrials did not end in Apple's favor, as the Cupertino-based company was ordered to pay $302 million in damages to VirtnetX. A second retrial is scheduled for sometime in the near future.

Apple loses its patent battle against VirnetX, faces over $300 million in damages

According to VirnetX, its security technology is being used by Apple in applications like FaceTime without proper permissions. Now, a federal jury in Texas has ordered Apple to pay over $302 million worth of damages.

Telecom security rules in the EU may soon apply to web services like WhatsApp, too

They provide similar services, so now, they'll be held to the same standards. A new draft proposal from the European Union may soon extend security rules that currently apply exclusively to telecom operators to web services, too.

Here comes yet another patent infringement lawsuit against Apple over FaceTime

Straight Path Group filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging its patents were infringed by the Cupertino company's FaceTime. Straight Path Group does seek damages, though it did not specify how much it wants.

Patent troll VirnetX demands shutdown of Apple’s FaceTime and iMessage

A patent troll called VirnetX just won a $626 million patent dispute with Apple, however the company is now trying to have the offending apps, iMessage and FaceTime, shut down. VirnetX is also seeking an extra $190 million in damages.

Apple sued to the tune of $2.8 billion over alleged patent infringements

Apple is accused of patent infringement by VoIP-Pal, which sued the former for $2.8 billion in a U.S. District Court in Las Vegas. More specifically, VoIP-Pal accuses Apple's iMessage and FaceTime of infringing on its technologies.

They say seeing is believing, so here’s 10 of the best video chat apps available

Though still relatively new, video chat clients help you connect with people all around the globe. Check out our list of the best video chat apps for iOS and Android.
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She could have just said no; Facetime wedding ends in arrest

A Fresno, California man's Facetime wedding proposal from a protected rock and ended in arrest on charges of being under the influence and in possession of a controlled substance charges. No news if his proposal was accepted.

OS X 10.11.4 update might break FaceTime and iMessage

The 10.11.4 update released for OS X earlier this week has been linked to ongoing server issues preventing Mac users from logging into FaceTime and iMessage, as Apple receives a stream of complaints.

iMessage and FaceTime security boosted with extra layer of protection

Apple has boosted security for iMessage and FaceTime by adding another layer of protection using an app-specific password. The system will start working for those who've already enabled two-step authentication with their Apple ID accounts.