Google Docs

Look ma, no hands! How to use Google Docs’ new voice dictation

Voice dictation is now available in Google Docs, and it can be used to do almost anything you can accomplish with a keyboard and mouse. Here are some handy tips and tricks for hands-free typing.

Google Docs now supports exporting in .epub

Writing the next great American novel? Doing it on Google Docs? Then pushing your content out just got a whole lot easier. On Monday, Google announced the ability to export your work directly as an .epub file.

Google has added a handful of cool new specialized templates to Google Docs

After adding a collection of templates to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in September, Google has added a handful of new specialized templates, for everyone from busy professionals to students and teachers, to the productivity suite.

Google introduces voice typing for Google Docs 0:31

Today, you might've noticed something a little different about your Google Docs -- on the top left hand corner of your screen, you're now being prompted to try out the Internet giant's latest feature: voice commands.

The five best free alternatives to Google Docs that run in your browser

Google isn't the only company that offers real-time document editing, or an online suite. Here are our favorite alternatives to Google Docs, from Zoho Docs to Dropbox Paper.

Google provides incentives for businesses to use Docs instead of Microsoft Word

To give you some incentive to make the switch, Google is offering to pay for your Google Apps for Business subscription -- at least until your Microsoft Office 365 contract runs out.

Microsoft Word versus Google Docs

Microsoft and Google both offer word processing programs, but their capabilities (if not their use cases) are quite different. Which one is for you? That depends on what you need to do.

Students and teachers will love these new Google Docs and Classroom features

In anticipation of the upcoming school year, Google has updated Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Classroom with new features that will make everyone more productive.

No more free lunches: Microsoft discontinues Office 365 trial bundles

Microsoft has announced that it's cutting the free Office 365 trial deal from its repertoire, but if you're in the market for a new PC, there are a handful of workarounds to keep your one-year free trial.

Strapped for cash? Here are 5 of the best Microsoft Office alternatives

Looking to put Microsoft Office behind you? Here are our picks for the five best, free alternatives that will leave you wondering why you waited so long to make the switch.

Office Online tweaked to appease organizers, compete with Google Docs

Microsoft has updated Office Online with some major improvements and new features such as a new reading view, more saving options, and revised proofreading features.

Google Docs guide, tips, and tricks

This guide will give you a brief walk-through on how to use Google Docs. Maybe you'll be able to ditch Office once and for all.