Google Play

Tired of Google Play? Check out these alternative Android app stores

If you are hunting for more sources to download Android apps and games, then you’ll find a bumper batch in here. We take a look at the pros and cons of alternative Android app stores for users and developers, and then discuss a few of the…

You'll soon be able to queue Google Play downloads for when you have Wi-Fi access

Google is working on ways to help you save mobile data, and its latest attempt is a feature that lets you queue Play downloads for when you have Wi-Fi. The feature is currently only in testing, so it may not show up just yet.
Virtual Reality

‘The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience takes Freddie Mercury’s wild imagination into VR

Queen, Google and a VR studio have produced a version of Bohemian Rhapsody that is being called a look into Freddie Mercury's wild imagination.

Google’s Indie Games Festival reveals Android app finalists

Google is hosting its first-ever Indie Games Festival in San Francisco next month, giving mobile gaming fanatics a chance to check out a slate of 30 Android games prior to their public release.

Report: Sony phones crash least often, Nexus phones are updated fastest

According to a recent report from Apteligent, Google Nexus devices have the best overall user experience when it comes to Android phones. In second place is Motorola, though some suggest this could change under Lenovo's guidance.

Google just hammered another nail in the coffin of Google+

Google has hammered another nail in the coffin of Google+ -- making it possible to now leave reviews on Google Play without the need for a Google+ account. The move isn't all that surprising.

Google Play Family Library lets you share purchased content with up to 6 people

Google Play Family Library lets you share purchased apps and content with up to six family members. It's rolling out over the next few days, and right off the bat it will be available in 12 countries, including the U.S.

You can use Android apps on a Chromebook now, so we gave it a try

Google Play and Android apps are now available on a few select Chromebooks, providing access to services that used to be unavailable. But is the user experience any good?

Two more Chromebooks have Google Play support thanks to an update in the developer channel

Google unleashed an update in the developer channel enabling Google Play apps to run on the Chromebook Pixel 2015 and Acer Chromebook R11, following last month's Asus Chromebook Flip update. Right now, Android app support appears a little…

With Android apps coming, Asus' affordable new Chromebook bulks up on storage

A new Asus Chromebook offers 64GB of storage at a low price tag: $300. Chromebooks usually come with 32 or even 16GB of storage, because until now they didn't need more -- but Android apps are coming, and Asus wants to be prepared.

Google brings Android apps to Chrome OS, starting with the Asus Flip Chromebook

Asus Flip owners finally have access to Google Play and Android apps. This means all sorts of things, like Skype video calls, are now possible in Chrome OS, not to mention more than a few thousand games you couldn't otherwise play.

100 awesome Android games you need to try 2:32

The Google Play store is loaded with both terrific and terrible titles. Thankfully, we vetted the store to bring you the best games available on Android, whether you're into first-person shooters or mind-numbing puzzlers.