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Music junkie? Here are 25 of our favorite apps for consuming and creating tunes

We've rummaged through all the major app stores to find the finest mobile music apps in existence, so no matter if you're on Android or iOS, consult this list to find the best music apps.

Fake Android Instagram apps have been stealing login credentials from users

Security researchers have discovered a series of fake Instagram apps on the Google Play Store that aim to steal your username and password through a sophisticated phishing scam. The apps have been taken down since being discovered.

Unsure if your Android phone is certified or not? Google Play Store will now tell you

Google has long struggled with manufacturers who don't go through the usual channels to use Android -- but now it seems to be cracking down. The Google Play Store will now include a new label telling you if your device is certified or not.

Samsung's Focus app wants to be your all-in-one productivity machine

Samsung announced Focus, the company's latest app that stands as an all-in-one productivity app. Focus is available as a free download through Google Play, though some caveats apply.

Google undergoes yet another rebrand, this time with Google Play and Android

Google Play for Work, which allows organizations to send public and private Android apps to specific devices, is now Google Play, while Android for Work, which separates business from personal apps and content, is now Android.

Google cut down app update sizes by 65 percent — but there is a catch

Google managed to find a way to cut app update sizes by 65 percent -- but the new update method is much harder for a phone to process. Because of that, the new method will only be used for background auto-updates.
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Google Play launches 4K Ultra HD content with 125 movies in U.S., Canada

At the unveiling of the Chromecast Ultra earlier this year, it was announced that 4K movies and TV shows were coming to Google Play, and that day has arrived with 125 movies now available.

Google unveils 'Best of 2016' Google Play winners

Google's giving presents a little early this year -- the company announced the best apps, books, movies, and shows of 2016 on Google Play. The winners represent global top-trending content and they span six categories,

Become a part of the OnePlus Community thanks to the newly downloadable app

Want to be a part of the OnePlus Community? Turns out you don't have to have a OnePlus device to do so -- the OnePlus Community app is available on the Google Play Store, where anyone can download it.

Android developers can now discount Play Store subscriptions for new users

Google has rolled out a new developer tool that lets Android developers temporarily discount subscription pricing on the Play Store app market. It's available in the online console now.

Here are some spooky playlists for your Halloween party

You don't need a stack of records, a DJ, or even an iPod to party with some great Halloween tunes. All you need is a device with one of these apps from Google, Pandora, and Spotify.

Tired of Google Play? Check out these alternative Android app stores

If you are hunting for more sources to download Android apps and games, then you’ll find a bumper batch in here. We take a look at the pros and cons of alternative Android app stores for users and developers, and then discuss a few of the…