Google Play

Michael Jackson's Thriller is free on Google Play for one week only

If getting one of the most popular singles from the best-selling album of all-time totally free sounds like a good deal to you, then head on over to Google Play before Turkey Day, because Michael Jackson's Thriller is available ex gratia

For deals or just the latest designs, these are the shopping apps you need

It's time to get started on your holiday shopping. To help, we've collected some apps you may not know of that are all great tools to help finish holiday gift buying early this year.

Ad-supported apps will get a special label inside the Google Play store next year

Just like it does with apps that have in-app purchases right now, next year Google will add a label telling visitors to the Google Play Store which apps have advertising. Developers are being told to supply the information now.

Google is lowering its minimum purchase price for Play Store apps

Google's Alistair Pott, a Google Play product manager, made a bold announcement in the Android Developers Blog -- "Minimum purchase price for apps and in-app products reduced on Google Play," the headline reads.
Movies & TV

LG strikes new deal with Google to bring Google Play to webOS

LG has announced that its Smart TVs will begin offering Google Play Movies & TV this month. The new partnership means that users will be able to rent and buy from Google Play’s selection of new, classic and independent TV and movie…

Apple’s App Store revenue surges 80 percent higher than Google Play store

Even with the huge growth of Android in the past year, Google Play store revenue still pales in comparison to that generated by Apple's own app store, according to a new study published by App Annie.

Google Play Store just knocked the price of a slew of games down to just 10 cents

If you're aching for some supremely affordable games on Android, 13 games just got discounted to 10 cents each on the Google Play Store. We're not sure when these discounts will end, so it'd be wise to snatch them up sooner rather than…

Google ready to return to China with a stripped-down Play Store

When there are millions of users to sign up to your services, the effort of working around censorship restrictions seems a lot more worthwhile — and it sounds like Google is finally doing just that.

Your next Android phone is about to have quite a bit less bloatware from Google

Google announced it will no longer require Android phone manufacturers to preinstall Google Play Books, Google Play Newsstand, Google Play Games, and Google+ on their phones if they want to install one of Google's other apps.

Dine and dance: Munchery and Google Play pair meals and music

What do you listen to during dinner? Munchery and Google Play Music paired up to curate playlists based on what food the meal-delivery service is serving up that day, though only for a limited time.

Get smart: The 21 best educational apps for iPhone and Android 1:32

"Education" may be a broad term, but there are more than enough quality educational apps on the market for both iOS and Android. Check out our top picks for the best educational apps.

Here’s how to fix annoying problems with Google Play Games

Google Play Games and Google Play Services are the bane of many an Android gamers' existence. These unmovable Android applications control key features and may need to be updated if you're having problems with games on your device.