Instagram rolls out new features in an effort to combat cyberbullying

Social photo-sharing network Instagram is rolling out a series of tools to help stop cyberbullying on the platform. Users will be able to switch off comments on posts, "like" noteworthy comments, and delete current followers.
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Undisclosed ads on Instagram are no longer just limited to posts by celebs

Instagram's stealth advertising problem no longer encompasses just celebs. Consumer advocacy groups are now decrying the rise of "microinfluencers" who are posting undisclosed endorsements in violation of FTC guidelines.
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Instagram won’t stand for screenshots of its disappearing photos and videos

As part of its recent update, Instagram introduced a feature that notifies someone when you take a screenshot of their disappearing image or video. However, the Snapchat-style feature has some Instagrammers confused.
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Instagram rolls out instant video; blink and you’ll miss it

Also today: Net security icon Symantec buys up personal tech security firm Lifelock, and what to do if your iPhone 6 is shutting off unexpectedly.
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Instagram goes live, adds disappearing photos and videos in Direct feature

Instagram is bringing a feature from its parent company -- live video. Unlike Facebook's implementation, which is primarily geared toward media content, Instagram's Live Video is more of a blend of Twitter's Periscope and…
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No phone, no problem: How to use Instagram on your PC or Mac

Instagram may be the most popular photo-sharing app in the world, but there is no official desktop or browser app for desktop users. With a little computer magic, however, you, too, can use Instagram on a PC or Mac.
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Facebook now lets Pages access Instagram and Messenger interactions in one place

Facebook is finally starting to integrate Instagram with its flagship platform. Until now the popular photo-sharing app has remained independent from its parent company, but that’s all about to change — for businesses at least.

Canon promotes new EOS M5 mirrorless camera in interactive Instagram campaign

To celebrate the new EOS M5 mirrorless camera, Canon has launched the #tagyoureit campaign on Instagram. The interactive campaign will challenge Instagram influencers and their followers to complete spontaneous photo challenges.
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It’s true — Instagram confirms that it’s working on a live video feature

Instagram is following parent company Facebook with the launch of its very own live broadcasting function? A user of the beta version of the app has spotted a number of live video features within its camera interface.

You can now insert links, tags, and Boomerang GIFs into Instagram Stories

Instagram has launched a hefty update to its Stories feature, allowing users to add links, tag friends, and even capture Boomerangs for their stories. The new features represent one of the biggest updates to Stories since the feature…
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Instagram testing in-app shopping feature from select retail companies

Instagram is testing a new feature because it doesn't want users to leave the app and go into a subpar browser purchasing window to buy products they find through the social media company.
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Facebook’s Lifestage app for high school teens arrives on Android

Lifestage, a social app that lets you share a visual profile of who you are with your school network, is now available on Android. The bad news for all you oldies is that it's still only accessible by teens.