How To Convert M4A files to MP3 format

Despite its remarkable ability to retain audio fidelity at a smaller size, M4a files aren't the best when it comes to compatibility. Check out our basic guide on how to convert an M4a file to an MP3, using either Apple's iTunes or the…

Reports: Apple hit with $118 million fine for underreporting income in Japan

Apple is finding more trouble when it comes to taxes -- the company has been slapped with a $118 million fine for underreporting its income in Japan. The news comes only a few weeks after Apple was ordered to pay $14.5 billion in taxes in…

Hate iTunes as much as we do? Here’s how to give it the ax

Apple's iTunes is a major performance drain in Windows, and it's not exactly sprightly in Mac OS X either. That said, removing the media player be a serious boon to your desktop's performance. Here's how to get rid of iTunes in both…

Here’s how to stream Chance the Rapper’s new mixtape — and you might not like it

Chance the Rapper has released his third mixtape Coloring Book, a star-studded follow up to 2013's acclaimed Acid Rap, but fans can only hear his new music on one streaming service.

Did Apple Music delete these music libraries, or was it user error?

James Pinkstone, an Atlanta-based composer, claims Apple's iTunes has deleted his locally-stored tracks, in favor of placing them strictly in the cloud. 9to5Mac's Ben Lovejoy has made a similar claim, sparking a debate about who's to blame.

Apple suffers China setback as authorities block iTunes movie and book sales

Apple's iTunes store for movies and books has reportedly been blocked in China. The online store only launched in the country six months ago, and so Apple executives will be keen to find out precisely why the action has been taken.

Music junkie? Here are 22 of our favorite apps for consuming and creating tunes

We've rummaged through all the major app stores to find the finest mobile music apps in existence, so no matter if you're on Android or iOS, consult this list to find the best music apps.

Need to manage your iTunes authorizations? It's easier than you think

Want to access to your apps, movies, music, audiobooks, and other digital content on more than one computer? If so, here's our guide to authorizing your Mac or PC using iTunes.

Apple ‘secret team’ prepping major App Store changes, report claims

Apple's App Store, which now offers more than 1.5 million apps, looks set to be overhauled in a bid to make it more efficient for both users and developers. And one of the reported changes could prove particularly beneficial for…

How to make ringtones for iPhone (any generation) 2:38

No one likes to pay for ringtones, or anything else for that matter. So keep your precious money and check out our quick guide for creating free, custom ringtones using iTunes.

Leaving the iTunes Music Store open can kill your Mac’s battery life

If your Mac's battery is dying quickly, try closing the iTunes Music Store. Leaving it open can eat up too much processing power, which can lead your battery to an early death.

Analyst predicts Apple Music could reach 20 million subscribers by end of next year

While most analysts are predicting a slip in subscriptions for Apple Music, one notable analyst claims the service will reach eight million by end of year. Mark Mulligan also predicts 20 million subscribers by the end of 2016.