Julie Larson-Green rumored to take over as head of Microsoft Office

Current Chief Experience Officer at Microsoft, Julie Larson-Green, has been tipped to become the new head of Microsoft Office according to some unnamed sources. With a focus on user experience in her career, she could be a great choice.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 eviscerated by iFixit, receives low score despite replaceable SSD

As presumed, if you're expecting a modular hardware design, look elsewhere than the Surface Pro 4. It scored poorly in iFixit's teardown despite its replaceable SSD.

Surface Mini was 'like a Moleskin' and 'awesome,' but will never be released

It's confirmed: The Surface Mini physically existed at some point. Microsoft Vice President Panos Panay really loved his prototype, but you'll probably never get the chance to own one.

Updated: Here’s where you can buy the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

Want to be an early adopter of Microsoft's first-ever convertible laptop? We've compiled a list of retailers and ship dates to help you can your hands on a Surface Book first.

Microsoft opens first flagship store in New York, just down the street from Apple

Microsoft throws open the doors to its first flagship store in NY City on Monday. The giant Fifth Avenue site features three floors of retail space with interactive areas, video walls, community theaters, and tech experts on hand to answer…

Trends with Benefits: Cheap VR, 3D-printed teeth, ‘Fire and Forget’ robots

What's the Microsoft Surface Book like in the flesh? Hear it straight from our computing editor. Plus we discuss cheap VR options like Homido, 3D-printed teeth that don't grow bacteria, and some scary-sounding civil-service robots.

Want to play games on your Surface Book? Prepare for disappointment

Microsoft's inclusion of an Nvidia GPU in the Surface Book suggests it might work for light gaming, but several issues prevent it from playing as hard as it works.

343 representative hints Halo 5 might hit the PC

Halo 5: Guardians might be a console exclusive for the time being, but the series' franchise development director has made comments that indicate a PC release isn't completely out of the question.

Microsoft will release ‘Threshold 2’ update for Windows 10 in November

Reports are circulating that Microsoft plans to release the first major update to Windows 10 next month, with new functionality like SMS text messaging and updates to the Edge browser set to be included.

Microsoft’s Surface Book should have other PC builders worried

Microsoft's new Surface Book is the company's first laptop. While it says the Book is targeted at Apple, PC builders should be on alert. Redmond is ready and willing to build cutting-edge hardware.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore is lost to the sea — until next summer, at least

Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's VP of its operating systems group, is a familiar face at the company's presentations. He'll be missing for a time, however, as he's headed off to sea for an educational tour with his family.