New York City

Uber’s convenient ‘Scheduled Rides’ feature has finally arrived in New York City

Scheduled Rides is a feature of Uber's service that lets you book a ride between 15 minutes and 30 days ahead of the pick-up time. Already available in many cities around the world, on Thursday it finally launched in New York City.

Formula E’s electric cars will hit the streets of New York City in July 2017

Formula E will host back-to-back races in New York City in July. The New York City ePrix will take place in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn on a temporary street circuit by the waterfront.

Post-9/11 shatterproof glass likely saved many from injuries in Chelsea blast

Shatterproof window glass installed in many New York City buildings following 9/11 potentially saved many from injuries from the Chelsea bombing last weekend. Multiple layers of glass bonded to plastic are designed to hold broken panes in…
Cool Tech

Firefighting drones will soon fly over New York City

New York City's firefighters will soon have drones helping them to tackle blazes. The custom-built machine, which can capture both standard video and infrared images, will help personnel assess a scene so they can better decide how to deal…
Virtual Reality

Sneak peek: Sony showing off its PlayStation VR headset at New York City showroom

Sony is now taking appointments for consumers to demo the PlayStation VR headset at its new Sony Square showroom in New York City. Visitors can also walk in and wait, but expect to stand in line. Experiences include VR Worlds and Farpoint.

Sony Square NYC is a gadget playpen, and a peek into the future

Sony wants you to come out and play with its latest gadgets – including a few you can’t even buy yet – at its swanky new New York City ‘Sony Square.’
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Police flag and arrest Grindr user who turned out to be a drug dealer

The New York Police Department was able to track down and arrest 55-year-old Harold Gondrez Jr., with the police's use of Grindr instrumental in divulging Gondrez's drug dealer lifestyle.
Cool Tech

New York City’s subway cars to get high-tech makeover

New York City has promised to spend $27 billion on improving its transportation network, with some of the money earmarked for the city's sprawling subway network. Modern cars and revamped stations are planned.

The iconic yellow taxi is still twice as popular as Uber in the Big Apple

In April 2016, taxis registered 11.1 million trips in New York City, which works out to about 400,000 trips a day. That's more than double the number of trips Uber, the closest competitor, managed to log.

Is Amazon opening a brick-and-mortar store in New York City?

It's a city already known for its bookstores, but now, the Strand and Brazenhead may have some unexpected corporate competition. No, it's not another Barnes & Noble -- it's Amazon.

Airbnb could lose much of its New York business if State Senate bill passes

Airbnb could lose much of its business in New York after the State Senate passed a bill that would outlaw rental services from listing unoccupied apartments for short-term rentals.