New York City

New York’s ‘Citi Bikes’ are getting their own laser projection lights 0:35

NYC's bike-share scheme already enjoys an impressive safety record, and its operator is keen to ensure it stays that way. That's why it's planning to equip hundreds of its Citi Bikes with the Laserlight, which projects an image…

New York City subways now have Wi-Fi and cellular service for all major carriers

New York City subway stations now have Wi-Fi and cellular service coverage for all major carriers. Both projects finished early with cell service one year and Wi-Fi two years ahead of schedule due to Governor Cuomo's directive to speed it…

An Amazon brick-and-mortar bookstore is headed to New York City

Amazon announced plans to open a bookstore in New York City, with the company already set to open bookstores in two other cities. The NYC location will open sometime this spring.
Cool Tech

Facts and apps for tonight’s New Year’s Eve Times Square ball drop

Time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. The massive Times Square New Year's Eve ball in New York City is the focal point of the U.S. festivities. A million people are expected to attend the live event.
Virtual Reality

Google takes you on a VR tour of New York’s amazing holiday window displays

Google has just launched a "Window Wonderland" VR tour of New York City's best festive store window displays. Not got a headset? No problem – a smartphone, tablet, or computer will take you there, too.

Airbnb drops NYC lawsuit after agreement on short-term rental law enforcement

With agreement from the NYC's mayor's office that the short-term rental law would be enforced only against hosts, Airbnb dropped its lawsuit. The law forbidding short-term rentals applies to buildings with three or more units.

Banned Uber drivers can now have their appeals heard in New York City

As a result of negotiations with the Independent Drivers Guild, Uber drivers can now appeal their deactivations. However, only New York City drivers can appeal, and even then, there is plenty of fine print.

The largest police force in the U.S. shuns iOS and Android, goes with Windows Phones

According to a recent report, the New York Police Department equipped its officers with Windows Phones rather than iPhones or Android phones. The NYPD argues that Windows Phone is more secure and has better remote management.

An arresting choice: The NYPD’s latest police car is the tiny Smart Fortwo

The Smart Fortwo will replace trikes used by the New York Police Department for parking enforcement. The Fortwo is actually a bit of an upgrade over those vehicles, and probably the cutest police car ever.

Uber’s convenient ‘Scheduled Rides’ feature has finally arrived in New York City

Scheduled Rides is a feature of Uber's service that lets you book a ride between 15 minutes and 30 days ahead of the pick-up time. Already available in many cities around the world, on Thursday it finally launched in New York City.

Formula E’s electric cars will hit the streets of New York City in July 2017

Formula E will host back-to-back races in New York City in July. The New York City ePrix will take place in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn on a temporary street circuit by the waterfront.

Post-9/11 shatterproof glass likely saved many from injuries in Chelsea blast

Shatterproof window glass installed in many New York City buildings following 9/11 potentially saved many from injuries from the Chelsea bombing last weekend. Multiple layers of glass bonded to plastic are designed to hold broken panes in…