New York City

New York City gives teens with mental health issues free counseling via text

Smartphones give teens instant access to photos, videos and tweets. Now students at 10 New York City public high schools can pick up their phones to get immediate access to free mental health counseling, thanks to a new pilot program called…

Uber-mania continues as there are now more Uber drivers in New York City than yellow taxis

The Taxi and Limousine Commission announced there are more Uber cars registered in New York City than there are yellow taxis. However, this statistic does carry a huge asterisk. Read on to learn what it is.
Cool Tech

NYPD spends $1.5 million on electronic ears to listen for gunshots in the Bronx

Cops in parts of New York City will now be able to respond to gunshots far more quickly thanks to the installation of ShotSpotter, a system capable of pinpointing the location of where a gun was fired to within just 25 meters.

Delve inside Björk’s wild, tech-infused retrospective installation at MoMA

Björk, the enigmatic 49 year-old multi-instrumentalist, will have her music and tech-inspired art within a two-story sound installation at the famous MoMA for three months.

Uber driver takes woman on a $293 joy ride before finally arriving at her destination

An Uber driver took advantage of a woman who fell asleep by driving across Manhattan several times before finally setting out for her destination. Because of the zigzag ride, the woman's charges totaled $293.

Amazon testing bike messengers in NYC for one-hour delivery service

Keen to get ordered items to customers in super-quick time, Amazon is reportedly testing a service using bike messengers that could see packages reach addresses within just an hour or two.

Amazon signs lease on huge Manhattan premises, possibly for first physical store

A real estate company confirmed Thursday Amazon has signed a 17-year lease on a huge site in midtown Manhattan. The premises, located close to the Empire State Building, could become the e-commerce firm's first brick-and-mortar store.

New York City gets serious about converting its old payphone kiosks into Wi-Fi stations

New York City finally looks set to breathe some new life into its aging payphone kiosks, this week unveiling plans to convert them into high-tech 'connection points' featuring, among other things, free 24/7 gigabit Wi-Fi.

New York City will soon end its school cell phone ban

Originally promised during his mayoral campaign, Mayor Bill de Blasio reiterated that the school cellphone ban will be lifted soon. No firm date for the ban lift was given, though students and parents are happy at the news.

New York orders firm to remove secret ad beacons from city’s phone booths

Following the recent revelation that NYC green-lighted the installation of ad beacons at public phone booths in the city without any public consultation or notification, officials have done an about-face and ordered for them to be removed.

Microsoft confirms flagship store coming to Fifth Avenue

Microsoft has around 100 retail stores operating across the U.S. and Canada, but its upcoming Fifth Avenue location will "serve as the centerpiece of our Microsoft Stores experience," its retail chief said.

SheTaxis’ Uber-like service is for women only, launches in NY City next week

SheTaxis' Uber-like service for women only is all set to hit the streets for the first time next week. Starting in New York City, the startup plans to roll out the service to more cities over the next 12 months, Miami and Chicago among…