New York City

Nearly 40 percent of 911 calls are mistakenly dialed from your butts

In 2010, millions of 911 emergency calls made in New York City were unintended pocket dials. Is it finally time for the city to do something about it?


No surprises here: NYC’s bike sharing program will cost you $87 for four hours

Public bike sharing is finally coming to New York City, but riders can anticipate to pay a big price if they're planning to rent bikes out for lengthier trips.


Automotive erotica: New Yorkers call for ban on parking to slam the breaks on car sex

Residents of Manhattan have called for a ban on parking as rampant sex inside cars has become quite the problem.


‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ includes USB ports, an electrical outlet and LED lighting

As consumers continue to rapidly increase their dependence on technology, Nissan is showing off out a redesigned version of the taxi that offers the ability to charge devices during a cab ride.


Less than half of lost smartphones are returned to owners in the U.S.

In order to bring attention to the protection of private information being stored on smartphones, Symantec designed a clever study to show how mobile devices are being accessed after becoming lost.


IPads, iPhones and Square coming to NYC taxis in 30 cab pilot program

Dorsey is breaking up the NYC credit card monopoly for taxis, bringing Square, as well as Apple products to 30 cabs in a yearlong pilot program.


Can Groupon succeed with a $30-per-year, VIP subscription model?

While Groupon looks for more ways to please current investors through new forms of revenue generation, the social deals company is rolling out a test of a subscription service for users.


Skype plans on providing free Wi-Fi in NYC on New Year’s Eve

With millions of Americans planning New Years celebrations across the country, Skype is reaching out to anyone celebrating in New York City with the gift of free Wi-Fi for the holiday.


Verizon users hit with third data outage in December

While many cellular providers added new customers over the holiday weekend due to smartphone gifts, Verizon is continuing to have issues with the 4G LTE network.


Outrage emerges as Dutch firm is accused of using World Trade Center as inspiration for “The Cloud”

Dutch architectural firm MVRDV's "The Cloud" is receiving a lot of attention, but not the kind it probably wants, as its latest project, a luxury highrise located in Seoul, South Korea, is said to eerily resemble New York City's Twin Towers under attack.


Alec Baldwin kicked off American Airlines flight for playing Words with Friends

While the addictive nature of mobile gaming can quickly lead to a dead smartphone battery, the star of NBC's 30 Rock found himself being removed from a flight which he attributed to playing Zynga's version of Scrabble.


Spotify joins the apps business: unveils new music app platform

Spotify has unveiled its new goal: to become an app platform for music. The company is now joining forces with competing services like and opening its music library to all developers.