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Samsung vs. LG cage match: Watch their best TVs fight, no Pay Per View needed

LG's flagship OLED and Samsung best SUHD LED TV use completely different technologies to arrive at incredible picture quality. We pit the two against each other, showing the differences and discussing which might be best for you.
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Video Review: The best-looking 4K TV ever is now even better 4:45

After taking honors as the first TV to earn a perfect 10 from DT, LG is back with an update on its 4K UHD OLED TV, the EG9600. An updated webOS 2.0 operating system, slightly new look, and new anti-glare coating mark new features…
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Samsung brings augmented reality to retail with new mirrored OLED displays

Samsung has announced two new OLED displays meant for use in retail locations. Available in transparent and mirrored versions, these displays integrate Intel Real Sense technology to create futuristic new in-store signage.

Trends with Benefits: Spotify world domination, KFC keyboards, a roll-up TV

Spotify wants to get into more than just music, KFC has a keyboard especially for your greasy fingers, and LG has an OLED TV you can literally unfurl and stick to the wall with magnets.
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Want a paper-thin OLED TV that sticks on the wall with magnets? LG’s got it

LG Display brought out the fireworks with the company's latest OLED panel, a razor thin 55-inch display you so thin it disappears on the wall, and so light it can be held up with a magnet.

Graphene unlocks a potential breakthrough for flexible LED screen technology

According to a report from the University of Manchester, researchers at the Cambridge Graphene Center have invented a new method of incorporating graphene into LED displays, making them flexible, thin, and even transparent.
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LG finally flattens 4K OLED TV | Hands-on video

LG finally made good on its promise to offer a flat OLED TV. The new EF9500 4K OLED series offers several other small improvements over last year's offerings. We go hands on in our video.
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Affordable 4K, Quantum Dots, and all the other awesome TV trends coming in 2015

From 4K everything to cheaper OLEDs and wireless home theaters, 2015 stands to be a very exciting year in home entertainment.
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What the hell are quantum dots, and why do you want them in your next TV?

Sony, LG and TCL have embraced quantum dots as the next evolution of LCD technology. But how do they work, and how do they improve your TV’s picture quality?
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Taste the rainbow: LG will ratchet up color in its 2015 LCDs with quantum dots

LG is the first of the big TV brands to announce it will be packing quantum dot technology into some of its 4K UHD TVs for CES 2015, which should make them brighter, with more vivid colors. Find out more inside.
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‘Best TV ever’ doesn’t really do LG’s unique, otherworldly 4K OLED justice

We're not going to mince words here: LG's 65EC9700 4K OLED is everything we'd hoped for, and then some. Best. TV. Ever. Watch our video to see why we're so excited.