Samsung may commercialize flexible screens in 2017

Flexible screens have stayed just around the corner for a long while, but a recent South Korean report, when coupled with Samsung's tech investments, indicates that Samsung may commercialize flexible screens in 2017.

AMOLED panel production continues to rise, possibly for the iPhone next year

Apple may be in talks with various display suppliers to build OLED panels for the iPhone 8, according to new reports. Samsung, LG and Japan Display are all attached to the project, according to rumors.
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LG finally showed us the roll-up TV it’s been teasing for years

Some of the coolest tech at CES isn't on the show floor for public display, and this year LG has something it is only showing to a select few journalists: A rollable OLED display.

Finally! OLED comes to laptops at CES 2016, and you won’t believe your eyes

OLED panels have graced televisions and smartphones for several years, but have been absent in laptops and computer monitors. At CES 2016 that finally changed, and it marks a huge leap forward in display quality.

HP’s new Spectre x360 13 has the display of the future, on the laptop of yesterday

The love story of OLED and laptops is one that's just beginning to be told, but the HP Spectre x360 is treating the new display tech like it might not ask for a second date.
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Panasonic intros DX900 LED TV series, promises Ultra HD OLED and Ultra HD Blu-ray in 2016

Panasonic was light on details, but did skim over a new flagship TV series for 2016, highlighting the DX900 as the first TV to earn the Ultra HD Premium certification announced earlier this week.
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Exclusive first look at the latest in VR and 4K OLED | DT Daily 3:05

CES 2016 kicks off with a slew of cool tech to see and experience. VR is a major theme for the show, and we check out the first consumer ready VR camera. Also, get an exclusive first look at LG's newest OLED.

LG’s $8.7 billion OLED factory might be the birthplace of the OLED iPhone

LG plans to open an OLED factory in 2018, spending $8.7 billion on the facility to build all types of displays. The factory might be the first to manufacture OLED displays for the iPhone, with Apple apparently looking for an OLED supplier.
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LG marks its home turf with monstrous 42-foot OLED panels in Seoul’s airport

LG shows off its latest ode to OLED at South Korea's Incheon International Airport in the form of two monstrous OLED structures. Composed of 140 individual curved displays, the structures are 13 meters tall, and 8 meters across.
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Panasonic announces OLED pricing, affordable in two to three years

While the price tag on Panasonic's first 4K OLED television is incredibly steep, the potential for price reductions over the next few years due to increased competition may bring OLED to the average consumer.
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LG’s latest and greatest OLED TVs now stream HDR from Amazon Prime

LG today announced the company's gorgeous top-tier 4K UHD OLED displays will stream High Dynamic Range content from Amazon Prime Instant Video, joining a very elite group of next-gen TVs that support the burgeoning technology.
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Day 1 of IFA brings fresh OLED competition, 4K phones, a turntable revival 2:09

The first of two press-only days at IFA 2015 is now in the books, and it was Panasonic and Sony who nabbed the biggest headlines.