iPhone X beats Samsung’s Note 8 and 7 Edge in OLED display burn-in test

After the iPhone X was released, Apple addressed that, over time, the OLED display could experience burn-in. A tech site tested the smartphone against Samsung Galaxy devices to measure how long it takes to show burn-in effects.

TWB Podcast 148: iPhone X delayed?; Fall TV buyers guide; Voltron technology

The iPhone X has yet to begin production, a preview of the best TVs you can buy this Fall, Medical drone deliveries become a reality and the groundwork for a real-life Voltron may be happening.
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Enjoy all of your new TV’s benefits with our LG C7 OLED setup and unboxing guide

There is no point in buying an expensive, beautiful television if you can't get it working! Thankfully, you don't have to go it alone. Our LG C7 OLED setup and unboxing guide will make things easier for you.
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The Loewe paper-thin Bild X OLED TV is magnetically suspended in a golden frame

The latest company to show us how it intends to blend a television screen into our home decor is Loewe, with the astonishing Bild X, which is part OLED TV and part minimalist piece of art.
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From Alexa to massive OLED TVs, CEDIA 2017 blueprints the future of home theater

CEDIA is where the homes of the future are born, and the electronics that power them are revealed. Here's a rundown on the trends we expect to see born out at CEDIA 2017, from simple gadgets huge tech advancements.
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Apple invests in OLED plant for future iPhone screens, reducing reliance on Samsung

The upcoming iPhone will feature an OLED display produced by rival Samsung, so when Apple sells an iPhone, Samsung profits. Now Apple's taking steps to change that arrangement and further OLED technology.
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Future iPhones could ditch Touch ID for facial recognition, feature OLED screens

Even more evidence is emerging that Apple is working on an alternative to Touch ID for future iPhones, and that new way of unlocking the phone may involve facial recognition.

Apple reportedly making strides with next-gen micro LED display tech

As the world waits patiently to find out whether Apple's next iPhone will feature an OLED screen, the company is researching an even more groundbreaking display technology for future products.

The next iPhone will probably not be called the iPhone 9

With Apple jumping around and changing its naming conventions, we are going to assume that the next iPhone will not be called the iPhone 9. Since we aren't really sure what it will be called, we're calling it the iPhone 11 for now.
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Sony’s killer OLED is a technical marvel, but in one NYC gallery, it’s art too

Sony is hosting an elaborate launch event for its A1E OLED this weekend at the Westwood Gallery NYC in Manhattan, and unlike typical events held exclusively for press and retail partners, this one is open to the public.
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Samsung forges alliance with rivals to bolster QLED against LG's OLED

Samsung, Hisense, and TCL have banded together to form the "QLED Alliance," a cooperative push between the three companies to make QLED a serious competitor against LG and its OLED TVs.

Dell’s 30-inch, 4K OLED monitor is set to rise again — $1,500 cheaper

Color drift as LEDs burn out is a problem with OLED technology, but not with Dell's 30-inch OLED 4K display, as more than a year after its unveiling, it has finally gone on sale with a much lower price tag.