Samsung Galaxy S II
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A history of Samsung’s Galaxy phones and tablets, from the S1 to the S4

Samsung’s Galaxy brand is inextricably linked with the rise of the Android platform. Join us for a stroll down memory lane as we look back at the amazing success it has enjoyed and chart the shining stars of the series.
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Best Android Phones

We've compiled some of the best Android phones on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon into one list.
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Samsung is giving out Ice Cream Sandwiches! See if your device is on the list

Samsung has released a list of 12 Android phones that will soon get upgraded to Android 4.0. Will your handset get ICS? Find out below.
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Best T-Mobile Phones

Our updated picks for the best T-Mobile phones including the HTC One S, Amaze 4G, MyTouch 4G Slide, Galaxy S II, and HTC Radar.
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Will the mysterious D1L project provide the makeover LG needs to challenge the Samsung Galaxy S III?

LG needs to reassert its position as a driving force in Android smartphone development, following a difficult 2011 and Samsung's rapid rise to the top. Could the mysterious D1L project be the smartphone to do so?
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Finally, Samsung rolls out Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II

It has been a long time coming, but Samsung has now officially announced it has begun sending out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Galaxy S II smartphone.
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Digital Trends Best of 2011 Awards: Cell Phones

Check out the top cell phones that graced our desks this year in our roundup of the best cell phones of 2011.

Samsung’s anti-fanboy ads are killing Apple’s iPhone 4S buzz

Samsung's recent advertising campaign for the Galaxy S II is taking its toll on consumer perception of the Apple iPhone 4S, a recent market survey shows.

Samsung’s phone sales already exceed 300 million for 2011

Samsung has already exceeded 300 million phones sold in 2011, making this a record year for the Korean manufacturer.
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What you need to buy now: Hottest gadget gifts of the season

Don't wait only to find out inventory is dwindling or retailers have oversold. Here are the electronics that are likely to be in high demand this holiday shopping season.
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Ice Cream Sandwich ported to Samsung Galaxy S II

Android hackers have been able to port a semi-functional version of Google's latest version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich.