Tumblr now lets brands identify their logos in blogs

Tumblr now allows companies to search for their own logos on all the blogs active on the social media site. This is part of the so-called visual Web, where brands will look increasingly to images as a way of interpreting analytics.

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Tumblr takes on the Reddit AMA with Answer Time

Get closer to the big name users on Tumblr with the site's new Answer Time feature. It's designed to be "as direct and honest as if you are talking with a friend" according to Tumblr.

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Tumblr makes it easier to find GIFs with new search tool

Tumblr has added a search engine for GIFs. You can sift through animated pictures and insert them easily. When you republish another user's creation they'll receive a notification.


Remember LiveJournal? The blogging site from 1999 still has fans

While all the popular social networks reported growth in the first quarter of 2015, one of them may surprise you: LiveJournal. Created in 1999, the once-popular community blog apparently still has a following.

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Tech companies condemn religious freedom legislation in Indiana and Arkansas

In a joint statement, a group led by executives from Twitter, Airbnb, Tumblr, and LinkedIn called for the establishment of legal protection for gays and lesbians under civil rights laws. Earlier, Apple's Tim Cook wrote a similar piece.


Tumblr revamps writing tools in ‘big’ update

Tumblr on Wednesday rolled out a significant update aimed at offering a more refined user experience and more posting options for its millions of bloggers.

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Absurd Tumblr site combines images of two celebs into crazy funny offsprings

From Spockahontas to Quentin Tarantina Turner, a hilarious Tumblr site from a Swedish graphic designer mixes half-images of famous celebs (real and fake) into love children with equally funny names.


WordPress vs. Tumblr vs. Blogger

There's more than one quality blogging platforms out there. In fact, we can name three. Check out our direct comparison of WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger for a closer look at which each platform has to offer and which is best suited for your individual needs.

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Tabs make their return to Yahoo Mail

After dealing with harsh realities and untold amounts of frustration, Yahoo Mail has some good news for their users. Read on to learn more about the reintroduction of an old Mail feature.


Ultravisual: an Instagram competitor with beauty on its side

Ultravisual is a new social media-sharing app that stands out from other Instagram competitors because of one very simple thing: it's damn good-looking.

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Yahoo announces Flickr Photo Books, so you can print more than your Instagrams

Now Instagram images aren't the only photos you can turn into memorabilia; Flickr is now getting the print treatment too. Although, differing from Instagram, is taking a more in-house approach.

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New research breaks down how the social Web is changing news

A new survey provides insight about how Americans use the social web to consume news - these are the breakout bit and pieces you'll want to know.

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Here’s how to find the most popular Internet images in real time

If you want to see which images are capturing the Internet's interest, Oublio can give you a streamlined overview.

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How to get followers on Tumblr

What's the point of posting all those gorgeous photos and insightful updates on your life if no one is listening, or in this case, looking? Check out our guide on how to gain more followers on Tumblr so you can amass an audience deserving of your prose.

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Tumblr finally improves search so you can find all content, hashtagged or not

Frustrated by Tumblr search? You weren't the only one. But with a helping hand from Yahoo, the feature is much improved and you can now find everything you're looking for instead of just hashtagged content.

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