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Adam Rosenberg

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Previously, Adam worked in the games press as a freelance writer and critic for a range of outlets, including Digital Trends, Joystiq, G4, Official Xbox Magazine, MTV News, and Rolling Stone.

Here’s how to play Destiny harder co-op stuff when you’ve got no friends around

There's no matchmaking in Destiny for raids, nightfalls, and heroic strikes, but you can find a number of handy resources on the web that help you group up with others. Here are some tips for using them effectively.

Destiny’s game-breaking heavy ammo bug due for a fix in February

A long-running Destiny bug that causes reserve ammo supplies to diminish after every respawn is set to be fixed before the end of February, Bungie confirms.

Come play Battlefield Hardline early during the free open beta in February

Play Visceral Games' Battlefield Hardline more than a month early in the game's multiplayer open beta, which runs from February 3 to February 8 on all platforms.

Spotify plants its flag in the world of video games with PlayStation Music

PlayStation Music is a new service launching in spring 2015 for PlayStation consoles and Xperia smartphones and tablets. It's powered by Spotify, replacing Sony's existing Music Unlimited service.
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Who are the four, new, all-female Ghostbusters?

The near-final lineup of four new Ghostbusters starring in Paul Feig's lineup is revealed: Three Saturday Night Live veterans -- Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon -- plus comedian Melissa McCarthy.

Plan your own Dragon Age: Inquisition bar crawl with free, downloadable tavern songs

BioWare offers up Dragon Age: Inquisition's "Tavern Songs," which can be heard in the game's taverns, as a free download for a limited time.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’s next playable character is an ice-cold huntress

The next downloadable content release for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a new playable character, Lady Hammerlock. She's a huntress built around sniping, ice attacks, and lording over her friends like an aristocrat.

The creator of Destiny’s raids knows the first DLC had problems, and he has some fixes in mind

Destiny's lead raid designer Luke Smith pays a visit to NeoGAF to talk directly to fans about the mistakes made with the game's first DLC, The Dark Below, and a rough outline of how those concerns will be addressed in the next one.

Take a look at the remastered Homeworld and find out what’s next for the classic series

Gearbox Software confirms a February 27, 2015 release for Homeworld Remastered Collection, offering a first look at how the 15 year old game looks in action. The studio also confirmed a new game in the series.
Game Review

Destiny: The Dark Below DLC Review

Destiny grows with The Dark Below, but only for the top-tier players.

Here’s your guide to conquering Destiny’s moon raid, Crota’s End [updated 1/22/2015]

Here's a handy guide to help you conquer the puzzles and combat encounters in Crota's End, the second raid added to Destiny, in The Dark Below DLC.

Fable Legends is coming to Windows 10 and you can play it with your Xbox friends

Microsoft confirms that Lionhead Studios' Fable Legends, formerly an Xbox One exclusive, is also now coming to Windows 10. What's more, the game supports cross-platform play between PC and console.