Brandon Widder

Brandon Widder

Brandon Widder is a multimedia journalist and a staff writer for Digital Trends where he covers technology news, how-to guides, best-of pieces and more. In his free time, he moonlights as a freelance music writer for the Portland alt-weekly, Willamette Week, and other publications in the Pacific Northwest. He is currently based out of Portland, OR.

Transform your desktop into a concert hall with these computer speakers

Not sure which PC speakers work best with your computer? Here are our current favorites, whether you're working on a budget or looking to produce high-end audio.

Dressing up WordPress: The 20 best themes for your business or blog

There are thousands upon thousands of quality WordPress themes to choose from, but how do you weed out the good from the bad? Check out our picks for the best WordPress themes to find out which ones may be suitable for you.

How to block calls on an iPhone

Looking for a way to block calls on your iPhone? Read our how-to guide to blocking calls, messages, and Facetime using iSO 7-9, the iBlacklist app, your phone's Do Not Disturb mode, and other call-blocking apps.
Cool Tech

Cerevo’s recently-announced Tipron is the robotic cyclops of projectors

Cerevo's Tipron is a transformable, robotic projector that's ready to roam around your home and beam an 80-inch screen whenever and wherever you see fit. YouTube connectivity is just an added plus.
Cool Tech

This robot butler is an Intel-Segway lovechild … and we totally want one

The Segway Robot combines the mobility of a hoverboard with the power of Intel's latest technology, allowing it to track movement, sense objects, and so much more. The developer edition is also set to arrive later this year.
Cool Tech

B.Sensory’s Little Bird is a vibrator that culls pleasure from digital pages 2:07

B.Sensory's Little Bird pairs your favorite erotic literature with your other behind-the-scenes pleasure, allowing you to physically experience the more steamy moments the way the author intended.

The Hydrao Smart Shower aims to curb your water consumption with LEDs

Tracking your water usage isn't always easy. Thankfully, the Hydrao Smart Shower monitors your usage and lets you know where you stand using a set of built-in LED lights.