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Jeff Hughes

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I'm a SF Bay Area-based writer/ninja that loves anything geek, tech, comic, social media or gaming-related.
Social Media

When Twitter bites back: Hashtag hijacking trending among disgruntled tweeters

Snarky and disgruntled tweeters are hijacking Twitter hashtag discussions to redirect conversation and edge out annoying social media campaigns.

Mojang fans worldwide persuade Lego to develop official Minecraft building sets

Thanks to Mojang's near-fanatical fans, Lego is going to be officially developing Minecraft building sets to sell all over the world.

DC launches ‘We Can Be Heroes’ website for campaign to fight hunger in Africa

DC's superheroes are using their powers to rally the world in an effort to reverse the hunger crises in the Horn of Africa. Donations will be 100 percentmatched on the websites.
Cool Tech

Berkeley scientists convert seaweed into ethanol using E. coli

Your sushi wrap could be soon powering your car. Berkeley-based Bio Architecture Lab's scientists have figured out how to break down seaweed and make ethanol and other chemicals.

Major Canadian retailers unwittingly sell iPad 2 boxes filled with modeling clay

Best Buy, London Drugs, Future Shop and Walmart unwittingly sell iPad 2 boxes filled with modeling clay to trusting Canadian consumers.
Social Media

Foursquare partnership with SinglePlatform adds pricing menus to venue pages

Foursquare is nipping at Yelp's heels with its latest offering: Pricing menus from its partnership with startup SinglePlatform.
Social Media

December 2011 statistics show Brazil has chosen Facebook over Orkut

Facebook wins the social networking battle in Brazil, beating out the combined users of Google's Orkut and Plus services.

Upcoming Apple store in France to be nearly transparent

A new Apple being planned for southern France carries on Apple's glass designs and looks to be nearly transparent.

Mojang and others join reddit for Jan. 18 blackout, Wikipedia indecisive

More websites are joining reddit in protest of SOPA, including, the Cheezburger Network, mojang, Destructoid and Tucows. However, no big players have signed on yet.
Social Media

Foursquare brings its Explore search feature to the Web

Foursquare stretching its model by bringing its recommendation search engine Explore to the Web
Social Media

Facebook projected to hit 1 billion active users by August

Facebook is on track for world domination with a projected 1 billion to be actively using the service by August 2012.
Social Media

Google to launch Maps-based game for Google+ in February

An original Maps-based game from Google is set to launch in February for Google+