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Jeff Hughes

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I'm a SF Bay Area-based writer/ninja that loves anything geek, tech, comic, social media or gaming-related.

Rumor: Apple partnering with Target to open 25 mini-stores

Apple is rumored to be planning to latch on to Target by opening up 25 new mini-stores within certain locations.


London to set up Europe’s largest free Wi-Fi network for 2012 Olympics

O2 is bringing London citizens and visitors Europe's largest free Wi-Fi network, just in time for the 2012 Olympics.


Rivalry grows as HBO cuts off Netflix from DVD and Blu-ray discounts

HBO retracts discounts on DVDs and Blu-ray to deepen rivalry with Netflix.

Movies & TV

Ramnit worm switches focus from financial to Facebook, steals 45K logins

Ramnit, a worm accustomed to the financial industry, has been targeting Facebook accounts recently. Reports say that at least 45K accounts have been compromised.

Social Media

Anonymous exposes data from neo-Nazi hunt on new ‘Nazi-Leaks’ site

Anonymous hacktivists continue to wage war on neo-Nazi, creating WikiLeaks based 'Nazi-Leaks' portal to expose data from the hunt.


In Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V we trust: File sharing made an official Swedish religion

File sharing becomes a religion in Sweden with the official recognition of the Church of Kopimism. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V we trusteth.


An Engineer builds wearable LED TV vest

An engineer from Arizona has created wearable television using a bunch of LEDs, an iPod Touch and some ingenuity

Cool Tech

Microsoft awarded patent for DVR on gaming consoles

Microsoft gets an old patent from 2007 which explored a DVR idea for a gaming console.


Hackers developing satellite system for ‘uncensorable Internet in space’

Hackers in Space! A group of hackers say they want to escape online tyranny by sending up their own satellites to use for communication.


Wikimedia finishes fundraising campaign with $20 million

Wikimedia is back in business as their fundraising campaigns has netted another year of functionality and upgrades for Wikipedia and its sister sites.


Google launches hub for tracking 2012 election info

Google is helping out with the 2012 US election with a new election hub for news, stat tracking and more info.

Social Media

1983 Apple prototype pictures show iPhone ancestor

Pictures of a phone prototype from 1983 show a touchescreen interface that makes the device seem like an iPhone ancestor.


British military updating war simulators to keep up with Xbox games

The Ministry of Defense is looking to upgrade its clunky war training simulator in order to keep up with an Xbox-spoiled generation of trainees.


Stephen Hawking is looking to hire a computer savvy technical assistant

Stephen Hawking is hiring an assistant and needs someone who knows both electronics and computers to be his new Alfred.


Gameloft sale prices Android games at $0.99 starting Thursday

Gameloft is handing out some post-Christmas love with a $0.99 sale for ALL of its Android games starting Thursday.

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