Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a writer, computing guru, gamer and geek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He is editor of the @DigitalTrends computing section.

You can buy a laptop with an OLED screen now, but should you?

OLED screens, common on mobile devices, are just now beginning to appear on laptops. Their beauty will leave you wondering how you ever did without, but the new tech may leave you searching for the nearest power socket.

Close to the Metal Ep. 9: Will Deus Ex: Mankind Divided also divide PC gamers? 37:41

PC gamers love to play games with all the details turned up. But as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided proves, there's been a recent uptick in the load maxed-out games demand. Do gamers need to prepare for a costly upgrade?
Virtual Reality

We’ve made a map so you can find the HTC Vive demo nearest you

Virtual reality is difficult to truly understand until you've tried it yourself. HTC knows that, and has set up demo stations across the globe to give people a first taste of VR. Here's where you can try to the Vive.

Intel gives the deets on how the Universal Stylus Initiative will make digital ink better

The Universal Stylus Initiative is an emerging standard that hopes to make your stylus easier to use, and compatible with multiple devices. If it becomes popular, USI could let you buy whatever stylus you desire for use with your devices.

Close to the Metal Ep. 8: Intel joins the VR revolution 31:22

Intel's Developer Forum in San Francisco is the company's most important yearly event. This year, virtual reality has proven the focus, thanks to the announcement of a revolutionary VR headset. Can it change VR? And what is…

Intel won't lead the VR revolution, but it will power those who do

Intel is a driving force behind many PC standards that users enjoy every day, like USB and Thunderbolt. Now, the company seems to be getting into virtual reality, and its presence may establish tech we'll use for years, even decades, to…
Product Review

Acer Predator 17 X Review

With Acer's Predator 17 X, you can take virtual reality on the road.

‘No Man’s Sky’ has sprung a ton of leaks — here’s where to watch them

Despite Hello Games' best efforts, retailer leaks have put numerous copies of No Man's Sky into gamer's hands. Now, they're streaming all they can. It's the best way to get a sneak peek at the game.

Close to the Metal Ep. 6: Is the Xbox One S the console for PC gamers? 33:49

Microsoft has released its revised Xbox One S. Smaller than the original, and now with 4K support, it's a decent piece of hardware. But Xbox isn't just targeting console players with this release -- its audience is broader than…
Product Review

Microsoft Xbox One S Review

Gamers don't need Microsoft's new Xbox One S, but videophiles will love it.

Today is the last day to grab Windows 10 for free — do it before it's too late

Microsoft's free upgrade of Windows 10 expires after Friday, which means you'll have to pay if you want the latest operating system. If you haven't upgraded yet, you'd better act fast.

Close to the Metal Episode 5: Windows 10’s free upgrade is almost gone – should you upgrade? 33:45

Windows 10's free upgrade is about to go extinct, and many users are stressing over whether switching to the new OS is worthwhile. Don't worry. We have the answer.