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Wireless Speaker and Dock Reviews

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We review hundreds of products in a wide range of categories each year. Here's the best of the best in wireless speaker and docks.

Wireless Speaker and Dock Reviews

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Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20A Review

  • Very loud for its size
  • Roar and Tera Bass buttons serve their purposes
  • Bluetooth and portable
  • Number of extra features is unmatched
  • Great value for $150
  • Still bulky, even when folded in
  • Uneven audio quality, depending on volume and…
  • About 6-8 hours of battery life
  • Alarm feature is weird
Our Score 8
User Score 0

BenQ treVolo Review

  • Elegant and innovative design
  • Class-leading treble accuracy
  • Warm and balanced midrange and bass
  • Solid stereo separation
  • Max volume very underwhelming
  • Dynamic compression is frustrating
  • Expensive
Our Score 7
User Score 0

Ultimate Ears Megaboom Review

  • Clear and powerful sound
  • Excellent bass response
  • Great balance
  • Everything-proof
  • Excellent battery life and feature set
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t quite match the detail of premium…
Our Score 8
User Score 9

Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 Review

  • Rich, powerful sound
  • Expansive stereo image
  • Big bass without distortion or unwanted resonance
  • Stylish design
  • Detail could be more precise
  • No battery-powered option
  • Multiple volume controls are inconvenient
Our Score 8
User Score 0

Amazon Echo Review

  • Tons of fun
  • Intuitive, accurate and natural-sounding…
  • Quick response times
  • Integration with Fire Tablets
  • Loads of potential
  • Limited Prime account integration
  • Very average sound quality
  • Wake word limited to 'Alexa' and 'Amazon'
  • Security limited to four-digit PIN
Our Score 8
User Score 10

JBL Charge 2 Review

  • Class-leading bass response
  • Clear, full midrange
  • Feature packed
  • Excellent battery life
  • Bass overpowering on occasion
  • Slight bite in the treble
Our Score 8
User Score 8

Harman Kardon Esquire Mini Review

  • Chic portable design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Powerful, dimensional sound signature
  • Weak bass and midrange
  • Distorts with heavy bass tracks
  • Introductory price is too high
Our Score 6
User Score 0

Denon Heos 5 Review

  • Big, powerful sound
  • Attractive form factor
  • Intuitive new speaker grouping feature
  • Responsive and easy to use EQ
  • App wrought with playback issues
  • No obvious Mac playback method
  • Midrange and upper register lack presence and…
  • UI not as intuitive as Sonos
Our Score 6.5
User Score 2

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