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airbnb nyc lawsuit settled

Airbnb drops NYC lawsuit after agreement on short-term rental law enforcement

With agreement from the NYC's mayor's office that the short-term rental law would be enforced only against hosts, Airbnb dropped its lawsuit.
windows 10 insider preview 14955 outlook mail calendar narrator upgrade

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is now available for businesses

Microsoft greenlighted the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for the Current Branch for Business model, meaning the build is based on four months of feedback.
amazon prime cyber monday

Amazon fed up with fakes, taking aggressive action to banish counterfeits

Amazon is fed up with counterfeit products sold on the online marketplace, joining frustrated manufacturers, legitimate resellers, and consumers.
amazon prime cyber monday

Could Amazon be nearing global domination with acquisition?

As per a new report from Bloomberg, Amazon is in negotiations to acquired FZ, Dubai-based ecommerce giant.
amazon warms up for black friday with special deals store mem 2

Amazon is taking big steps to reduce crummy reviews

Moving forward, Amazon users will be limited to five user reviews per week for non-verified purchases.
black friday

Terrified by Black Friday? Here are 5 reasons you're right

Does the sight of shopping brawling over a slightly-reduced flat screen television make you fear for the human race? You're not alone.
apple diversity numbers barely changed tim cook  1

Apple's diversity numbers stagnate, with top jobs filled primarily by white men

According to the latest numbers, Apple's executives have largely remained white and male over the past year.
samsung statement galaxy s7 edge olympic edition 04

Don’t be afraid of using your Galaxy S7: Samsung says it’s just fine

Samsung assured customers that there are no confirmed reports of internal battery failures regarding the two Galaxy S7 phones.

Office Depot allegedly diagnosing computers with fake viruses to hit sales targets

If one store tells you your PC has a virus, does it really have one? The issue has arisen in one report involving Office Depot.
microsoft diversity bonus initiative microsoftoctoberevent 09

Microsoft to begin rewarding executives for diversity hiring

The company will start tying executive bonuses to specific workforce diversity goals, as the company’s number of female employees dropped from a year ago.

Snapchat confidentially files for IPO that could value it at $25 billion

Snapchat's parent company Snap Inc. has reportedly filed for its initial public offering. The company could go public as soon as March 2017.

Google is building a London headquarters worth $1.2 billion next to current HQ

Google has confirmed its plans to build a $1.2 billion headquarters in central London, a building that will house 7,000 employees.
Apple Store in Palo Alto.

Apple reportedly in talks to build a $50 million flagship store in Australia

Apple may be on track to build a flagship store in Melbourne, Australia, that could cost a whopping $50 million.
Trusted Contacts

Google buys startup that could help convert Google Image searches to purchases

Google has made a new purchase that could make Google Images a lot more lucrative -- the startup is called Undecidable Labs.
China flag

China to Trump: Don’t be ‘naive,’ or iPhone sales could suffer

In a piece published Monday by the Global Times, the newspaper said that the new U.S. president would be "naive" to engage in a trade war with China.
bitcoin future exchanges coming soon bitcoins

Bitcoin value surges following Trump's victory

Following Trump's victory, bitcoin value surged to a recent high of $738 overnight, and began trading at around $726 on Wednesday morning.
reddit new profile pages photos

Google wanted to buy Reddit in 2005, but its co-founders declined offer

According to a report, Google once tried to buy Reddit. The reason the deal didn't happen? The co-founders of the website didn't want to become Googlers.
how to follow the primary online trump

Microsoft lays out its hopes for a Trump presidency

Microsoft has made its position clear on the policy changes it hopes to see from the Trump administration, including on education and immigration.
web of trust privacy investigation password man with computer security

Web of Trust add-on pulled following report of privacy violations

Web of Trust, which is supposed to keep you secure, has been pulled offline after an investigation found that it was selling user data without safeguards.
Apple Logo

Ireland will bring the fight over Apple taxes all the way to the EU Court

It looks like the fight between Ireland, Apple, and the EU is only set to escalate -- Ireland is prepared to bring that fight to EU courts.
LeEco Le Pro3

LeEco low on cash following big expansion; co-founder apologizes to shareholders

LeEco is having money problems, and it looks like its rapid expansion is at fault.
mcdonalds mobile order payment roll out mcdonald s

McDonald’s to roll out mobile order and payment in 2017

McDonald's spokesperson Becca Hary said that the technology will begin rolling out in 2017 in the United States as well as international markets.
usdot automation advisory group 54287771  aerial view of interstate traffic

As connected cars become more common, will you need an in-car ad blocker?

Israeli startup Otonomo collects data from connected cars from automakers and equipment companies. The data can be used to study behavior and sell services.

Google venture capital arm quietly took an interest in Snapchat

Alphabet has quietly disclosed a Snapchat investment through its rebranded CapitalG venture capital arm, previously known as Google Capital.
scribd magazine subscriptions ios

Look out, Amazon Kindle Unlimited! Scribd adds magazines to ebook service

Scribd is adding magazines to its offering. The company will offer access to a number of big magazines, including New York Magazine and Time.
top tech stories 05 12 2017 google logo hq headquarters sign name

After two extensions, Google finally responds to Europe’s antitrust complaints

After the company was given extra time to file its response to antitrust charges, it's now broken its silence and issued an official statement.
amazon bookstores prime price bookstore png

You'll need to be a Prime member to get discounts in Amazon's bookstores

Amazon has changed around its pricing in its physical bookstores, with discounts now only available to Prime members.
microsoft teamsmakes debut as business preview office 365 teams

Microsoft’s Slack killer has arrived but only as a preview for businesses

The Microsoft Teams collaboration tool made its debut Wednesday, but only as a preview for customers subscribed to Office 365 Enterprise or Business plans

Sony’s second-quarter profits have greatly diminished, but it’s not mobile’s fault

Sony's second-quarter earnings report may not look rosy on the surface, but it's faring better than it would have had it made zero changes from last year.
1272005 autosave v1 46282323  communication connection digital devices technology concept

Seeing lots of ads on your tablet and phone? Get ready for even more

It's not just you, worldwide mobile internet access is increasing. Advertising spending follows eyes so you'll see more ads on your phone and tablet.
uk uber loses driver case

Uber just lost a huge case — U.K. drivers now considered workers

In a court case that may have ramifications in the U.S., U.K. Uber drivers are now considered workers entitled to minimum wage and paid time off.
microsoft linkedin integration ms 2016 06 12 1 c

LinkedIn posts solid third quarter growth as Microsoft merger approaches

LinkedIn released its third quarter results today, posting impressive revenue growth and a solid increase in registered users ahead of its Microsoft merger.
protonmail google search results

Calling foul: Encryption service ProtonMail accuses Google of burying its search results

ProtonMail, a secure email encryption service provider, has accused Google of burying its website in search results and harming the company.
mit the engine innovation network center

Focusing on startups with world-changing potential, MIT launches The Engine

MIT has started The Engine, a startup support enterprise for scientific and technology companies that will make a difference.